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Half century on, US hawks revive criticism of China normalization

Washington - For half a century, Richard Nixon's opening to communist China has been viewed by many Americans as a diplomatic masterstroke, with successive presidents of both parties following his course.

Curious onlookers flock to closed US consulate in China

Chengdu - Taking selfies and waving Chinese flags curious locals flocked to the US consulate in Chengdu Sunday as officials prepared to remove its official plaque just days after Washington and Beijing ordered each other to close one of their diplomatic missions...

UN fails to find consensus after Russia, China veto on Syrian aid

New York - The UN Security Council failed to find a consensus on prolonging cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria on Friday after Russia and China vetoed an extension and members rejected a counter proposal by Moscow.

UN chief: COVID-19 signals need for global approach to problems

New York - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called on the world to strengthen multilateral cooperation, saying a global approach has been the key to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Halt extradition of Huawei exec says former Canada Supreme Court Justice

Montr - Canada's government has the authority to halt the extradition of a Huawei executive and should do so as part of efforts to secure the release of two Canadian citizens detained in China, a former Supreme Court Justice has said.

UN retains $6.5 bln peacekeeping budget

New York - The UN budget for peacekeeping operations will remain at $6.5 billion under an agreement reached overnight among the UN's 193 member states, diplomats said Tuesday.

US, Russia arms talks start with little hope of accord

Vienna - The United States and Russia meet Monday in Vienna for talks on their last major nuclear weapons agreement against a backdrop of growing tensions and differences over whether they see any value in arms control at all.

UN accuses multiple countries of quietly sending arms to DR Congo

New York - DR Congo's military is receiving weapons and training from multiple countries without notifying the United Nations as required by a 2004 resolution, according to a recent report to the Security Council.

India, Mexico, Norway, Ireland elected to UN Security Council

New York - The UN General Assembly elected on Wednesday four new members of the Security Council for 2021 and 2022, with Canada losing out again and the battle for the African seat going to a second round.

Europe tries to reassure Russia over Libya arms embargo mission

New York - Europe tried to reassure Russia during a UN Security Conference video call Tuesday after a French warship intercepted an oil tanker off the coast of Libya under an operation to halt the flow of arms to the North African country.

Growing US-China rivalry seen fueling UN paralysis amid virus crisis

New York - For nearly a decade, the UN Security Council has been frequently paralyzed by Russia's obstinacy over the Syrian crisis. Today, however, it is the US-China rivalry that has infected a growing array of issues, according to officials and diplomats.

Britain, US denounce Russia's role in Libya conflict

New York - Britain and the United States on Tuesday urged Russia to stop sending mercenaries to the conflict in Libya, after a recent UN report confirmed the presence of Russian and Syrian fighters in the country.

Europe at odds as US, China fight over pandemic at UN

New York - The clash between China and the United States over COVID-19 has caused a rift between European nations at the UN Security Council over a call for ceasefires in some conflict zones during the pandemic.

World leaders 'unlikely' to meet at UN in September: chief

New York - The coronavirus pandemic makes it "unlikely" that world leaders and thousands of other participants will be able to gather in New York in September for the annual UN General Assembly, Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said.

New resolution on pandemic truce being drafted at UN: diplomats

New York - Germany and Estonia plan to submit a resolution to the UN Security Council on a global ceasefire during the coronavirus pandemic, to replace one drafted by France and Tunisia that the United States has blocked, diplomatic sources said Tuesday.

Russian mercenaries are fighting in Libya, UN diplomats confirm

New York - Mercenaries from the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization seen as being close to Vladimir Putin, are fighting in Libya, UN diplomats said Wednesday, citing an experts' report on the country's arms embargo.

UN Security Council nears virus resolution, and perhaps a new path

New York - After more than a month of controversy, a UN Security Council buffeted between the United States, China and Russia is finally expected this week to adopt its first resolution on the coronavirus pandemic, amid calls for intensified international coopera...

US failed to block UN virus vaccine resolution

New York - The UN General Assembly has demanded equal access for any future COVID-19 vaccine but its seeming unanimity was a fluke. The United States in fact opposed the resolution but acted too late to stop it, diplomats say.

As US pulls back, China builds influence at UN

New York - As President Donald Trump announces a halt in World Health Organization funding, accusing it of kowtowing to China over the coronavirus outbreak, Beijing is building on a well-established strategy of leveraging its global standing wherever the US lets ...

Despite pandemic disruptions, UN carries on — by videoconference

New York - The usually buttoned-down world of the United Nations is having an unruly April as it copes with the global coronavirus pandemic in a city that is suffering terribly from it.The UN Security Council's president is stuck in the Caribbean.

UN chief calls for Security Council unity over pandemic

New York - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged the Security Council on Thursday to display unity as it met to discuss what he called the "fight of a generation" -- the global coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus pandemic poses big challenges for UN peacekeeping operations

New York - With 110,000 peacekeepers deployed in more than a dozen countries around a world now ravaged by the coronavirus, the United Nations faces twin challenges: keeping those soldiers safe and, more importantly, persuading governments not to bring them home....

After criticism, segment of UN Security Council meet made public

New York - The UN Security Council made its video-conference-only meetings public Tuesday for the first time in nearly a month, after criticism of what was called a lack of transparency as it tried to play safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

UN Security Council meets by videoconference — with a few hiccups

New York - The UN Security Council met for the first time in its history via videoconference on Tuesday due to the coronavirus crisis -- but diplomats said the meeting was not without technical difficulties.

Will coronavirus slow the world's conflicts — or intensify them?

New York - Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Sahel... with the great powers focused intently on the COVID-19 virus, will armed conflicts across the world decrease in severity or intensify?

UN non-essential staff to work from home

New York - All United Nations staff at its headquarters in New York were told Friday to work from home for at least three weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak unless it was essential for them to be present.

UN Security Council cuts schedule over coronavirus

New York - The UN Security Council will scale back its schedule for March as a precaution against the new-coronavirus pandemic, China said on Wednesday.

Hospitalised French-Iranian researcher back in jail

Tehran - A French-Iranian academic jailed since June, Fariba Adelkhah, has returned to her Tehran prison cell after being hospitalised, her lawyer said Saturday, voicing concern over the health of inmates due to the spread of the new coronavirus in the country....

French officials allow rally by exiled Catalan MEP Puigdemont

Perpignan - French authorities said Tuesday that they would not halt a mass rally planned by former Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont in Perpignan, just a few kilometres from the Spanish region's capital of Barcelona.

Slovak minister tipped to be next UN envoy for Western Sahara

New York - Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak, who once served as the president of the UN General Assembly, is expected to be named the world body's new special envoy for disputed Western Sahara, diplomats said Wednesday.
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