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Google's DeepMind now learning by challenging Atari

Google's London based DeepMind has developed a training method to teach artificial intelligence how to play video games, on the Atari platform.

Google buys startup that uses smartphones as health monitors

Google has acquired a startup that uses smartphones as medical devices capable of monitoring several vital stats. The company has created a series of mobile apps that use simple smartphone hardware, such as the camera and mic, to detect health issues.

AI learns to run, with a wobble

A new research project from Google’s DeepMind supercomputer has pushed the boundaries of machine learning further. It has used artificial intelligence to teach a simulated humanoid how to navigate a parkour course.

DeepMind creates 'imaginative' AI that can create and plan

Google-owned DeepMind has announced an AI agent that is capable of "imagining" things and planning how to complete future tasks. The development brings fully autonomous AI a step closer by addressing one of the major shortcomings of current systems.

Google DeepMind's NHS deal was illegal under U.K. privacy law

Google DeepMind's data sharing deal with the U.K.'s NHS was illegal under domestic privacy laws. The finding was confirmed by the U.K.'s Information Commission today which ruled patients should have been fully informed of how their data was being used.

Use of Google's DeepMind questioned for U.K. healthcare

London - A university-led inquiry has raised concerns about a deal between Google's artificial intelligence company DeepMind and the U.K. National Health Service. This relates to so-termed serious "inadequacies."

Google's Deepmind to help cut 10 percent off U.K.'s energy bill

DeepMind wants to help the UK cut its energy consumption by up to 10 percent, according to a report published in The Financial Times on Sunday.

Google helps to drive paperless healthcare

London - Many health systems remain reliant upon paper records. This leads to problems with security and archive retrieval. One such area is the U.K. health service and here Google are assisting with digitalization.

Google's AI can now navigate the London Underground on its own

Google has successfully taught its DeepMind neural network to navigate the London underground. The system uses deep learning and external memory to make decisions, using a form of reasoning to allow itself to learn its way around the tube network.

Google tasks artificial intelligence with cutting its power bill

Google has managed to cut its power bill by using artificial intelligence from its DeepMind subsidiary to work out how to reduce power consumption in its datacentres. By giving AI control of the cooling systems, it has reduced consumption by 40 percent.

Google has a 'big red button' to safely disable harmful AIs

With the development of ever more powerful AIs comes the potential of them one day becoming more capable than humans. Google is working to ensure we can override AIs if they show signs of causing harm and has developed a "big red button."

Google buys artificial intelligence firm DeepMind

London - Google said on Monday that it had agreed to buy British artificial intelligence start-up company DeepMind for an undisclosed amount.

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People visiting the exhibition have the opportunity to take on AlphaGo  from Google at the strategy ...
People visiting the exhibition have the opportunity to take on AlphaGo, from Google at the strategy game.
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Go (igo) board with stones

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