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Farmers are turning to big data to adapt to climate change

Climate change, especially global heating affecting farmers and causing problems both for growing crops and with animal husbandry. A new study shows how the use of big data can aid farmers in meeting the challenges from climate variation.

Q&A: Digital transformation of real estate is all about data Special

Real estate software solutions and technology integration into practices are beginning to influence the way that property transactions are handled. Central to these processes is data and analytics.

Q&A: Why data & analytics will transform insurance in 2020 Special

The insurance landscape is changing rapidly, and agencies need more insight to adapt with the industry. Their data is an untapped resource, but most teams don’t know how to translate it into actionable insights. Chad Hawkinson, at Vertafore explains.

What to expect from cloud security trends in 2020 Special

The key message for businesses in 2020 is that adoption of cloud computing will continue to accelerate. In terms of more specific applications, the use of mobile devices to access cloud services will be key.

Q&A: Finicity releases a first-of-its-kind verification solution Special

Finicity, a provider of real-time financial data access and insights, has announced the first-of-its-kind Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) solution. Steve Smith, CEO of Finicity explains more.

Q&A: Online retailers make digital identity a competitive edge Special

Online retailers can leverage consumers’ digital identities to augment the user experience and increase the company’s competitive edge, according to Ben Goodman of ForgeRock.

5G technology could lead to failure to warn about hurricanes

The implementation of 5G technology, if not of the right specification for a given area, could lead to a reduction in weather forecasting accuracy and lead to reduced abilities for storm tracking, according to the U.S. NOAA.

Data mining reveals clues behind California earthquakes

By applying advanced data mining techniques, researchers have been able to assess earthquake data and this analysis has revealed hidden clues about major California earthquake triggers. The new information may assist with prevention.

Q&A: Why higher education needs data analytics Special

Many universities still are not embracing data analytics, and are instead making huge decisions based not on data, but on their gut or historical trends. Yet data analytics can assist with an array of higher-ed services.

Canadian privacy watchdog — Use cash to buy legal marijuana

Ottawa - Canada’s privacy watchdog is warning marijuana users who are worried about their personal information being collected to pay with cash rather than plastic.

Adobe introduces Intelligent Alerts for deeper data insights

Adobe introduced an artificial intelligence virtual assistant called Intelligent Alerts which is designed to assist users of Adobe Analytics to detect deeper insights.

Q&A: Why AI will revolutionize healthcare data Special

The use of AI in the healthcare industry has begun a transformation of how patient data is processed and analyzed, creating a more efficient analysis. A leading commentator predicts the health market will be using AI to analyze data within 2-3 years.

The future of health is data

A number of technological changes are impacting upon healthcare, from advanced scanners to the improvements to tackling disease that stem from DNA sequencing. However, data analytics will be the most revolutionary.

Machine intelligence for digital marketing analytics: Interview Special

Marketing goods and services is becoming increasingly complex, and to gain a competitive advantage machine learning and data analytics are required to foster insights. A new tool for this comes from conDati.

Advances in digital marketing analytics: Interview Special

Digital marketing is seeing many changes, especially relating to the importance of data gathering and then using the analysed data for marketing purposes. conDati’s CEO Ken Gardner provides some insights.

Intellect and IBM present new digital solutions for finance

Intellect and IBM are to jointly issue a range of new digital solutions designed for corporate banking clients. These packages will be available via the IBM Cloud.

Interview: How businesses can deliver value from their data Special

The amount of data collected 24/7, 365 days a year continues to grow exponentially. The ability to utilize that information for various purposes is a key opportunity for many businesses Liaison Technologies explain how.

Confirmed: Salesforce is acquiring MuleSoft for $6.5 billion

Salesforce has officially announced it's acquiring data integration platform MuleSoft in a deal valued at $6.5 billion. MuleSoft provides tools for companies to connect their data sources with apps and devices in cross-cloud environments.

IBM's Private Cloud for Data simplifies enterprise data science

IBM has announced the launch of a new cloud to help businesses integrate AI into their solutions. The company's new Cloud Private for Data is a dedicated application layer built using containerisation. It hosts microservices for data science and AI.

Google announces new cloud APIs for healthcare services

Google's announced an expanded set of cloud services aimed at the healthcare sector. The company wants to organise medical data by addressing "significant" interoperability challenges. It will use AI and new analytics APIs to assist medical teams.

Cisco expands Tetration analytics platform

Cisco has detailed changes coming to its Tetration data center analytics platform that will add additional cybersecurity tools and improved monitoring capabilities. Cisco is broadening the platform to provide visibility into entire datacentres.

Predicting consumer behavior is key to business success

Customer serving businesses can grow and remain competitive if they can predict what consumers are most interested in and how consumers might react to certain offers or incentives.

Report: 60% of enterprises to rely on cloud SaaS by 2019

Digital transformation is creating a "new world order" in IT as more companies transition to the cloud, according to a new report. 60% of enterprises will have abandoned their on-premises systems to operate primarily via SaaS before the end of 2019.

Interview: Mining companies use data analytics to beat corruption Special

"The proliferation of technology over the past several years has been a huge boon to companies fighting corruption," said business advisory firm BDO to Digital Journal. Mining companies are using cloud data analytics to turn the tide against corruption.

CVS Health and Aetna come together for big data for healthcare

CVS Health and Aetna have come together to form a new organization that aims to restructure healthcare. The deal between the two enterprises is valued at $69 billion.

CEO helped Pentagon track insurgency — now tracks Walmart trends

-Primer is a company coming out of stealth, with $14.7 million in funding. -Previously, Primer CEO Sean Gourley had an illustrious career in academia and the public sector, including a stint in Iraq using algorithms to predict insurgent activity.

Microsoft offers AI tools to help researchers protect the oceans

Microsoft has announced a new award which will provide ocean researchers with access to AI and cloud tools. The company said it wants organisations to be able to harness the power of AI to help protect the oceans, extending its AI for Earth program.

The Great Recession accelerated routine-biased technology change

One of the most important trends in the American labor force has been the shift from occupations requiring mid-level skills to those skills at the low and high ends. And this shift has been going on for the last 30 years.

Bing for Business helps companies make sense of their data

Microsoft has announced Bing for Business, a new intelligent search service aimed at enterprise users. It expands the company's consumer-facing Bing search engine with Microsoft Graph integration, letting it deliver organisational results.

Dataiku looks to increase its share of the data science market

The company Dataiku Inc., which manufactures Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), providing end-to-end advanced analytics and collaborative data science tools, has announced plans to strengthening its platform with new integrations and technologies.
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Did you know that 97 percent of Kroger customers use their Kroger card when shopping?
Did you know that 97 percent of Kroger customers use their Kroger card when shopping?
A Kroger in Fort Worth  Texas.
A Kroger in Fort Worth, Texas.
Smarty9108 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Primer/Business Insider

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