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Review: Is technology threatening democracy? Special

A new book raises concerns about the current direction that technology is taking, particularly the threat this trajectory poses for democratic structures and institutions. Part of the problem is our unquestioning embrace of big tech.

Advantages of blockchain for science and technology: Q&A Special

Munich - The scientific process is one that is open and transparent so that nothing has to be taken on trust. This makes science a compatible fit with blockchain, a a way of trustlessly recording data. Dr. Axel Schumacher of Shivom explains more.

UN launches digital experts panel

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, has emphasized the importance of new technology, and he has launched a new UN-backed digital experts panel.

Alexa spies on couple in house

Portland - A couple in Portland, Oregon have discovered that Amazon's Alexa listened in, recorded and then posted a recording of a private conversation. Amazon has been accused of flouting data privacy.

Road map for the digital transformation of pharmaceuticals

Berlin - The impact and future of digitization along the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry have been discussed at a recent conference. The process of digital transformation presents both opportunities and threats for pharma.

Aegon embarks on digital platform journey

Edinburgh - The company Aegon, which specializes in pension, insurance and investments, has overhauled its senior leadership to reflect shift to digital platform business.

Businesses going digital need to develop new employee mindsets

Businesses undergoing digital transformation need to consider work culture and the set of practices and attitudes of employees as much as they consider specific technologies, according to a new report from Gartner.

Interview: Optimity Advisors and the alternative path for digital Special

Businesses large and small must not allow the Googles and Apples of the world to dictate the digital path society and business follows, according to consultancy firm Optimity Advisors. We spoke with them to find out why.

New cognitive hearing aid filters out noise

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed a cognitive hearing aid that can filter out the background noise to enable those with a hearing impairment to focus more fully on the person immediately talking to them.

Digital technology brings color accuracy to smartphones

The company X-Rite has brought color measurement accuracy to smartphones as well as for online shopping, with its Color-Eye solution. This is designed to improve what consumers actually view.

KPMG reports on developments with digital technologies

Consulting company KPMG has released a report looking at how digital transformation is affecting almost every industrial sector. The report highlights the latest global leaders in innovation, and the technologies they're harnessing.

London's 'smart street' uses new technologies and data science

London - Imagine a world where city sidewalks can generate enough energy to power streetlights, along with additional technologies, like BlueTooth and benches that clean the air. Welcome to London's Bird Street.

Op-Ed: Different meanings of 'digital transformation'

In general the term "digital transformation" refers to the transformation of business including processes, activities and models, through the use of developing digital technologies

Call for business to embrace the digital economy

Oxford - An economics think tank has called on global businesses to embrace the digital economy; without engaging with digital technology many businesses will fall by the wayside, according to the foundation.

U.S. couple sue IP mapping firm for year of "digital hell"

A couple in the U.S. are suing an IP mapping firm for causing them years of problems due to millions of IP addresses being associated with their property. This had led to the couple being accused of various crimes.

Generation gap: Seniors not accessing Internet for health

A new survey suggests that seniors are not accessing the Internet in high numbers in order to access health information. This is seen by some health experts as a sign of a ‘demographic deficit.’

Pew research shows: Teachers cannot escape digital technology Special

Washington - Pew's latest research of digital technology use in schools, including mobile devices, finds that tech permeates teachers’ lives and classroom activity and that teachers wish students would stop relying heavily on Google and Wikipedia for research studie

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