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Cryptocurrency YouTube tutorials trigger hacking risk

New research has uncovered the easiness of owning malware. As many people are losing their main source of income, there is a very real threat of a spike in the number of active hackers, especially in relate to the use of platforms like YouTube.

UEFA Exclusive Sales Agent and AlphaWallet introduce NFT Ticket Special

At next year’s UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament part of ticketing services for VIP ticket holders will utilize blockchain technology developed by AlphaWallet, a tokenisation technology company. Victor Zhang explains more.

Just how bad for the environment is Bitcoin mining?

As digital currencies become more popular and their use more widespread, it is the appropriate time to assess the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies and to see if any measures can be taken to lower the carbon impact.

Bitcoin staying well above $9,500 level after breaching $10,000

Just yesterday bitcoin(BTC) managed to break through the $10,000 level. It was briefly as high as $10,350 according to Bitstamp data, the highest level since back on Sept. 24. The average price high on CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index was $10,332.

Q&A: Why no one wants to play with Facebook’s Libra Special

It’s becoming clear that Facebook’s Libra has gone from being the cool kid on the playground to the one everyone tries to avoid - Mastercard, Visa, Stripe, eBay, Booking Holdings among others have abandoned their original deal with Libra.

Bitcoin appears to have bottomed and is now over $8,000

Last June bitcoin bulls became sidelined late in the month. Since that time cryptocurrency investors have been wondering when the downward trend will bottom out and start another bull run potentially to new highs.

Bitcoin bounces back over $8,000 after serious slump

After dropping several thousand dollars from September bitcoin may have bottomed out after dropping well below $8,000. It has now fought its way back above the $8,000 level.

Bitcoin reaches over $10,500 but can't breach $11,000

Bitcoin has recovered to over $10,500 but has not been able to overcome the $11,000 resistance level as yet. Bitcoin has been moving up most of the day. All the top altcoins are also to the upside some significantly.

Bitcoin's rise to above $10,700 could be short-lived

Bitcoin is recovering handily from its low of August 29 of $9,320. Today it has already reached a high of over $10,700 and its share of the cryptocurrency market has reached a 30-month high of 70 percent.

Bitcoin remains above $10,000 and reaches over $10,400

Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to remain above the $10,000 level all day and has reached a high of over $10,400 but the bounce has been on low volumes and so may not last.

Op-Ed: Facebook cryptocurrency Libra — Hopes and doubts abound, but...?

Sydney - Facebook has basically laid down the gauntlet to conventional finance with its cryptocurrency Libra. Big credit cards and PayPal have got onboard. The obvious fear in the financial sector is creating issues already.

Bitcoin dips below $10,000 and then recovers to more than $10,400

Although bitcoin (BTC) dropped below $10,000 earlier today, it has since moved back up over that level by several hundred dollars and appears to be in recovery mode.

Bitcoin price movement bullish as it closes in on $12,000

Bitcoin is continuing in a bullish mood as it breaks through $11,000 and rushes up toward the $12,000 level reaching as high as $10,940 so far today..

Bitcoin in downtrend dips below $9,500

For the near term the outlook for bitcoin (BTC) is bearish as it has traded below $9,500 today. However it should be remembered that five months ago it was trading at $4,000.

Bitcoin continues a steep decline as it plunges below $10,000

Bitcoin (BTC) has plunged well below the $10,000 level as the price continues to decline today as it has for several days with no end in sight as yet.

Bitcoin breaks through $12,000 level once again

After being below $10,000 at the beginning of July bitcoin (BTC) has now climbed back up to break through the $12,000 level as it recovers significantly so far today

Bitcoin (BTC) crashes down below $10,000 today

After hitting highs approaching $14,000 last week bitcoin (BTC) started off July on a huge downturn as it actually fell through the $10,000 level earlier today according to CoinDesk data.

Bitcoin recovering over $12,000 after big drop

Bitcoin(BTC) has been experiencing massive volatility with a huge rise and then a drop of over 20 percent. However today BTC is on the way up again climbing back up over $12,000 as it appears ready to rise again.

Bitcoin unstoppable as the bulls break through the $13,000 level

After opening below $12,000 bitcoin (BTC) today not only broke through that level but kept on going far past $13,000 and even past $13,800 as the price just keeps climbing.

Bitcoin well over $11,000 and closing in on $11,500

Bitcoin(BTC) is closing in on the $11,500 level and is managing to remain well over $11,000 today as BTC continues to move up for now.

Q&A: Privacy insight on Facebook’s Libra Special

Facebook is creating a new open-source digital currency called Libra. Through the new coin, Facebook could quickly establish a dominant position in global finance. This raises serious questions of data privacy for prospective users.

Bitcoin breaks through $11,000 in a huge rally

Bitcoin(BTC) soared above $10,000 yesterday and continued up today breaking through the $11,000 level briefly today. This is the first time it has even broken the $10, level in more than a year.

Bitcoin causes carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to Las Vegas

Munich - Research suggests that Bitcoin causes carbon dioxide emissions comparable to a major city, such as Las Vegas or Hamburg. This is based on an analysis of hardware and IP addresses in association with cryptocurrency trading.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin trending up still breaking $9,000 and then some

The recent price surge in bitcoin (BTC) along with the entire cryptocurrency market accelerated over the weekend. Bitcoin has risen over the $9,000 level for the first time since May 10 of 2018. This is almost triple bitcoin's price as the year began.

Bitcoin moves well above $8,100 but on low volumes

Bitcoin is moving higher but on declining volumes a sign that there may be a continuing bullish move. However, bitcoin has broken decisively through the $8,100 level so perhaps buyers will enter the market this weekend.

Facebook ready to launch its first cryptocurrency

Facebook is soon to roll out its new cryptocurrency, with June 18, 2019 being the expected date for details to emerge, although the official release may not be until 2020. Multiple investors are lined up to support the project.

Bitcoin jumps to over $9,000 but then falls to near $8,000

Bitcoin has had huge swings today reaching and breaking through $9,000 gaining about $500 dollars from its open and then falling to near the $8,000 level later today.

Bitcoin manages to break through the $8,700 level

After dropping below $8,000 earlier today and then moving up a bit then trading sideways, late this afternoon bitcoin (BTC) suddenly took a big jump reaching up and over the $8,700 level.

Bitcoin hits high near $8,300 today

Bitcoin is back up today with a high so far well over $7,000 and approaching $7,300. The top twenty coins are all now in the green after there were some losses yesterday according to Coin360 data.

Bitcoin still on a bull run as it breaks through $7,500 again

Bitcoin' price has risen to over $7,500 as its upward trend shows little sign of stalling yet. The top twenty altcoins are sharing in the bull run so far. As the stock market shows signs of stress cryptocurrencies are shooting up.
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