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US envoy targets corruption to stem Central America migration

Washington - Faced with an exodus of Central American migrants seeking to enter the United States, President Joe Biden's administration is taking aim at what it sees as one of the key causes -- corruption.

By rail, road or on foot, migrants flow across Mexico towards US

Pizaco - Greyssi Venegas devours her first meal in three days at a Mexican shelter near the railroad where migrants risk their lives clinging to freight trains on their grueling journey north to the United States.

Brazil's Bolsonaro under pressure ahead of climate summit

Rio De Janeiro - A coalition of environmental groups and agribusiness companies urged President Jair Bolsonaro's government Thursday to set "more ambitious" goals to curb Brazil's emissions and protect the Amazon rainforest at this month's US-organized climate summit.

Mooted Haiti-Dominican border wall divides opinion

Dajab - Barefoot and with their pant legs rolled up, Haitians wade through a river into the neighboring Dominican Republic. They do this every morning on their way to work, and return by the same arduous route at day's end.

Dominican Republic plans wall to keep out Haitian migrants

Santo Domingo - Experts have hit out at a plan by the Dominican Republic government to build a wall on its border with Haiti to reduce illegal immigration, claiming it won't work unless accompanied by development.

EU ambassador leaves Venezuela after expulsion order

Caracas - The European Union's ambassador to Venezuela left the South American country on Tuesday after she was expelled last week over a diplomatic spat related to new sanctions.

Venezuela National Assembly urges expulsion of EU ambassador

Caracas - Venezuela's National Assembly called Tuesday for the government to expel the European Union's ambassador to Caracas, in response to new EU sanctions against 19 Venezuelan officials.

Biden begins dismantling Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' asylum policy

Washington - Asylum seekers forced to remain in Mexico while their cases are being resolved in the United States will begin to be admitted into the US as of next week, President Joe Biden's administration announced Friday.

Leftist rebels deny plot to attack Colombian capital

Apo - National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels on Thursday denied planning an attack on Colombia's capital Bogota, despite a warning from Cuba.But the leftist guerrillas insisted they would not renounce "military action" against the state.

Bogota taking rebel attack threat 'very seriously': mayor

Apo - Bogota's mayor said Wednesday that she is taking "very seriously" an alleged plan by left-wing guerrillas to carry out an attack on the Colombian capital.

US, Mexico, Guatemala bar migrant caravans, citing Covid

Guatemala City - The United States, Mexico and Guatemala agreed Friday to bar migrant caravans from passing through their territories due to the Covid pandemic, days after one from Honduras was violently broken up in Guatemala.

Cuba says Trump sanctions cost it $20 billion

Havana - The Trump administration's stepped-up sanctions against Cuba cost the communist-run island some $20 billion, a foreign ministry official said Wednesday.

Brazil's Bolsonaro increasingly isolated as Trump leaves

Bras - When Jair Bolsonaro became Brazil's president in January 2019 he nurtured relationships with other like-minded, far-right governments, but as the political tide turns he now finds himself and his country increasingly isolated.

Bolsonaro's son changes Twitter profile picture to Trump

Bras - The lawmaker son of Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has changed his Twitter profile picture to one of Donald Trump to protest the platform's decision to ban the US president.

Venezuelan migrant shipwreck death toll rises to 28

Caracas - At least 28 Venezuelan migrants died when a boat heading for Trinidad and Tobago sank, Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on Thursday.The boat left Guiria in the northeastern state of Sucre on December 6 but never reached its destination.

Brazil drug agency questions 'transparency' of China vaccine

Bras - Brazil's health regulator on Monday accused China of not being transparent in efforts to win emergency approval for its Covid-19 vaccine CoronaVac, currently in the final phase of trials in the hard-hit country.

Venezuela's Maduro says hopeful of dialogue with Biden

Caracas - Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday he hopes to open channels of communication and dialogue with the incoming administration of US President-Elect Joe Biden, after years of tension with the Trump White House.

Leading poll boycott, Venezuela's Guaido seeks more sanctions on Maduro

Caracas - Opposition leader Juan Guaido is leading a boycott of Venezuela's legislative elections on Sunday and, despite losing political momentum, has told AFP he is still the person the international community needs to oust Nicolas Maduro's regime.

Biden heralds shift in US strategy toward Venezuela

Washington - President Donald Trump's election defeat marks the end of a hardline pressure policy designed to oust Venezuela's leftist president Nicolas Maduro, and the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House in January could pave the way for a political solution t...

For Cuba, any US president will be better than Trump

Havana - Most Cubans don't know Joe Biden, or what policies he will pursue toward the Communist island, but they are crystal clear on one thing: any US president will be better than Donald Trump.

Morales confirms Bolivia return, with chaperone

Buenos Aires - Bolivia's former president Evo Morales confirmed on Saturday that he will return from exile on Monday but said that Argentina leader Alberto Fernandez would accompany him "for security reasons.

Ex-defense chief's arrest hits US-Mexican ties

Mexico - The United States's shock arrest earlier this month of a former Mexican defense minister on drug trafficking charges has triggered a diplomatic row that experts say could jeopardize the countries' cooperation in fighting powerful cartels.

Bolivia government says won't invite Maduro to Arce inauguration

La Paz - Bolivia's outgoing interim government will not invite Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro to the inauguration of new socialist leader Luis Arce, the foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Mexico urges Austria to return Moctezuma's headdress

Mexico - Mexico's president said Monday that he had given his wife the "almost impossible mission" of persuading Austria to return a feather headdress said to have been worn by Aztec emperor Moctezuma.

Latin American leaders push at UN for free Covid vaccine

New York - Latin American leaders have appealed at the United Nations for free access to a future Covid-19 vaccine, urging major powers to share their know-how for the sake of global well-being.

New bid but little hope to reform UN Security Council

New York - A flurry of world leaders have appealed again to the United Nations to reform the Security Council, reviving a bid launched 15 years ago.

Venezuela's Guaido banking on US support even if Trump loses

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido said Friday he is counting on the United States to maintain pressure on President Nicolas Maduro no matter who wins the US' November presidential election.

US sanctions London-based Cuban bank

Washington - The United States announced sanctions Thursday against Havin Bank LTD, a London-based Cuban entity also known as Havana International Bank, dealing a blow to the Cuban financial system.

Venezuela's fuel shortages persist despite Iran deliveries

Caracas - Long queues at gas stations around the country underscore Venezuela's continuing fuel shortages, despite Iran stepping in to help its Latin American ally with a major fuel shipment last month.

Washington visit 'very intense': Mexican president

Mexico - Mexico's president said Thursday his visit to Washington to meet US President Donald Trump was "very intense" and important for both countries.
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