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HP unveils 'The Machine': a big data computer with 160TB of RAM

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the largest single memory computer ever created. "The Machine" has 160TB of memory within a single bank, allowing it to scale far beyond previous computers. It could help to enable the "big data" age.

4.5m web servers at risk due to insecure private keys

A study has found that over 4.5 million web servers fail to properly secure their private keys, cryptographic signatures that protect data and prevent sensitive connections being hijacked. The keys can be found online, allowing hackers to access servers.

Google tasks artificial intelligence with cutting its power bill

Google has managed to cut its power bill by using artificial intelligence from its DeepMind subsidiary to work out how to reduce power consumption in its datacentres. By giving AI control of the cooling systems, it has reduced consumption by 40 percent.

Facebook has a data centre full of five-year-old smartphones

Facebook's data centres mostly contain racks of servers to store user data. Though one of them holds something a little different. Inside a facility in Oregon, the company is testing its apps on hundreds of ancient smartphones, measuring performance.

Samsung's huge 15 terabyte SSD is now available to buy

Samsung has launched its enterprise-grade 15.36TB SSD. The ultra-high capacity drive offers more storage space than the majority of mechanical hard drives while offering performance that HDDs cannot reach.

Microsoft testing submerged servers that operate under the waves

An ambitious Microsoft research project wants to put the datacentres of the future at the bottom of the ocean. Although the plan may sound odd at first, it would lower cost and increase the efficiency of the datacentre.

Permanent data loss at Google as lightning strikes four times

Energy-charged atmospheric clouds destroyed a tiny slice of Google's energy-charged digital cloud last Thursday as a data centre in Belgium was struck by lightning four times, wiping disks of data into a state that makes them non-recoverable.

What you need to know about 'Venom', billed Heartbleed 2 by some

An "extremely critical" bug has been found in virtualisation software relied on by web hosts across the Internet. Named "Venom", some have been calling it "Heartbleed 2.0" as it could allow an attacker to gain access to the entire contents of a server.

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Microsoft Project Natick wants to put future datacentres at the bottom of the sea
Microsoft Project Natick wants to put future datacentres at the bottom of the sea
Pixabay / Pexels

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