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Trump touts five-word memory test as showing he is 'cognitively there'

Washington - Donald Trump has divulged details of a cognitive test he "aced" -- including a five-word memory challenge he said proved he had the "mental stamina" to lead the US."Person. Woman. Man Camera.

Stimulating activities are necessary to avoid cognitive decline

A new study finds that to help avoid cognitive decline in old age, people need to engage in two or more mentally stimulating activities. The researchers tested out different activities to assess what works best for those entering a more advanced age.

Can short bouts of exercise boost brain function?

Can short periods of exercise help to boost brain function? Possibly, according to new research. This relates to the discovery of a gene that is activated by brief periods of exercise.

Consuming mushrooms may help address cognitive decline: Study

Food and medical scientists based in Singapore have found that elderly people who consume more than two standard portions of mushrooms each week appear to have a 50 percent reduced chance of developing mild cognitive impairment.

Overnight brain stimulation may improve memory

New research suggests that a non-invasive technique of brain stimulation may enhances memory storage. Applied at night this appears to work without disturbing sleep.

Is an Alzheimer’s disease treatment imminent? Special

A novel compound called IRL-1620 may be useful in treating Alzheimer’s disease as it has been shown to prevent cognitive impairment in animal models.

Money worries affect the brain

A psychological study has shown that financial concerns are tied to poorer performance across a range of cognitive tasks.

Can cold sores increase the risk of memory problems?

The virus that causes cold sores may be associated with cognitive problems, according to a new study supported by the American Academy of Neurology.

Cold sores linked to cognitive decline

The virus that causes a cold sore may actually put people at risk for something more harmful, lower cognitive abilities.

'Connectomics' provide a map of the wonder that is the brain

The human brain is a highly complex piece of biological human architecture. With a field of study known as "connectomics," scientists hope to decipher the synapses and ultimately the overall makeup of the mind and possibly the source of mental diseases.

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