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Why the digitization of operational processes needs 5G Special

5G has become an integral part of digital transformation strategies for many companies. As some firms strive forwards, those without business tactics centered on 5G will see themselves lagging behind. An expert explains more.

Accelerating end-to-end supply chain digitization

Digitized plants have the data to pivot faster while ensuring the consistent quality customers expect and love. That translates into stronger sales and better margins, according to CEO Scott Sexton.

The new normal? How businesses are adapting to COVID-19

In the retracting economy, essential businesses like supermarkets, PPE manufacturers and healthcare providers have more business than ever out. But what about other businesses? We look at some examples of how companies are adapting.

The importance for a robust, digital-led enterprise strategy Special

Vikas Vijaywargiya, Zensar CIO, tells Digital Journal why today’s world demonstrates the need for robust, digital-led enterprise strategies. Vijaywargiya, sees this as a response to today’s changing landscape.

A culture of 'digital islands' hampers digital transformation

While many businesses are making good use of digital technology for interfacing with consumers, a lower number are successfully leveraging big data analytics or using predictive analysis, according to a new survey.

Expect digital transformation projects to take longer

Digital transformation remains the mission for many businesses, however progress is likely to be more rocky according to a new report from Gartner. Projects will most likely cost more and take longer to complete.

BIO agency launches in Canada to drive Cx-led transformation

Toronto - The BIO Agency, a U.K.-based digital transformation agency, has launched in Canada with a mission to help businesses disrupt themselves and their industries by creating simple, seamless and intuitive customer experiences.

Report: Accelerating insurance innovation

Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services has published a new report on the state of insurtech. While there are fewer insurtech startups forming than before, this year is on track to be the biggest on record in terms of new investments in the space.

Digital transformation success is all about the people

Digital transformation is not just about technology. It is equally about people, having people with the right IT skills where it matters and ensuring all within the businesses understand the journey that needs to be embarked upon.

Workers are starting to embrace digital transformation

Greater numbers of workers are becoming accepting of digital transformation, according to a new survey. The survey relates to the staff employed by businesses, of different, sizes, located in the U.K.

Study: M&As may be necessary for digital transformation success

Munich - Mergers and acquisitions are important for companies wishing to leverage digital transformation processes and for the intended success that come with transforming the business culture, according to a new German study.

Study: Majority of healthcare orgs are laggards to DX

The healthcare landscape is changing. The on-demand patient increasingly favors digital technology and platforms. However, only a small minority of healthcare organizations are implementing new technologies.

Why Nordstrom Q4 earnings are better than expected Special

Nordstrom just reported better-than-expected fourth quarter results. A big component of their success comes from its ‘Nordy Club’ loyalty program, which it reported has over 11 million members.

Companies will increase digital transformation investment in 2019

The vast majority of businesses will increase their investments in digital technology over the coming year, and many expect IT modernization to lead to cost savings and greater profitability, according to DXC Technology.

Q&A: The role of the board in digital transformation Special

BDO’s newly released Cyber Governance Survey includes a breakout section on how public company boards view digital transformation initiatives. The survey highlights the need for a developed strategy. BDO experts explain more.

Digital innovation can boost Australian economy

A new survey finds that digital innovation has the potential to deliver $315 billion in gross economic value to Australia, over the course of ten years assuming that the opportunities presented are realized.

Six factors for successful digital transformation

A new global survey into digital transformation has revealed six important factors that each business needs to consider in order to make digital transformation a success. The survey comes from Fujitsu.

The global state of digital transformation: Survey

Fujitsu has released a new survey on the global state of digital transformation, drawing on a recent survey of 1,535 C-level executives working in enterprises of different sizes and scope, from across 16 countries.

Driving digital strategy and reimagining business: Q&A Special

Digital technologies have had a profound impact, disrupting entire industries. Incumbents have struggled as new and nimble players have emerged with innovative business models. Sunil Gupta provides expert oversight.

Nike links higher profits to digital strategy

Nike's recent surge in shares is linked to higher earnings. Central to this has been the adoption of a digital strategy. The company has further plans for digital investment.

Digital transformation leadership lessons

Boston - George Westerman, Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfee have shared leadership lessons from corporations that successfully transform themselves through digital technology, in a new book. This examines why some firms are more successful than others.

Five reasons why digital transformations fail

It’s easy to get blinded by digital transformation success stories, but often digital transformations fail, or become extended and extended without the core objectives ever being fully realized. We look at some key reasons.

How emerging technologies fit into digital strategies

Manufacturers should be investing in, or at least exploring, the Internet of Things and industrial automation, among other technologies, according to Microsoft partner Columbus, which sets out a ‘Manufacturing 2020’ strategy in a new report.

IT spending hits 10 year high as companies wrestle with DX

A new survey finds that CIOs are reporting increases in IT spending and staffing — the highest for ten years — as their organizations step up investments in digital technology.

Study: Old infrastructure holding back new in-store retail tech

The limitations of legacy infrastructure are forcing retailers to reconsider their plans for in-store tech. According to a study commissioned by retail software provider Zynstra, 98 percent of retailers would use more new tech if deployment was simpler.

Skillsoft tackles digital skills shortage with new online courses

E-learning provider Skillsoft has announced the first series of online courses to train people in digital transformation skills. It comes as the industry faces a serious shortage of experts familiar with technologies such as AI, IoT and big data.

Telecoms and finance lead digital transformation strategies

The telecoms and finance industries are leading the charge towards digital transformation, according to a study of digital strategies at thousands of enterprises.

Cisco: 75% of IoT projects are failing due to lack of expertise

Three quarters of Internet of Things device implementations are failing due to a lack of expertise, according to networks giant Cisco. The company found that businesses are struggling to find IoT talent to put their forward-thinking plans into action.

Google adds content classification features to its language cloud

Google has announced the launch of content classification support on its Natural Language Cloud. The addition will particularly benefit large brands and media companies wanting to work out how consumers are talking about their products.

Op-Ed: GE learns that IoT doesn't scale as it rethinks digital strategy

GE faced troubles last week as its stock slipped amid concerns its digital transformation isn't paying off. GE is finding it can't scale industrial IoT, its most important emerging service. This demonstrates the trend towards specialised platforms.
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