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daiichi nuclear plant News

Fukushima radiation leaks understated, troops search for missing

Tokyo - As Japanese government troops begin searching for missing persons, released information indicates radioactive material leaking into the air from the Daiichi nuclear facility in early April was far greater than what had previously been estimated.

Op-Ed: Ann Coulter’s blonde, 'glowing' and in the dark moment

Washington - Ann Coulter, the US authority on inanity, states the people near the Daiichi nuclear plant have nothing to worry about, and because of their exposure to high levels of radiation, according to her, are “much less likely” to be inflicted with cancer.

Daiichi’s radioactive leak plugged, plant operator reports

Tokyo - The Daiichi nuclear facility’s troublesome leak of radioactive water into the ocean has been stopped, announced by the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), on Wednesday.

Tainted catch forces halt to fishing in Ibaraki prefecture

Tokyo - Japan's fifth-largest seafood producer, Ibaraki prefecture, has halted fishing operations after tainted fish were discovered south of the catastrophic Daiichi nuclear facility near Fukushima, where radioactive water is being dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

Radioactivity in ocean up 7.5 million times near Japan reactor

Tokyo - New readings taken from the Pacific Ocean near the Japan's Daiichi nuclear plant show radioactive iodine-131 readings are 7.5 million times the legal limit, with growing criticism from the international community over the Japanese government's actions.

Japan has ‘another burden,’ now dumps radioactive water in ocean

Tokyo - Japanese officials on Monday began dumping massive amounts of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean in order to create space for additional highly radioactively contaminated water, an act the Daiichi nuclear plant operator calls “another burden.”

US nuclear workers given whistleblower protection

Washington - A final ruling covering workers’ concerns over handling “nuclear and environmental retaliation complaints” has been handed down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and establishes policy protecting nuclear industry whistleblowers.

Daiichi nuclear plant may have been breached

Tokyo - The Japanese government announced on Friday there is a suspected breach at the Daiichi nuclear facility near Fukushima, with radioactive contamination now feared to be more serious than previously reported.

Daiichi operator missed safety checks for 10 years

Tokyo - New documents centered on the crippled Daiichi nuclear plant near Fukushima reveal technicians repeatedly ignored mandatory safety checks over a 10-year time frame including up to two weeks before the March 11 disaster began.

Contaminated food latest woes as Japan’s radiation spreads

Tokyo - Japanese officials have announced that radiation contamination has entered its food chain, with reports of milk and lettuce in the region of the troubled Daiichi nuclear facility near Fukushima exceeding levels allowed by the government.

Reports: Japan’s radiation problem appears out of control

Tokyo - Latest reports from Japan reveal a country drowning in sorrow from last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, and it will now have to give undivided attention to a disaster of surging radiation levels at Fukushima’s Daiichi nuclear facility.

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