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Forgetfulness is connected to different times of the day

Are we equally forgetful at any point during the day? New research suggests there is a time-connection to how well we might recall some information and when we are most likely to forget a vital fact.

No risk to sleep from bright smartphones at night

A new study explains why one night of smartphone gazing might make a person feel tired the following day, but that this activity does not carry any long-term effects.

Essential Science: Why the time of day for exercising matters

If you exercise regularly, do you prefer to get up early and go for a jog or head to gym after a long day at work? The time of the day which you choose to exercise can be important, according to new research.

New blood test reveals body’s internal clock

A new blood test has been designed that can indicate the body’s internal clock in order to guide treatments and to improve health. The test is of potential use to the medical field as many diseases are linked to circadian misalignment.

Studying tweets reveals human life patterns

London - Drawing on social media for psychological analysis, researchers have shown how our mode of thinking alters at different times of the day, reflecting a 24-hour pattern consistent with the human body clock.

Essential Science: Biological clocks and brain cancer treatment

Information is emerging about how our internal body clocks influence health and disease. A new study shows how circadian rhythms can help with cancer treatments, and that the time of treatment plays a critical role.

Circadian clocks influence body’s response to diet

Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine have found that alterations to the circadian clock affect how the body responds to diet. In turn this influences microbes residing in the digestive tract.

Baseball players are affected by jet lag: Study

Playing major league baseball across the U.S. involves a great deal of travel. What is the effect of this upon the body clocks of the players? A new study shows the impact of time differences is significant and this can affect results.

Why eating at odd times affects memory recall

Shift work and other aspects of a busy lifestyle lead to people eating at times when the body is not geared to be expecting food. New research shows "midnight eating" can dull the memory.

Shift work associated with more driving accidents

Birmingham - There are several ill-health effects associated with shift work. The latest in the growing body of medical science about the dangers of prolonged night work concerns driving safety.

Temperature throws the body clock back and forth by one hour

New York - The internal body clock is finely tuned and disruptions are associated with a range of diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease (which is a concern for shift workers). Changes to temperature can also disrupt the fine balance.

This UK school starts in the afternoon for its tired teenagers

Hampton - A school in the U.K. has started classes for teenagers at 1.30 p.m. because this fits better with the body clock of young people. The start-times have been running for a year, with success.

Evening coffee readjusts your body clock

London - Drinking an amount of coffee equivalent to a double espresso three hours before going to sleep affects the body clock, sending it back by an hour. This has sleep implications.

Effect of stress on circadian rhythms

Stress causes a range of physiological problems and these can become worse over the long term. New research suggests stress can disrupt the internal body clock as well, with accompanying health consequences.

Should cancer therapies be administered at set daily times?

Like tissues throughout the body, tumors may also keep time. A new study suggests responses to cancer therapies may be stronger at particular times during the day.

Body's natural rhythms control blood sugar levels

The human body’s circadian rhythm has a greater effect on glucose tolerance than eating or sleeping patterns, a study has shown.

Bedtime reading on an eReader may keep you awake

University Park - Reading on an eReader at bedtime, rather than flicking the pages of one of those old-fangled, cuboid contraptions called books, may encourage alertness, a new study has found.

Cave dwelling fish cannot keep time

Tetra fish adapted to the extreme darkness of caves lose their circadian metabolic rhythms to conserve energy, according to a study. This means that the fish no longer have any sense of time.

How genes tune the internal body clock

The human body clocks are regulated by a type of molecule known as long non-coding RNA, according to new research. Understanding this promises new insights into human health.

High fat diet affects the body clock

Irvine - As well as other ill health effects, a new study shows that diets high in fat also alter circadian rhythms. This means that high fat diets can alter the body clock, leading to various sleep disruptions and body changes.

Human body clock affects inflammation

Disrupting the light-dark cycle of mice increased their susceptibility to inflammatory disease. New research indicates that the production of a key immune cell is controlled by the body's circadian clock.

Do electric lights affect our body clocks?

A new study into the effect of light suggests that the body's internal clock (or circadian rhythms) become skewed when they are exposed to electric lights. However, the mechanism reverts back to schedule when people pursue outdoor activities.

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