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'Microsoft tech support' scammer recorded threatening to kill man

Nelson - In a scam that has defrauded Canadians to the tune of $347 million dollars, scammers are resorting to unnerving tactics, including threatening a man in British Columbia with death. That's what happened to Jakob Dulisse, who decided to be proactive.

Man reunites with dog stolen 18 months ago in search for new pet

Claresholm - When Dozer was stolen out of his own backyard 18 months ago, Richard Brower was devastated. He didn't know how to deal with the loss of his German shepherd buddy. He enlisted his motorcycle buddies and people from the dog park to search for his friend.

One-eyed fish gets artificial eye so other fish won't bully him

Vancouver - A rockfish at the Vancouver Aquarium won't have to deal with bullies anymore thanks to veterinary staff who gave him an artificial eye. Before the surgery, he was being picked on by his cohorts. They were also stealing his food.

Anonymous threatens to 'out' misogynistic male Dalhousie students

Halifax - Anonymous is taking action against Dalhousie University and demanding that the school take steps to expel members of a misogynistic Facebook group called the 2015 DDS Gentlemen's Club.

Mother ashamed after brother abandons toddler in recycling bin

Winnipeg - The mother of a little girl abandoned in a recycling bin on New Year's Day said she feels ashamed about what happened to her daughter, but added that she's grateful to the man who rescued her.

Dalhousie suspends 13 male students for disturbing Facebook page

Halifax - Several male dentistry students have been partially suspended almost a month after women protested about the violent, misogynistic comments on the Facebook page "Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen." A statement regarding the suspensions was released Monday

Windsor cop suspended for undeclared beer pleads to keep her job

Windsor - In the summer of 2010, when Dorothy Nesbeth returned from a trip to Detroit with 102 cans of beer, two five-litre boxes of wine and two bottles of rum — all undeclared, she was caught and suspended from her job as constable in the Windsor Police Service

Scientists peek at penguins with remote-controlled 'Robochick'

Emperor penguins are known for being shy, and this can be a challenge for biologists who are studying them. When these penguins are approached by researchers, their heart rates rise and they back away.

New species of mushroom found in a London grocery store

Kew - When scientists search for new species, the first places that usually come to mind are tropical rain forests, deserts, the world's oceans and numerous other places. A grocery store, however, isn't a place that comes to mind when looking for new species.

Former Toronto police officer faces decades-old sex charges

Toronto - A former Toronto police officer is facing charges for sex offences allegedly committed several decades ago in the 1970s, according to CBC News.

Vancouver cop under investigation for kicking handcuffed man

Vancouver - The Vancouver Police Department began an investigation into the officer's conduct after his actions were captured on video by a CBC producer and aired on the network.

Civil servants' rising absenteeism costing Canadians $1 billion

Toronto - An internal report from the Treasury Board suggests that the number of sick days among federal public sector servants is increasing. It highlighted that civil servants stayed home 18 days each year and this costs the taxpayers more than $1 billion.

Op-Ed: Race Card — CBC's Evan Solomon insults minorities, Freeman case

Ottawa - CBC-TV's Evan Solomon explores the question: "Conrad Black can come back, what about Gary Freeman?" In the process, Mr. Solomon links the Gary Freeman case to the use of the so-called "race card".

Canada's bank bailout concealed by government

A think-tank claimed that Canada's banks secretly received billions from the government to bail them out during the recession. Toronto Sun says this is pure leftist propaganda for the May 1st crowd and occupy protesters.

Video: Girl falls on live TV while texting

The video of a girl who fell during a live broadcast was recently uploaded on YouTube and has gone viral. The incident was captured in the background of a live news broadcast on CBC.

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