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Q&A: Tackling underrepresentation in clinical trials Special

Today’s clinical trial and research space faces a number of challenges, including limitations in data quality and trials that effectively address underserved populations, impacting the efficacy of drug benefits and treatments of complex diseases.

Computer kidney provides safer tests for new medications

Waterloo - New research, from Canada, based on a computational model of the human kidney has been designed to permit the safe testing of medicines. The aim is to help fast-track the development of novel drug products.

Europe opens up clinical trials for public scrutiny

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has become the first regulator in the world to publish all clinical trial data online. The decision is about increasing transparency in relation to medical research.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals starts clinical trial of norovirus vaccine

A vaccine for the world's most common cause of acute gastroenteritis and the United State's most common cause of foodborne illness is now in human clinical trials.

Clinical trial tragedy in France: An update

Rennes - The unexpected reactions, and fatality, associated with a clinical trial that went wrong in France shocked many people. Now a little time has passed, an investigation by French authorities has revealed a pattern.

Most clinical trials today are funded by Big Pharma

Concerns have been expressed over the past few years about the independence of clinical trials, due to the funding of some trials by corporations with vested interests. New data suggests this is now the norm rather than the exception.

Many pharma companies failing the clinical trials test

London - The Good Pharma Scorecard is a system that ranks drugs based on their transparency and ethical practices. A review of some big pharma companies reveals several inconsistencies.

U.S. plans to speed up new drugs to market

Washington - A new bill, passed this month by the U.S. House of Representatives, could see new medications reach consumers and hospitals faster. The new measures are contained within the 21st Century Cures Act.

Call to 'free up' information from drug trials

Geneva - The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for greater transparency with the reporting of clinical trials. This has been welcomed by advocates of open science.

Decline in Ebola cases presents clinical challenges Special

It may seem counter-intuitive but the decline in the rate of Ebola infections has left fewer patients available for clinical trials. The trials are needed to test drugs to deal with a future outbreak.

Major Ebola drug trial cancelled

As the number of Ebola cases declines, pharma company Chimerix is unable to find sufficient patients for its trial in Liberia of the antiviral drug brincidofovir.

Isis plans clinical trials for Huntington's Disease treatment

Carlsbad - Of all the neurodenerative diseases known to mankind, Huntington's Disease is certainly the most relentless. No cure or treatment is available, however, if Isis Pharmaceuticals has its way, that may be history.

IBM’s Watson to compute clinical trials

IBM’s cognitive computer has a new task for its massive "brain". The computer will be individualizing trial plans for cancer patients at the Mayo Clinic.

A third of new drug approvals are based on only one trial

According to a new report, more than a third of US drug approvals are based on a single large clinical trial, while others require more in-depth study. Some scientists question whether one trial is sufficient to know that a medicine is safe for patients.

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