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Gibraltar to launch fintech licenses for blockchain startups

Gibraltar will create a license for startups using blockchain tech as it seeks to attract more fintech firms to its territory. The specially designed license will be the first of its kind. It will formally recognise blockchains as a way to make payments.

Bitcoin makes muted stock exchange debut at $15,000

New York - Cryptocurrency Bitcoin made its debut on a major bourse Sunday, opening at $15,000 per unit at the Chicago board options exchange.

Bitcoin futures launch sparks excitement, warnings

New York - Bitcoin will make its debut on a major exchange Sunday, a landmark for the cryptocurrency that has generated enthusiasm among some investors and more than a little anxiety from others.

Four types of crypto users in the emerging economy Special

Russian-based company CoinPlace, based on their previous experience in crypto investment, have determined four types of real and potential crypto currency users.

Bitcoin's price roller coaster ride over $17,000 before big dip

Bitcoin's price is continuing its wild roller coaster ride reaching a new high of over $17,000 before plunging down to just over $14,000 early Friday morning (Dec. 8) at about 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time, giving many investors on the ride whiplash.

Bitcoin posts new record high of $11,831 on Sunday

Although the currency defied doomsayers and posted another record high December 3rd, it nevertheless closed below its previous record high of $11,377.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin surges to record $11,388 then drops well over $1,000

After reaching a record high of $11,388 the price fell back back below a thousand during trading on Wednesday. Demand was so strong the exchanges had trouble handling the traffic. The price was quite volatile,

Bitcoin hits new records, heads for $10,000 as bubble fears grow

Singapore - Bitcoin soared to fresh records Tuesday, putting it on course for $10,000, but the virtual currency's stratospheric rise has fuelled fears of a bubble after a 10-fold increase this year.

Less than a week after breaking $8,000 bitcoin now over $9,000

So far this year the price of bitcoin has risen more than 800 percent. In spite of many analysts predicting the rise is a bubble that will burst the price has been rising quickly of late.

Square is taking on the big cryptocurrency exchanges

-Square is running a trial that allows some users of its Cash App to buy and sell bitcoin. -A full roll-out of the trial could translate into $30 million in revenues for the company, according to Credit Suisse.

Bitcoin bubble expands to over $8,200

Rather than bursting, the alleged bitcoin bubble carried on expanding from where it left off on Friday when it broke through the $8,000 mark on one main exchange.

Bitcoin price tops $8,000 on one major exchange Friday

On the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex bitcoin rose to a new all-time high of $8,040 on Friday morning briefly before dropping back below $8,000.

Bitcoin recovers while bitcoin cash crashes

While bitcoin prices plunged over the weekend and bitcoin cash prices soared, today bitcoin is recovering and bitcoin cash prices are suffering a steep decline.

Bjork's new studio album 'Utopia' comes with free cryptocurrency

Icelandic music queen Bjork has partnered with the British startup company Blockpool, in an effort to put technology at the heart of her ninth studio album, "Utopia," which comes out on November 24.

The rise of cryptocurrency as an acceptable means of payment

Amsterdam - Should a business accept a cryptocurrency as a means of payment? This is a question that has its answer rooted in the particular business model. Certainly there are advantages for online businesses and this is a growing number.

Bitcoin broke through to all-time high last week

In spite of many warnings that the purchase of bitcoins was risky and even claims that it was a fraud, bitcoin went above $5,000 per coin on Thursday reaching a new high of $5,856. 10 during the day.

Rise in websites using your CPU to mine cryptocurrency

More websites are including cryptocurrency miners that use your device's CPU to generate digital coins. After a miner was found on The Pirate Bay last month, more torrent sites have added scripts. Hackers are also adding miners to websites they hijack.

Canada's groundbreaking bitcoin fund: Interview Special

Sean Clark, First Block Capital’s founder and CEO, spoke with Digital Journal about a new and groundbreaking bitcoin fund, and what it means for investors in Canada.

South Korea follows China in banning cryptocurrency ICOs

Seoul - The South Korean Financial Services Commission announced it will ban raising money for all forms of cryptocurrencies through initial coin offerings (ICOs). The Commission said that trading in the currencies needs to be tightly controlled and monitored.

The Pirate Bay hijacks visitors' CPUs to mine cryptocurrency

Torrenting site The Pirate Bay has been caught hosting a cryptocurrency mining script that hijacked visitors' CPUs to generate coins. The site's operators said it's an attempt to move away from displaying ads. The experimental script has proved divisive.

Bitcoin plummets on news China may ban cryptocurrency exchanges

The value of Bitcoin has plummeted on reports China is preparing a ban on cryptocurrency exchanges. If the decision is confirmed, it will be the second hostile move against the $150bn cryptocurrency market in under a week. China's already banned ICOs.

A bitcoin in your happy meal? Startup makes this a reality

A Siberian based company called DSPlus is aiming to introduce the use of bitcoin in exchange for fast food. The company is working with major players like McDonald’s and Burger King.

Aion, first network to power communication between blockchains

The enterprise blockchain company Nuco has announced the creation of Aion, which is the first interoperable blockchain network and the starting framework to enable communication between blockchains.

Op-Ed: Litecoin, BItcoin's "little brother" also reaching record high

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency sometimes described as the little brother of bitcoin. It has followed bitcoins ups and downs. Some see litecoin as related to bitcoin as silver is to gold.

Op-Ed: Burger King Russia issues its own cryptocurrency Whopper Coin

Russia has a new cryptocurrency created by American-based global fast food monarch Burger King. It is named after one of the company's products the Whopper so is called the Whopper Coin.

Why Bitcoin just split in half and created 'Bitcoin Cash'

Bitcoin has split in half as a group of miners and investors have forked the cryptocurrency to create a rival called "Bitcoin Cash." The move is a response to years of debate inside the Bitcoin community over how to develop the underlying technology.

Blockchain community falls under U.S. regulations

Washington - In a major ruling, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a report that cautions market participants that offers and sales of digital assets by "virtual" organizations will be subject to federal securities laws.

Bitcoin starts to recover from 'civil war' fears

Bitcoin appears to be recovering as fears that the cryptocurrency could split in a community dispute described as a "civil war" start to lift. The currency is continuing to experience sharp swings as miners switch to using new blockchain software.

A Wall Street legend is backing a bitcoin trading startup

Wall Street investors have been slow to embrace bitcoin, even as the cryptocurrency has soared. John Mack, the former CEO of Morgan Stanley who led the bank through the doldrums of the financial crisis, wants to change that.

One of the busiest bitcoin exchanges has been hacked

One of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world has been hacked, and 30,000 customers' data has been compromised, according to a report from Yonhap News.
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