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Venezuela banks on cryptocurrency, but it remains 'non-transferable'

Caracas - Venezuela's controversial cryptocurrency was launched six months ago but has been left in limbo ever since. Now, though, President Nicolas Maduro's government insists it will start working.

Bitcoin may be consolidating price above $6,600

After sharp gains yesterday taking the price well over $6,500 the price early today went past $6,800 but since then has dropped back but has stayed above $6,600 all day.

Bitcoin moves sideways then briefly breaches $6,500 mark

Bitcoin managed to trade sideways most of the day but then dipped and ran up over $6,500 briefly before the close. At the close today UTC time it was just below that mark.

Coincapital opens Toronto Stock Exchange

Toronto - Coinsquare has announced the launch of a new subsidiary called Coincapital and registration of Coincapital by the Ontario Securities Commission. The launch has been marked by Coinsquare representatives ringing the bell at the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Ethereum makes remarkable recovery back well over $200

While ETH or ether the cryptcurrency of the ethereum blockchain network is trading mostly sideways today it has made a remarkable comeback from lows within the last few days.

Q&A: Browser extension opens up Bitcoin Special

Cryptocurrency firm Coinback has developed the first free browser extension, designed to help consumers earn Bitcoin while they online shop. Company CEO Eyal Yechezkel explains more.

Bitcoin in recovery mode as it manages to top $6,500 briefly

The Bitcoin price appears to be in recovery mode with a bullish trend taking the price above $6,500 at least briefly and closing the day over $150 dollars above the open. However, the price has a long way to go to regain losses it has suffered lately.

IMF urges Marshall Islands not to issue its own cryptocoin

The Republic of the Marshall Islands announced back in February of this year that it was intending to issue digital currency as an alternative to the US dollar which is now the official currency.

Big investment in cryptocurrency startup

Startup, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange located in San Diego, has announced it has secured $1 million of funding via crowdfunding service WeFunder.

Ethereum price plummets below $200 level

Ethereum is experiencing a bearish market with the price plunging today below the $200 mark with no end in sight as yet. It had dropped down through the $300 level earlier in the month.

In a sudden reversal bitcoin price drops below $7,000 level

The bitcoin price suffered a serious blow yesterday just as it seemed to be entering a bullish phase. After establishing itself well above the $7,000 level, within half an hour or so it dropped well below that level.

Q&A: New digital cryptocurrency trading platform Special

Deribit, a Bitcoin futures and options trading platform, has recently introduced Deribit Perpetual, a derivative product that tracks the price of Bitcoin while providing synthetic exposure to the price. The company’s John Jansen explains more.

Coinsquare announces European expansion

Coinsquare, Canada's cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, have announced a planned expansion into Europe for Q4 2018.

Bitcoin moves sideways for half the day and then moves up

While the bitcoin (BTC) price spent the first half of today moving mostly sideways in the afternoon it showed a definite upward trend and reached over the $6,700 level.

Bitcoin makes big gains only to lose them after bad news

Bitcoin's (BTC) price rallied early today to just about one hundred dollars shy of the $7, 000 mark only to pull back and drop precipitously later in the day as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected applications for a number of ETFs.

Bitcoin still well above $6,000 after losing some ground

While bitcoin (BTC) is still trading well above the $6,000 level so far it has not broken out in a definite upward or downward swing although it did lose some ground during today.

Ripple (XRP) has an impressive recovery but is headed down today

Ripple (XRP) on Friday rose from $0.29065 up to $0.32853 a rise of 37 percent since Ripple had bottomed out at a mere $0.24711. The market cap of Ripple or XRP the third largest cryptocoin by market cap, is now just short of $13 billion.

Bitcoin well above $6,000 level but bullish trend uncertain

While bitcoin's price is staying well above the $6,000 level it is trading within a relatively narrow range at present after rising above the $6,500 level yesterday.

Bitcoin price struggles back over $7,000 then dips below

After dropping well below $7,000 bitcoin's (BTC) price has managed to struggle back above that level but has not advanced very far as yet. It remains to be seen whether it is in recovery mode. Later today it has fallen back again below the $7,000 level.

Bitcoin dips below $7,000 both Sunday and Monday

Bitcoin's (BTC) price started out Sunday just over $7,000 but then descended below that level but ended up a bit over the mark again. On Monday it again dropped considerably below the $7,000 level after beginning the day slightly above.

Binance crypto exchange buys Trusted Wallet

The world's largest crypto exchange based on volume, Binance, has bought the wallet company Trust Wallet in its first acquisition. The company confirmed to TechCrunch the purchase was based on a mixture of Binance stock and a portion of its BNB token.

Bitwise files for SEC-regulated publicly-offered crypto ETF

Bitwise Asset Management announced it has filed a registration statement for a publicly-offered cryptocurrency index exchange-traded fund (ETF) earlier this week.

First rewarded crypto social network in development

Paris - As a sign of the acceptance of cryptocurrency, a new social network is in development where users will be awarded tokens for carrying out product reviews and sharing these within their network. The platform comes from the French company Best SAS.

Coinbase partnership sees users converting tokens to gift cards

In a company blog post on Wednesday, Coinbase announced a new partnership, integrating its wallet services, that allows users to exchange their tokens for gift cards.

Bitcoin flying high as it approaches the $8,000 level

Bitcoin's price is now threatening to break through the $8,000 level after just recently penetrating the $7,000 level after a long struggle.

Cryptocurrency trading doesn't have to be hard Special

A new Canadian-borne cryptocurrency exchange launched earlier this week with the aim of making it easier for everyone to get involved in cryptocurrency trading. CEO Justin Hartzman sat down with Digital Journal to explain what this looks like.

New startup attempts to make cryptocurrency easier: Interview Special

Paris - Paris-based startup, Tempo, has launched a payment network that simplifies the exchange process from cryptocurrency to fiat money. Anthony Barker, CTO of Tempo explains more.

New cryptocurrency exchange launches in Canada

A new cryptocurrency exchange for everyone from the 'Crypto Curious' to experienced investors has launched in Canada, offering a way to "solve the pain and confusion of purchasing cryptocurrency for Canadian investors."

Bitcoin price closes on July 10th well below $6,500

A CoinDesk analysis posted at 10:40 UTC today described the bitcoin (BTC) price as being on the defensive today and predicted that it could suffer deeper losses within the next few days.

Q&A: How the public will come to accept cryptocurrency Special

Dr. Nick Almond, a professor in the U.K., believes that the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency will come through a crypto lottery. He explains why would the game that is as old as time will help crypto become accepted.
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Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple have seen massive growth over the past year
Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple have seen massive growth over the past year
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FoodCoin Ecosystem: Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.
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