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IBM evolves Watson to create intelligent enterprise assistant

IBM has announced it will transform its Watson computing platform into an intelligent assistant for enterprises. The company said it will deliver conversational interfaces that combine AI and the cloud, helping businesses "transform customer experiences."

Op-Ed: Can AI deal with climate change AND human stupidity?

Sydney - It’s official; predicting the weather is now very difficult, thanks to climate change. The weird jet streams, heat, floods and droughts are hitting hard, and knowing what happens next is crucial.

Op-Ed: New air combat AI ALPHA better than human pilots — But?

Cincinnati - A new fighter simulation software called ALPHA is beating human pilots and other AIs in an environment where humans were dominant. This is being hailed as a breakthrough, which it is, but there are other factors involved.

Op-Ed: Analogies teach computers to think like humans — Sort of

Evanston - Humans use relational statements and memories to make decisions and understand information. They use analogies, similar cases, to speed up and improve their understanding. Computers are now being taught how to use analogies.

Op-Ed: Can Artificial Intelligence be dangerous? Yes. Guess how and why

Seoul - The recent defeat of the world Go champion by a machine has rattled the cages of the sages. Whether AI can be dangerous is a good question. The answer is “Yes, and what exactly do you think you can do about it?”

Op-Ed: Cognitive computing art — Where does the art go?

Sydney - If art is expression, what is artificial intelligence capable of expressing? Not much, from current examples of too-cute art created by computers. It’s slick, it’s “nicely presented”… and it’s pretty damn predictable.

Op-Ed: IBM Cognitive Cooking — Watson turns chef?

Sydney - IBM’s cognitive computing is a new area of computing. The software learns. Watson has been variously described as the most undersold idea of all time, a major innovation… etc., etc. “Undersold” is my take on it.

Computers will see, hear, taste, smell and touch by 2018: IBM

Armonk - IBM released its annual "5 in 5" report Monday in which it highlights the next era of computing: cognitive computers. The new generation of computers will have all five senses and will soon be able to adapt, sense and experience reality.

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