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Op-Ed: Uniting the Canadian right seemed like a good idea at the time

The political right in Canada celebrated when Peter MacKay sold out his Progressive Conservative Party and folded it into the upstart Canadian Alliance Party to end the vote splitting that kept handing electoral victory to the left-leaning Liberals.

A look at the transit plans of each Canadian political candidate

Toronto - As Canadians head to the polls today to vote in the 42nd general election, it is as good a time as any to recap where each leader stands on Toronto’s most contentious issue, transit.

Op-Ed: Stephen Harper — Another 'big government' Canadian conservative

Toronto - What's the difference between Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau? Nothing really. They all support the same big government system that Canadians seem to deride in off-election cycles but clamor to support during the campaign trail.

Another Canadian senator questioned over expenses

Ottawa - Conservative Senator Don Meredith is being questioned about his expenses after he attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington after he was refused permission to attend.

Justin Trudeau reforms Senate by removing Liberals from caucus

Ottawa - In a surprise move on Wednesday morning, the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has added more independent senators to the upper chamber when he removed 35 senators from the Liberal caucus.

Op-Ed: Canada — Should Senator Mike Duffy resign in view of false claims

Ottawa - Senator Mike Duffy, a native of Prince Edward Island, was one of three Senators whose living allowance expense claims were reviewed during an external audit. Liberal Senator Mac Harb and Independent Senator Brazeau were also audited.

Op-Ed: The changing face of Canadian politics

Ottawa - Justin Trudeau won the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) with 80 percent of the vote, while Tom Mulcair was confirmed by New Democrats (NDP) by 92 percent of delegates at the party's national convention. A shift is due in Canadian politics.

Op-Ed: Majority of Canadians believe Stephen Harper has a hidden agenda

Toronto - It should not be a surprise to the Harper government that most Canadians don't trust Prime Minister Stephen Harper's transparency. An Ipsos poll halfway through Harper's mandate found that most Canadians think he has a hidden agenda.

Past Conservative Party Adviser — Viewing child porn hurts no one

Lethbridge - Tom Flanagan, a former adviser to Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and strategist for the Wildrose Party in Alberta said that he had grave doubts about jailing people who view child pornography, stating that viewing it hurts no one.

Op-Ed: Can Justin Trudeau break the conservative grip on Alberta?

Edmonton - Alberta is Conservative Party country, with Prime MInister Harper's conservatives holding 24 of 25 seats. Liberal leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau is trying to break that pattern with recent campaign stops in Alberta communities.

Tories sued for back rent on former campaign headquarters

The Conservative Party skipped out on paying the rent due on its campaign headquarters in Ottawa's east end last month, according to a lawsuit filed by a property management company.

Op-Ed: It doesn't look or act like Canada

A few days ago, the Prime Minister of my country, Mr. Stephen Harper, was tweeting about his telephone conversation with his counterpart, Mr. Netanyahu of Israel, on Canada's latest vote at UN.

Canadian MPs want to reopen the debate on abortion

Ottawa - A Conservative Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa, has announced he is supporting his colleague Stephen Woodworth in his bid to create a parliamentary committee to study the rights of the unborn.

Suspect named in case of human foot, hand sent via Canada Post

Montreal - Ottawa Police have confirmed that the foot that was delivered to the Conservative Party headquarters yesterday came from Montreal where a severed torso was discovered. Also, a severed hand was intercepted by Canada Post, and a suspect has been named.

Foot mailed to Conservative Party of Canada Headquarters

Ottawa - It has been confirmed that a human foot was in a package mailed to the Conservative Party of Canada via Canada Post. The package was dropped off around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Report: 1 in 4 defeated Canadian Tory candidates got public jobs

Ottawa - Following last year's spring federal election in Canada, approximately one quarter of the defeated Conservative candidates landed jobs in the public sector, according to a report. The Conservatives criticized the report for its methodology.

Op-Ed: Harper pursues Culture War through Orwell playbook — Bill C-26

Ottawa - Bill C-26, the Citizen’s Arrest and Self-Defence Act, is in the House for third reading in the House of Commons. Bill architects seek to transform the existing Criminal Code sections dealing with the rights of self-defence and citizen’s arrest.

Inside the 2012 Canadian federal budget: Penny gone, job cuts

Ottawa - The end of further production of the penny? Check. Retirement age pushed up to 67? Check. Federal public sector job cuts? Check. These were only some of the tidbits included in the 2012 Canadian Conservative federal budget.

Canadian Tories launch attack ads against Liberal leader Bob Rae

Toronto - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have launched new attack ads against Liberal Party interim leader Bob Rae and his economic record as the New Democratic Party Premier of Ontario.

Canadian Conservative MP changes affiliation to Civil Libertarian

Edmonton - Alberta Conservative Member of Parliament Peter Goldring has officially changed his caucus affiliation from the Conservative Party to Civil Libertarian. This transpired after he was charged by police for failing to provide a breath sample.

Canada: Recent polls shows Liberals gaining ground

Ottawa - A recent Nanos poll shows that the popularity of the Canadian Liberal Party under interim leader Bob Rae has pushed them into second place behind the Conservatives, and ahead of the NDP.

Tension mounting between CBC and Quebecor

Ottawa - Tension is mounting between Canada's public broadcaster and Quebecor Inc., a Quebec-based conservative media empire over access to information requests made to the CBC.

Update: Canadian Wheat Board to sue Government of Canada

Ottawa - Allen Oberg, head of the farmer-operated Canadian Wheat Board, has announced that his organization will be suing the government of Canada over its decision to dismantle to board by August 1, 2012.

Op-Ed: Canada — Next NDP leader has big shoes to fill

When Jack Layton assumed leadership of the New Democratic Party in January 2003, the party was in shambles. With only 13 seats to its credit, little was expected of the NDP, and it's somewhat doubtful anyone could have foreseen its success.

Canada's Liberals up in the polls, NDP, Tories take a minor dip

Toronto - It has been nearly four months since Canadian voters headed to the polls. After a historic election, where do the federal parties and their leaders stand with the electorate? New polling numbers suggest a minor change in support.

Canada: Harper, McGuinty butt heads over political differences

Toronto - A war of words has erupted between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, with the former calling for the Premier's defeat in the forthcoming provincial election.

Canada — Conservatives reject new leadership selection proposal

Ottawa - One month after winning their first majority government, the Conservative Party of Canada has rejected a divisive proposal to change the party's leadership selection rules.

Op-Ed: Canada — Axing per vote subsidy saves a little, costs a lot

Ottawa - The Conservative government's budget has been released and it should come as little surprise that the document includes measures to gradually phase out the per vote subsidy.

Dimitri Soudas resigns post as Harper's communications director

Ottawa - One month after the Conservative Party was returned to Parliament Hill with a majority mandate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's communications director is throwing in the towel.

Will Canada's Liberals, New Democrats merge into one party?

Toronto - After Michael Ignatieff's Liberal Party of Canada took a severe beating in last week's federal election, there have been talks of a "progressive" merger between the Liberals and the New Democratic Party. But NDP Leader Jack Layton is not interested.

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Peter MacKay  Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
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130 Albert Street in Ottawa  the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada
130 Albert Street in Ottawa, the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada
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Joe Oliver  Finance Minister of Canada  in a media scrum at Toronto s unity rally for French terror ...
Joe Oliver, Finance Minister of Canada, in a media scrum at Toronto's unity rally for French terror victims.
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Conservative Party of Canada YouTube screen grab
Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative Party Website
Rona Ambrose  interim leader of the Conservative Party  in 2014
Rona Ambrose, interim leader of the Conservative Party, in 2014
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