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Q&A: High-tech weather data is becoming key to decision making Special

Globally, many companies are incorporating weather into digital transformation by utilizing advanced hyper-local weather algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make decisions.

Digital mass set to exceed 'Earth mass' by 2245

We are accumulating more and more quantities of digital data, but just how voluminous will this stream of data become? A new model predicts that, at current rates, digital content on track to equal half 'Earth's mass' by 2245.

Q&A: Why AI is going to become more mainstream for business Special

The CEO of Yellowfin (BI analytics company) explains that although the adoption of analytics is still low amongst businesses, companies like Yellowfin are helping leaders think differently and make transformational value and change through data.

Q&A: How data science improves weather forecasting Special

If the weather forecast is accurate, you might want to thank a little-known data scientist in Ohio. Eric Floehr is a computer scientist who’s ForecastWatch software has become the industry standard for businesses.

Google Cloud makes it easier for data scientists to collaborate

Google Cloud has outlined two new tools for data scientists: Kubeflow pipelines and AI Hub. These platforms are designed to assist data scientists in putting out across their organizations the models they create.

Essential Science: Unpicking ‘dark data’ in fossil collections

Scientists have begun to use new technologies to help quantify the vast and curious fossil finds that are stored, and in some cases remained untouched for decades, on museum shelves.

Data science to be part of new plan to grow U.K.'s export market

London - A new initiative, outlined in a report published by the U.K. government on Tuesday outlines a strategy to use data science to identify companies with the potential to provide their services overseas as part of a plan to grow the U.K.'s export market.

AI for Good competition launched

The company Neurala has called for submissions for its “AI for Good” competition. The aim is to draw together technologically inclined humanitarians to help tackle real-world challenges, such as identifying missing children and combating animal poachi

Startup develops technique to predict cerebral palsy

A innovative technique has been developed to hep to predict cerebral palsy. The technique is based on next-generation genetic sequencing data, which measures how cells control the way genes are switched on or off.

Q&A: The transformation of the software development industry Special

The transformation of the international software development industry is progressing, with more and more companies now tapping into the power of outsourced developers in regions like Eastern Europe. Sebastián Siseles of explains more.

Redefining the role of the Chief Digital Officer

The modern business world is replete with initialisms, and these seem to be growing at the C-suite level. A new role is the Chief Digital Officer and even this relative new position is in a state of change.

Interview: How businesses can deliver value from their data Special

The amount of data collected 24/7, 365 days a year continues to grow exponentially. The ability to utilize that information for various purposes is a key opportunity for many businesses Liaison Technologies explain how.

IBM's Private Cloud for Data simplifies enterprise data science

IBM has announced the launch of a new cloud to help businesses integrate AI into their solutions. The company's new Cloud Private for Data is a dedicated application layer built using containerisation. It hosts microservices for data science and AI.

Will business intelligence negate the need for data scientists?

A controversial study notes how Business Intelligence tools advance, giving rise to self-service analytics, is there still a need for data scientists? This is the context of improved algorithms that yield quicker and simpler results.

Essential Science: How effective are wearable devices?

Wearable health technology has grown considerably in recent years, from devices for babies to joggers. How effective are these instruments? New research casts doubt on the overall effectiveness of many devices.

Essential Science: The future of policy making?

Data-driven science, the interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, is increasingly being used by governments and businesses to develop policy and strategy. We look at some examples.

AI is the key to unlocking business data

The first wave of artificial intelligence was targeted at helping companies to automate data collection. The second wave is focused on extracting meaningful value from data, through assessing data patterns.

Companies will make more use of predictive analytics in 2018

In 2018, companies will be utilizing predictive analytics at a faster rate. This enables better understanding and service for customers at or even before the point of need, helping businesses staying ahead of the pack.

Businesses using big data to track organic food consumers

Big data analytics are vital for retail. One research area has been with the growth in spending on organic produce. Here data analytics have been used by businesses to track and predict consumer shopping patterns.

New software speeds big-data analysis 100-fold

A new system developed for performing 'tensor algebra' can offer a 100-fold speedup over previous software packages for performing big data analysis.

Why data integrity is essential for the pharmaceutical sector Special

Otocec - Data integrity is necessary for ensuring the safety of medicine, helping to assure that release tests are correct and have not been corrupted. This was a key message at a recent Pharmig conference held in Slovenia.

Dataiku looks to increase its share of the data science market

The company Dataiku Inc., which manufactures Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), providing end-to-end advanced analytics and collaborative data science tools, has announced plans to strengthening its platform with new integrations and technologies.

Big data analysis reveals the optimal diet

Researchers have undertaken a major review of the best diet for overall health. This review has used big data analytics to arrive at the answer, and this answer is a diet that is made up of a moderate consumption of fat and fruits and vegetables.

Data science reveals vitamin B cancer risk

New research, based on big data analytics, has drawn a connection between cancer and taking high quantities of B vitamins. The research additionally shows the advantages of data driven science.

Statistics yields worrying data on sea levels

Baltimore - Applying data science to study the environment provides greater accuracy in terms of understanding global shifts; however, it also produces new aspects of concern. Big data analytics show new trends relating to sea levels.

Big data analytics helps with cow herding

Researchers have constructed a digital model that incorporates a financial function to explore the behavior of cow herds. This is an example of how big data analytics and computer modeling can be applied to farming.

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