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Prediction: How will ethical data develop in 2021? Special

Businesses will be investing in ethical data solutions in 2021, according to a leading expert. This is to address the rise in data breaches and to avoiding falling foul of data privacy laws.

CISO commentary: Data security risks, concerns and changes Special

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to raise awareness around the importance of cybersecurity in across the world. Myke Lyons, CISO at Collibra pinpoints the key issue for Digital Journal.

Q&A: Data privacy expert untangles the regulatory web Special

This year, U.S. businesses began facing several confusing new regulations regarding consumer data privacy rights, and tech companies may be more at risk than they realize. Data privacy expert Zak Rubinstein outlines the main concerns.

Data privacy: How private are COVID-19 apps?

While there are many mobile apps designed to track the spread of COVID-19, there are concerns with what happens to the data. Many apps collect personal data but they fail to indicate whether the information will be secure.

Hacker breaches DataViper security firm Special

It was announced that a hacker has breached the backend servers belonging to DataViper, a data leak monitoring service managed by Vinny Troia, a security researcher. It appears the hacker spent three months inside DataViper servers.

Fitness brand leaks personal data linked to fitness trainers Special

Security researchers have found an unsecured Amazon servicer (AWS S3) bucket belonging to fitness brand V Shred. This led to personally identifiable information relating to trainers and customers being exposed online.

Aspire News suffers from a data loss Special

A data breach has struck Aspire News, an app backed by Dr.Phil to help domestic violence victims covertly signal distress. This led to some personally identifiable information being exposed.

Looking deep into the 'blue leaks' data leak revelation Special

It has been discovered that activist group DDoSecrets has published data they claim have been stolen from US law enforcement agencies and fusion centers. The data has been made available online on a searchable portal.

Transport firm Amtrak hit by significant data breach Special

Amtrak, the U.S. public transportation unit, announced that it has suffered a data breach causing Amtrak to reset user passwords after a Guest Rewards data breach.

Cyber-risks: Data security issues from working from home

With more employees working from home, companies need to understand where security threats are coming from This is in light of many business leaders considering their employees the biggest security threat.

Q&A: Strategies businesses need to address data privacy issues Special

Data privacy is a major issue for businesses, as they seek to grapple with new regulations and face a public who are becoming more aware of how their data is used. These issues become more important as companies embark on digital transformation projects.

Maintaining data security as hospitals partner with Big Tech Special

With hospitals increasingly partnering with big tech to both collect and analyze patient data the security environment of health data is transforming. This produces new risks for medical data, which need to be considered.

Why Americans have more concern for their personal data privacy

Heightened global tension is causing many U.S. citizens to have more concern for their personal data privacy, according to a survey conducted by Unisys.

New Data: How much do Americans know about encryption?

New data reveals that U.S. citizens are familiar with – and trust – the concept of encryption. However, at the same time the poll reveals that generally people are fuzzy on exactly how data encryption works.

What businesses should make of Data Privacy Day Special

Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day) comes at the end of January each year. The focus is with raising awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. What can businesses learn from the annual event?

Q&A: How one digital company is embracing Consumer Privacy Act Special

With the CCPA now in effect, one digital company that uses data to connect businesses and customers across devices is actually embracing the new law. The company is FullContact and its President explains more.

Lessons to be learned ahead of Data Privacy Day 2020 Special

Data Privacy Day 2020 is coming up on January 28, and to recognize this observance, Bitglass experts have prepared some stats to demonstrate how companies still have a long way to go to perfect their security strategies and keep consumer data safe.

Survey: Most firms still use unencrypted file transfer protocols

Findings from a VanDyke Software-commissioned survey many firms continue to use weak security protocols abound for file transfer, which puts the business at risk to a cyberattack.

Californian businesses will pay $55 billion for data privacy law

A new regulatory impact analysis on the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) estimates the initial costs for state business compliance with the new data privacy law to be $55 billion.

German schools ban Office 365 over privacy concerns: Interview Special

A German state has made it illegal for schools to use Office 365. The ban stems from privacy concerns surrounding the likelihood that Microsoft’s cloud platform could expose student and teacher personal information to U.S. officials.

Q&A: Why most businesses plan to deploy iPaaS Special

While most businesses plan to undertake digital transformation initiatives, almost all struggle to integrate and safeguard important data across platforms. The solution to this, according to Jan Arendtsz, CEO of Celigo, is iPaaS.

Revealed: The biggest cybersecurity breaches of past three years

A new report from Bitglass examines the biggest data breaches affecting companies from the last three years. This includes the Marriott breach of 2018, the Equifax breach of 2017 and the Yahoo! breach of 2016.

Many businesses unfamiliar with California Consumer Privacy Act

A study by MediaPRO indicates that many employees have a significant gap in their awareness of crucial impending data privacy laws, which will affect the U.S. state of California.

Ernest Health suffers data breach of patient records Special

An undisclosed number of patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio, owned by Ernest Health, had their personal data compromised. A data security expert provides an assessment.

Interview: Privacy ops connects security and privacy teams Special

According to the GDPR regulations enacted in 2018, all organizations that handle data on European customers must now retain a data protection officer (DPO). While this help, what’s needed is an expert in Privacy Operations.

Q&A: Remaining cyber safe when travelling over the Holiday season Special

Douglas Crawford, privacy expert at, discusses what the Marriott cyber-hack means for the 367 million affected, and how consumers can take better steps in protecting themselves online.

Q&A: Cloud computing is making data centers more efficient Special

Cloud computing is changing the way many businesses deploy applications, control users, and deliver resources. The ability to interconnect data centers enables organizations of all sizes to be more agile and cost-effective — and become more competitive.

Campaign group puts case against facial recognition

London - Facial recognition technologies are growing in sophistication and are becoming increasingly used by governments and companies to identify individuals. While some support the enhanced security, others, like Liberty, express concerns.

Companies ramp up data privacy in wake of attacks

Companies are making major investments in data security, in wake of attacks, and in data privacy, in order to meet righter regulations like GDPR, according to a new worldwide survey of business practices.

Privacy concerns for living in the smart city Special

Michael Fauscette, from G2 Crowd, has raised concerns about the privacy issues of ambient intelligence in the growing smart cities. What does privacy mean in a city where our location, our actions, even our intentions are being tracked and recorded?
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