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Rebellious musical 'Les Miserables' resonates in Venezuela

Caracas - The angry, oppressed citizens are actors and their caps and overcoats evoke 19th-century France rather than modern-day Venezuela.

Giant skeletons come alive in Mexico for Day of the Dead

Mexico - Giant skeletons springing forth from asphalt roads are taking over streets in the Mexican capital as the city gets ready to celebrate the festive and deeply spiritual Day of the Dead.

Bolivia's fires destroy 'heritage' rock art sites

La Paz - Wildfires that have raged across forests and grassland in eastern Bolivia for weeks have destroyed rare rock art sites, archeologists announced Tuesday.

Bolivia restores myth-generating funerary towers

Unique quadrangular pre-Inca towers made of earth and straw, standing up to eight meters tall, dot the landscape at Condor Amaya on the Bolivian altiplano -- giving rise to myths and legends.

Air conditioning system caused Brazil museum fire: police

Rio De Janeiro - The fire that devastated Brazil's National Museum in September was caused by the air conditioning system and spread quickly because the building lacked the equipment to contain it, federal police said Thursday.

'Significant' number of artifacts recovered from gutted Brazil museum

Rio De Janeiro - A "significant" number of artifacts has been recovered from Brazil's National Museum which was gutted by fire five months ago, devastating one of Latin America's most important natural history collections, according to the team of experts picking throu...

Mexico's orange sea guides the souls of the dead

Atlixco - A sea of bright orange flowers sways in the wind, releasing the intense fragrance of the blossoms across the foothills of Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano.

Easter Islanders hope to swap a copy for iconic statue in UK museum

Santiago - For 150 years, the British Museum has housed one of the iconic, heavy-browed stone figures that Chile's Easter Island is famous for.Now the islanders are hoping desperately to get it back.

Brazil orders museums to boost fire protection

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil has issued a 30-day deadline to improve fire protection at six federal museums, a week after a blaze gutted Rio de Janeiro's treasured National Museum.

Easter Island natives seek return of unique statue held in London

Santiago - Easter Island's indigenous authorities have asked Chile's government to help them recover a unique monumental Moai statue removed 150 years ago and now kept in the British Museum in London.The 2.

Chile's rock art llamas divulge secrets of ancient desert culture

Atacama - Open air rock paintings in the world's driest desert pay testament to the importance of the llama to millennia-old cultures that traversed the inhospitable terrain.

Women ran things in ancient Peru, a new study argues

- Women in ancient Peru, far from being marginalized and invisible, were political and economic decision-makers, according to a new study that challenges many traditional takes on the country's history.

Three European tourists expelled from Machu Picchu over nude photos

- Three European tourists were banished from the Incan citadel Machu Picchu in Peru after taking photos of themselves exposing their backsides, police said Wednesday.

Bolivia's fabled carnival marches on despite deaths in floods

Oruro - Bolivia Oruro Carnival got under way Saturday with stunning costumes and parades, though the mood was dampened by the loss of 17 people killed in flooding and 8,200 families left homeless by heavy rains since November.

Peru recovers 79 pre-Hispanic textiles from Sweden

- Peru has recovered 79 pre-Hispanic textiles that have been illegally located in Sweden since 1935, the ministry of culture said.

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