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Review: The Proclaimers live in Croydon Special

Croydon - The iconic Scottish duo, comprising of twins Charlie and Craig Reid, performed a solid set at Fairfield Halls, the last major act to play the 54-year-old venue before a two-year refurbishment plan begins in July.

English Volunteer Force protest at Lunar House, Croydon

Croydon - The patriotic protest group known as the English Volunteer Force or EVF held a protest outside Lunar House, which is the location of the Home Office’s UK Border Agency.

Emma West, alleged ‘racist’ Croydon tram lady, trial adjourned

Croydon - Emma West had been due to face Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday, 5 September, but her case was adjourned again, for the third time.

The House that won't fall down — Trevor Reeves on the riots Special

London - One of the iconic images from the madness that was the riots of last August was the House of Reeves going up in flames. Here, the owner gives his view.

House of Reeves riot arsonist gets 11 and half years in jail

London - A judge at the Old Bailey in London has sentenced a man to 11 and a half years for arson after he set fire to a furniture store during the riots last summer.

Op-Ed: Who will be Mayor of London?

London - On May 3, London will elect its third Mayor; the incumbent Boris Johnson and his predecessor Ken Livingstone are both in the race, but how do all the candidates stack up?

Tommy Robinson’s New Year Message January 2012

Luton - Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), the leader of the EDL (English Defence League), has released a video diary message to clear up a few issues and communicate the organisation’s plans for the new year.

'My Tram Experience' woman charged as similar video hits YouTube

Croydon - Following the shocking "My Tram Experience" video which has been circulating the Internet over the past few days, Emma West - a 34-year-old mother from New Addington, London - has been charged.

Video of British mother racially abusing passengers causes fury

Croydon - An outrageous video was posted to YouTube yesterday, which shows a young British mother racially abusing passengers on a tram.

Op-Ed: One riot story with a happy ending

London - Charlene Munro lost everything when the riots came to Croydon last August. A week later she had been rehoused, and now a good Samaritan has refitted her home for her.

Op-Ed: Deadlier than the male - women and crime in the UK

London - At one time if you read about a pregnant woman being stabbed in the face, you'd have caught your breath in horror and hoped he got a long sentence. Now he is just as likely to be a she.

Op-Ed: Black crime – when crying 'racism' is not enough

In the wake of the recent rioting, the loony left has been spouting statistics that appear to indict the police, but examining one horrific incident is enough to shred this specious rhetoric.

Op-Ed: How the London riots will benefit the economy

The riots that swept Britain recently are said to have cost around £200 million, but the government is looking on the black side; there are rich pickings to be made here that will benefit the economy no end.

Police use Flickr to identify London riot suspects

London - Metropolitan Police have turned to Flickr to help identify suspects involved in the riots that resulted in the arrest of 563 people who participated in the widespread looting, fires and destruction of businesses in the UK over the past three days.

Op-Ed: One sad tale from Croydon’s night of broken glass

The riots that started in Tottenham on the pretext of an as yet unsubstantiated claim of police malfeasance have now spread to other parts of the capital and further afield. One of their saddest victims “died” in Croydon today.

UK school bans hugging, handshakes and high-fives

Croydon - A secondary (high) school in Croydon, South London, has banned students from hugging, shaking hands and exchanging high-fives.

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An example of the furniture stocked by the House of Reeves in Croydon.
An example of the furniture stocked by the House of Reeves in Croydon.
House of Reeves
Reeves Corner  and the ruins of the Reeves family furniture business.
Reeves Corner, and the ruins of the Reeves family furniture business.
Peter Trimming

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