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Op-Ed: Common Core Rorschach test — We all hate it in different ways

The American Federation of Teachers, a previous ally of Common Core education, has withdrawn much of its support, meaning the controversial legislation now faces political attacks from both sides of the aisle.

Congressmen barely squeak by primaries, more to come

In last Tuesday's round of primaries, two long-term incumbents and one relative newcomer barely held onto their seats despite far greater campaign spending than their opponents.

Primaries in NY, OK, and UT Tuesday watched for 'Brat effect'

An unknown candidate's victory over a powerful and vastly better-financed incumbent has election-watchers keenly interested in party primaries this Tuesday. In New York, Oklahoma, and Utah incumbents from both parties face challenges.

Louisiana Governor does an about-face on Common Core standards

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, in a complete about-face, announced on Wednesday his plans to remove Louisiana schools from the nation's Common Core English and math standards. The move would make Louisiana the fourth state to withdraw this year.

8th grader suspended for refusing to take Common Core test

Huntsville - In a bold act of civil disobedience, 14-year-old Alyssa McKinney was suspended from Whitesburg Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama after refusing three times to participate in standardized Common Core testing.

Indiana drops the Common Core standards for students

In January, the Indiana Senate education committee approved a repeal of Common Core standards, the national benchmark for preparing students for colleges or careers.

Ohio: Common Core repeal bill gets second hearing Special

Members of the Ohio House of Representatives’ Committee on Education pored over hours’ worth of written and oral testimony, mostly from opponents to the national standards known as Common Core.

Op-Ed: How the Obama administration will cripple education

Even though Congress is trying to put an end to the government shutdown, Americans continue to have concerns with government policies. A particularly pressing concern is the current state of Education and the negative impact of the Common Core Standards.

Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights Special

A student in Bryant School District in Arkansas brought home a worksheet that presented her with a scenario that referred to the Bill of Rights as “outdated” and that as part of a special committee she would need to throw out two of the Amendments.

Op-Ed: Common Core — Eliminating unnecessary classes, such as history

It was announced yesterday that charges would be dropped against the man whose protest against the Common Core system sparked national outrage, but that has done nothing to quell the opposition to the new standard of education in America.

States move forward with 'Common Core' implementation

The "Common Core" system of educational standards is nearing nationwide state acceptance, with only five states not yet approving the measure.

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