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New startup attempts to make cryptocurrency easier: Interview Special

Paris - Paris-based startup, Tempo, has launched a payment network that simplifies the exchange process from cryptocurrency to fiat money. Anthony Barker, CTO of Tempo explains more.

New cryptocurrency exchange launches in Canada

A new cryptocurrency exchange for everyone from the 'Crypto Curious' to experienced investors has launched in Canada, offering a way to "solve the pain and confusion of purchasing cryptocurrency for Canadian investors."

Bitcoin price closes on July 10th well below $6,500

A CoinDesk analysis posted at 10:40 UTC today described the bitcoin (BTC) price as being on the defensive today and predicted that it could suffer deeper losses within the next few days.

Q&A: How the public will come to accept cryptocurrency Special

Dr. Nick Almond, a professor in the U.K., believes that the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency will come through a crypto lottery. He explains why would the game that is as old as time will help crypto become accepted.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range above $6,700

BItcoin (BTC) is trading within a very limited range just over $6,700 and so far appears unable to break through key resistance levels to test the $7,000 level but there are still quite a few hours of trading for July 8th.

Bitcoin still is not able to test $7,000 level

On Wednesday bitcoin (BTC) rose to a high of $6,785 on Bitfinex the highest level since back on June 22 and looked as if it would test the psychological hurdle of $7,000 as was suggested by its Monday performance.

Bitcoin rises up over the $6,500 level today

After a drop well below the $6,000 level last week, the price of bitcoin (BTC) is well above the $6,000 level again and has been even above the $6,500 level.

Cryptic message possibly signals a book by Satoshi Nakamoto

A cryptic message posted this Friday on a website that is possibly linked to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the person who released the original white paper on Bitcoin in 2008 indicates the bitcoin founder may write a book setting the record straight.

Blockchain can assist banks with consumer lending

Many industries gaze at blockchain and scratch their heads in puzzlement. However, for the finance sector Ripple is in use for cross-continental transactions and the next area for reform is consumer lending.

Will blockchain replace the web? Special

Brooklyn - Blockchain – a decentralized data base – is known today because it’s used to produce and exchange cryptocurrencies. But blockchain might prove to have many more applications, one day threatening the monopoly of companies like Amazon and Facebook.

Bitcoin price revives but has not reached $7,000 level

A new analysis of the movements of the price of bitcoin (BTC) by CoinDesk claims that the price is still in recovery mode but must keep the price above a key support level which is just below $6,500.

Bitcoin’s rise could be due to price manipulation

A new study suggests the dramatic rise of cryptocurrency prices during 2017, which included bitcoin, ethereum, and altcoins, may have been the result of price manipulation.

Bitcoin's price finally breaks out to the downside losing $800

On June 10 bitcoin's (BTC) price dropped precipitously 12 percent. Its losses now for the year are 50 percent. Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple also declined over 10 percent today.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range above $7,600

Today June 6, bitcoin (BTC) traded in a narrow range mostly above the $7,600 level. However, the price managed to close slightly up from its open. It is now just an hour into June 7th UTC.

Ripple gives universities $50M to fund cryptocurrency research

The University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) is a $50M fund that Ripple has created to collaborate with "top universities around the world" to encourage research, development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.

Cryptocurrency blowing in the wind as mine opens in Estonia

Tallinn - A state-owned Estonian wind farm launched a cryptocurrency mine on Friday, hoping to cash-in on Mother Nature's unlimited supplies of power on a windswept Baltic Sea island, a company official said.

Bitcoin mining — How much energy is really consumed?

It takes a lot of electricity to mine bitcoins, and as more miners try to cash in on the crypto craze, the amount of energy required to win new coins increases, according to new research published last week.

Circle raises $110 M, plans to build USD-backed cryptocurrency

Originally billed as a social payment company, Circle has been active on all fronts of digital currency — increasingly so in cryptocurrency. Their latest funding round success shows just how much, and where they plan to take their next step.

Bitcoin price stuck in the $8,000 to $9,000 range

Bitcoin joined other cryptocurrencies in ending the first week of May with descending prices. As of Sunday the price of bitcoin was well above its recent low but is still trading well below the $9,000 level.

Automobile makers come together for blockchain research

A sign of the importance of blockchain technology for major businesses, world’s largest car manufacturers have announced forming the biggest-ever consortium to examine the potential of blockchain for the sector.

Blockchain is a 'pixie dust' fad

The British Parliament's Treasury Committee heard evidence on cryptocurrencies and blockchain on Tuesday. Martin Walker from the Center for Evidence-Based Management spoke before the committee.

Iran bans banks from using cryptocurrencies

Tehran - Iran banned the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by banks and financial institutions on Monday amid ongoing debate over how best to regulate the technology.

Bitcoin's true believers vow to ride out currency rollercoaster

New York - The crowds have thinned somewhat at Bitcoin Center, leaving just the true believers in the volatile cryptocurrency.

First blockchain smartphone set for release

The first mobile devices equipped with blockchain functionality is to be produced. This will be a new smartphone, with the aim if brining cryptocurrency use and blockchain to the mass market.

Bitcoin price recovers slightly after dropping below $7,000

Bitcoin hit a 50 day low yesterday at $6,630 US . Part of the sell off may be related to its being the tax season according to Barry Slibert founder of the Digital Currency Group. It has affected not just bitcoin's price but that of many cryptocurrencies

Regulation and apathy hit bitcoin market

London - Wild fluctuations within the bitcoin market have once again sparked debate between investors who believe it is merely undergoing a "correction" and those who see it as a costly fad.

Why social media is banning cryptocurrency ads: Interview Special

Following the footsteps of both Google and Facebook, Twitter will now also ban advertisements related to cryptocurrencies. Why is this and what do they fear? Joe McCann, Founder and CEO of NodeSource explains.

Ex-England star Michael Owen to launch own cryptocurrency

Fpo - Former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Michael Owen is launching a cryptocurrency in his own name, joining other famous sportsmen including Manny Pacquiao in a new venture to connect with fans.

A 12-month freeze placed on token trading in the U.S.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirmed last week that it is investigating companies and startups associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). There had long been rumors that this was happening.

Trump slaps sanctions on Venezuela's 'bitcoin'

Washington - US President Donald Trump on Monday barred US firms and citizens from dealing in Venezuela's new cryptocurrency.
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Modern cash
Modern cash
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TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol.
TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol.
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Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple have seen massive growth over the past year
Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple have seen massive growth over the past year
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FoodCoin Ecosystem: Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.