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The role of supervised learning in artificial intelligence

The vision of artificial intelligence as an omniscient super-intelligence is nothing like the technology we see and use today. It's nothing remotely close to the robotic society depicted in Sci-Fi movies. That kind of AI is greatly exaggerated.

Autonomous vehicle vision program receives big investment

FLIR Systems, who specialize in thermal imaging, have made a strategic investment in CVEDIA, a Singapore-based machine learning and AI startup to bolster its autonomous vehicle vision program. This signals further growth in the autonomous car market.

Cashierless retail is becoming more mainstream

Inokyo bills itself as a "cashierless store where you can grab and go," meaning that customers walk in, pick up what they want, and leave — without standing in line waiting to check out.

No cashiers or money needed at Amazon Go, a high-tech way to shop

Seattle - Amazon Go, a grocery store that doesn't use cashiers or check-out lines, is opening to the public today at Amazon's Seattle, Washington campus after a year of beta testing of the new technology.

Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook launch new deep learning toolkit

Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have announced the release of a neural network platform that allows deep learning frameworks to interoperate. It's designed to make machine learning more accessible by letting developers mix and match different models.

Google AI created a 'child' more powerful than any human-made AI

Google Brain researchers have announced an AI system created its own "child" AI more powerful than any neural network crafted by a human. The main AI is capable of developing its own specialised children to help it complete new tasks more rapidly.

Google 'Teachable Machine' helps you learn about machine learning

Google has launched a new website meant to offer an introduction to the concept of machine learning. The interactive page guides you through the basic theory of the technique before demonstrating how it works and why the training process is required.

AI-powered face recognition: Should we be worried?

Security experts have warned AI face recognition technology could create mass-scale privacy invasions as robots silently monitor you while you walk the streets. There are concerns "disguised facial identification" tech might erode personal anonymity.

Photo filtering app Prisma pivots towards B2B AI technologies

The firm behind photo filtering app Prisma has announced it's shifting its focus away from consumer apps. While Prisma won't be going away, the company plans to develop a new B2B portfolio where it will license its existing machine learning tech.

Blippar builds computer vision solution to improve AR in cities

Augmented reality startup Blippar has announced a prototype app that makes augmented reality in cities faster and more precise. The company intends to make future augmented reality apps, like the next Pokémon Go, more responsive and visually accurate.

Hackers could trick AI voice recognition into mishearing voices

Artificial intelligence is showing great promise in voice recognition but a new study completed by researchers shows it can't necessarily be trusted. A team successfully tricked AI into mishearing a recording, without altering how it's heard by humans.

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