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Op-Ed: The Loonies are back at Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook - The conspiracy mongers are back big time. Did you know the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, or that it never happened? Neither did I.

Death of prominent rifle manufacturer sparks conspiracy theories

John Noveske, 36, is the second gun enthusiast to die in the last few days, sparking intrigue and conspiracy theories, among some who feel the government is out to take guns away from American citizens.

Review: 'Conspiracy Road Trip — 7/7 Bombings' Special

London - The 7/7 bombings were the most devastating and sinister terrorist attacks ever in these islands. Some people with more imagination than common sense believe they were even more sinister.

Op-Ed: The ghost of Timothy McVeigh

Oklahoma City - BrassCheckTV has put out a nearly 40 minute documentary challenging the perceived wisdom of the 1995 Oklahoma bombing. Is this more conspiracy nonsense? Maybe not this time.

Op-Ed: The Grand Conspiracy is alive and well

A new video that pokes fun of the establishment account of the September 11 atrocities is going around. It is produced by the type of individual(s) who believe(s) the government always lies to us. And no one else ever does.

Op-Ed: The Kennedy Assassination - 48 years ago today

Forty-eight years ago today an American President died, and an industry was born. Even though the lone assassin was apprehended almost at once, phony controversies continue to be pushed by the bigoted, the gullible, the venal, and the just plain evil.

Op-Ed: 9/11 Truth – another loony has his say

Englishman Michael Adams is one of the world’s strongest chess players; his American namesake is a grandmaster of self-deception.

Op-Ed: Seven big lies of the 9/11 Truth Movement

The 9/11 Truth Movement is one of the most remarkable such movements of our age; sadly, it has a hard core of people who refuse to accept prosaic facts and continue to postulate outrageous nonsense.

Op-Ed: The ugly face of the 9/11 Truth Movement

Toronto - David Ray Griffin is the elder statesman of the 9/11 Truth Movement; he comes across as a benevolent, well spoken academic, but a close examination of his rhetoric reveals otherwise.

Op-Ed: ‘The Conspiracy Files’ – 9/11 nonsense debunked

New York - Five years ago, the BBC screened an excellent programme that debunks some of the more palpable nonsense espoused by the 9/11 Truth Movement. It has just been rebroadcast on iplayer for the 10th anniversary of the day the world changed.

Op-Ed: The Bin Laden Hoax

An article looking at the way conspiracy theorists view the US raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and his death at the hands of Navy Seals.

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