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Polish farmers threaten uprising over opencast coal mine

Farmers in Western Poland are threatening civil unrest if the Polish energy company PAK goes through with plans to open a vast opencast coal mine and power plant in the region. Thousands of people are now at risk of being relocated.

Riots after George Zimmerman verdict? Some didn't get the memo

Sanford - As police in Florida take steps to counter "civil unrest" in African-American neighborhoods if George Zimmerman is acquitted in the killing of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, many black Americans have a question: "Who is talking about rioting?"

Op-Ed: 'Martial Law' is coming to a city near you

The plans are already in place for military occupation of U.S. soil and the use of troops to carry out domestic law enforcement and security practices.

Taksim Square protester says Turkey's future is uncertain Special

Brian Felsen took part in recent protests in Istanbul, Turkey. The president of CD Baby, regularly visits the country and even lived there for two years. He says via email it's a delicate moment for the country's future.

What is our government preparing for?

Several recent events have many Americans wondering what the government could be preparing for; and with the current status of global politics and economics, the possibilities are quite scary.

Ron Paul says government is preparing for civil unrest

The "Champion of Liberty" himself has admitted that the government is fully aware of the potential for civil unrest in the United States and is even preparing for it.

Op-Ed: World’s meat-eaters may be forced to turn vegetarian

Meat-eaters may have to become vegetarians if water shortages and population growth continue. Consumption of protein from animal-based products must drop from the current 20% of the average diet to 5% in order to feed a projected 9 billion people.

Yemen President Abdullah Saleh returns amid heightened protests

Yemen President Abdullah Saleh has returned to Yemen from a three-month medical treatment in neighboring Saudi Arabia following a rocket attack at the presidential palace where he was seriously injured.

Op-Ed: Press TV duped by race agitators again

The Iranian television channel Press TV has been duped again, this time by race agitators posing as political analysts and civil libertarians.

Op-Ed: Luddites, loonies, and the SWP

According to the Socialist Workers Party, a defence campaign is being launched in Tottenham for those arrested in the riots. What next, a Christmas support group for turkeys?

Libyan rebels capture port city of Brega, oil terminal seized

Libyan rebels have captured the eastern port city of Brega particularly its industrial area Saturday after gaining control of the residential areas last week.

Obama calls on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down

US President Barack Obama has called on Syrian President to resign amid mounting crackdown and widespread attack on civilian population.

Report: Muammar Gadhaffi to step down in exchange for security

Libya's strongman Muammar Gadhaffi is reportedly considering proposals from friendly allies to step down from power in exchange for security guarantees.

Rebels offer Gadhaffi option to remain in Libya if he quits

Libyan rebel chief Mustafa Abdel Jalil has offered Libya's strongman Muammar Gadhaffi an option to remain in Libya provided he steps down from power and orders his troops to withdraw from their barracks and positions.

Yemen opposition leaders oppose return of President Saleh

Oppositions leaders in Yemen vowed to block the return of Yemeni President Abdullah Saleh from Saudi Arabia where he is undergoing surgery from shrapnel and burns injury.

Yemen Vice-President takes power as country's new president

Vice-President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, took over the responsibilities of running the government as the new president of war-torn Yemen after long-time President Ali Abdullah Saleh left the country for medical treatment in Saudi Arabia over the weekend

Philippines joins other nations call for citizens to leave Yemen

The Philippine government has joined the United States and other countries in urging their citizens to leave war-torn Yemen following the breakdown of a ceasefire agreement recently entered into by an influential tribal group and the government.

70 protesters killed in Syria's bloodiest day of unrest

At least 70 people were reportedly killed by government security forces in what appears to be the bloodiest day in the on-going anti-government protest in Syria.

Egyptian and Iranian relations improving in wake of Cairo unrest

Following the popular unrest that swept across Egypt and culminated in the resignation of Egypt's long-time autocrat Hosni Mubarak, relations between Iran and Egypt now appear to be warming.

Egypt detains former President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons

Egypt's prosecutor-general has ordered the detention of former President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons in connection with the on-going investigations on his alleged ill-gotten wealth and corruption during his 30 years reign as president of Egypt.

Mounting death toll in Yemen uprising worries world leaders

Over 100 people have been killed in Yemen's civil uprising since January and world leaders are getting worried about the escalating violent confrontation between the protesters and government security forces.

Ammunition factory explosion kills 70 people in Yemen

A strong explosion at an ammunition factory has killed at least 70 people in southern Yemen after a reported group of 30 armed men looted the explosives factory Sunday.

Five Yemeni Ambassadors want Yemen President to resign

At least five Yemeni ambassadors posted in different parts of Europe have asked their president to step down from power following violent dispersal of protesters that killed at least 45 people over the weekend.

Five killed in Syria as government confronts angry protesters

At least five people were reportedly killed in the latest violent confrontation between Syrian security forces and anti-government protesters Friday in the southern town of Daraa, near the Jordanian border.

Dozens killed as Yemen declared national state of emergency

At least 45 people were reportedly killed while 270 others were injured in the latest violent confrontation between anti-government protesters and Yemen's pro government security forces.

Saudi Arabia soldier shot dead by armed protester in Bahrain

A Saudi Arabian soldier who is part of the 1,000 troops sent over to Bahrain by Saudi Arabia to secure vital installations in the tiny gulf country, was shot dead reportedly by an anti-government protester Tuesday in Manama, a Saudi Arabian official said

Yemen security forces attack anti-government protesters

Anti-government protesters and forces loyal to Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Salleh clashed Friday in Tahrir Square as police fired live bullets, tear gas and water canons killing at least one protester and injured hundreds others.

Oman protests continue despite government concessions

Anti-government protesters in the Sultanate of Oman said they will continue their protests despite concessions granted by the government on most of their demands.

Saudi Arabia warns about interference in domestic affairs

Prince Saud al-Faisal, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia and nephew of the Kingdom's ruler King Abdullah, said Wednesday his country rejects any foreign interference in its domestic affairs.

Yemen: Dozens hurt after security forces open fire on protesters

At least 65 people were injured as Yemen security forces opened fire on protesters to prevent them from joining another group of protesters who were camped out for weeks near Sanaa University.
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