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conductivity News

New spray paint lets any object act as a touchpad

Scientists have demonstrated a new kind of conductive spray that can turn practically any surface into a usable touchpad. The invention could change the shape of future devices, allowing companies to add interactivity to a variety of flat structures.

Exploring the properties of graphene with bacteria

Nanoscale ripples can be introduced onto the surface of graphene through the use of microscopic organisms. Scientists have used rod-shaped bacteria to alter the conduction of electricity on sheets of graphene.

Tracking the path of water via lasers

When it rains, where does the rain water go? Most of it is absorbed into soil. Then what? Researchers have used sophisticated laser technology to track the path of water and the results are more important than you might expect.

Investing in the future of graphene, as lab scoops $4.5 million

Manchester - Graphene is heralded as the wonder material that will lead to a range of improved electronic devices. It was discovered 10 years ago at the University of Manchester, and the pioneering institution has just been awarded a large grant.

Graphene light bulb headed for shops, cuts energy use by 10%

The first commercially viable consumer product to be built from graphene is to go on sale before the end of the year. The dimmable light bulb will use 10% less energy than other bulbs but will last longer because of graphene's increased conductivity.

New way of assessing the purity of graphene

The environment surrounding graphene can influence its electronic performance. To check the material purity researchers have come up with a simple way to spot contaminants.

Advancements with graphene for conductivity

Researchers have discovered that the conductivity at the edges of graphene devices is different to the central material.

Advances with graphene to conduct electricity

Manchester - Combining black and white graphene can change the electronic properties of the one-atom thick material. This could lead to advances in electronics.

Student boosts electrical conductivity by 40,000 percent

A simple lab error has uncovered a new way to boost electrical conductivity of a crystal by 40,000 percent. The discovery came after some crystals were unintentionally exposed to light.

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conductivity Image

Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang

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