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Trump takes US inconsistency on human rights to new heights

Washington - The United States has never been especially consistent in raising human rights, but President Donald Trump's administration, with its kid-glove treatment of Saudi Arabia, has sent a message clearer than ever before -- allies need not worry about critic...

France says Russian global hacking claims 'worrying'

Paris - France expressed solidarity with other Western powers Thursday night after they accused Russia of orchestrating a string of global cyber-attacks, denouncing them as "serious and worrying". "The reported facts are serious and worrying.

Chinese bishops to attend first Vatican synod

Vatican City - Two Chinese Catholic bishops are to take part for the first time from Wednesday in a synod, or advisory body meeting, with peers at the Vatican, the Holy See said.

193 speeches? UN General Assembly president says format just right

New York - The UN General Assembly may be one of the most unwieldy events on the diplomatic calendar, with non-stop speeches by 193 leaders and hundreds more side events, all in a few blocks along New York's East River.

Pope says youth 'outraged' by clergy sex scandals

Tallinn - Pope Francis on Tuesday admitted the clerical sex abuse scandals have put off some young people who believe the Catholic Church has not expressed enough condemnation.

Carbon taxes necessary in climate fight: World Bank chief

Montr - Fighting global warming will necessarily require taxing carbon emissions, or setting a price on carbon pollution, the World Bank's chief executive said Wednesday at a G7 environment meeting in Canada.

Merkel, Macron look to fire up stuttering Franco-German motor

Marseille - French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to put aside their domestic woes on Friday and advance their European agenda at a meeting in Marseille.

UN kicks off talks on high seas treaty

New York - UN member states on Tuesday kicked off two years of negotiations toward a treaty that would finally regulate the high seas, which contain vast troves of valuable plant and animal DNA.

French navy 'ready to intervene' in scallop row with UK fishermen

Paris - France said Tuesday its navy is standing by to avert new clashes between French and British fishing boats after tensions flared last week over access to scallop-rich waters off the Normandy coast.

France's Macron proposes EU collective defence plan

Apo - French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that Europe adopts a form of collective defence on Thursday as he strengthens calls for EU integration in the face of concerns over the United States' security commitments.

Venezuela claims 'thousands' of migrants want to come home

Caracas - Thousands of Venezuelans are clamoring to return home to recession, hyperinflation and a collapsing economy, President Nicolas Maduro's government claimed on Wednesday as Brazil sends troops to the border with its crisis-ridden neighbor.

John McCain, unbridled titan of American politics

Washington - John Sidney McCain III had but one employer throughout his iconic and tempestuous career: the United States of America.It was a family tradition.

John McCain, unbridled titan of American politics

Washington - John Sidney McCain III had but one employer throughout his iconic and tempestuous career: the United States of America.It was a family tradition.

US cut in aid amounts to 'cheap blackmail': Palestinians

Ramallah - US President Donald Trump's administration is resorting to "cheap blackmail" against the Palestinians, revealing its true intentions by cutting more than $200 million in aid for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, senior Palestinian officials said Saturday.

Putin's shadow falls on Austria secret services

Vienna - Is Moscow being passed intelligence gathered by Austria's secret service?

Poland slams Russian 'occupation' of Georgian regions since 2008

Warsaw - Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz on Monday condemned Russia's "occupation" of a part of Georgia ahead of the 10th anniversary of Moscow's lightning war with Tbilisi.

Energy, EU on the agenda as Macron heads to Spain and Portugal

Paris - France's Emmanuel Macron makes his first visit as president to Spain and Portugal, starting Thursday, in his push to overhaul the EU, with the two southern allies seeking French help to connect their energy grids to Europe.

Aid arrives in Syria as Putin, Macron discuss relief mission to Ghouta

Ch - Humanitarian aid sent by France and Russia arrived in Syria on Saturday as the two countries' leaders discussed a joint mission to distribute much-needed relief supplies in a ravaged former rebel enclave.

'Humble' Macron responds to critics in state of the union address

Versailles - Seen by critics as arrogant and uncaring, French President Emmanuel Macron struck a humble note Monday while defending his pro-business approach in his annual address to both houses of parliament.

Macron to lay out next phase of reforms as criticism mounts

Paris - President Emmanuel Macron will gather both houses of parliament at the opulent Versailles Palace on Monday for what has become an annual address on his plans for overhauling wide swathes of French society and institutions.

UN seeks humanitarian access to southwest Syria

New York - Several members of the UN Security Council on Thursday were putting pressure on Russia to obtain humanitarian access to southwest Syria which is facing heavy bombardment by the Moscow-backed regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Macron to visit Nigerian music legend Fela Kuti's nightclub

Lagos - French leader Emmanuel Macron will on Tuesday visit a nightclub founded by Nigerian music legend Fela Kuti, becoming the first "real president" to enter a venue synonymous with marijuana smoke, sexy backup dancers and protest music.

Mali: UN extends mission, warns progress must be made on peace

New York - The 15 members of the UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously renewed its peacekeeping mission in Mali for a year, but warned the West African country must make rapid progress toward peace.

Austria calls on Germany to clarify spying allegations

Vienna - Austria called on Germany Saturday to clarify new allegations that its secret service systematically spied on politicians, international organisations and companies on Austrian territory, as reported by two national newspapers.

Canada rallies to Trudeau after Trump's insult

Ottawa - Canadian politicians of all stripes rallied round their prime minister on Monday after his cautious and polite defense of free trade rules drew an extraordinary personal rebuke from US President Donald Trump.

Macron, Trudeau support 'strong multilateralism' ahead of G7 summit

Ottawa - French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed support for "strong multilateralism" in Ottawa Wednesday before the G7 summit, where US President Donald Trump's aggressive trade policies are sure to raise hackles.

Top UN court hands mixed ruling in France vs E.Guinea row

Den Haag - The UN's top court on Wednesday partly threw out a case brought by Equatorial Guinea against France, amid a bitter row triggered after a French court convicted the African nation's vice president of embezzlement.

Protests as Syria takes chair of world disarmament body

Geneva - The United States led protests Monday as Syria took over the rotating presidency of the Conference on Disarmament (CD) at a time when Damascus is widely accused of using chemical weapons.

US natural gas poised for global rise

New York - The United States produces natural gas in abundance and is poised to become the world's third-largest exporter by 2020, a production ramp-up supported by President Donald Trump.

Nicaragua government and opposition call weekend truce

Managua - The Nicaraguan government of President Daniel Ortega and opposition groups who have been leading demonstrations demanding his ouster started a weekend truce on Saturday to allow an investigation into 63 protester deaths.
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