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catalyst News

New step taken towards smart carbon capture

Tokyo - Researchers from Japan have achieved the process of direct electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide. This success raises hopes of developing a process for smart carbon capture.

U of T scientists discover catalyst to turn CO2 into plastics

Toronto - The Global CO2 concentration recorded on Monday at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii read 407.72 ppm. As the levels of CO2 continue to creep higher, scientists at the University of Toronto have discovered a catalyst to turn CO2 into something useful.

Recycled foil becomes catalyst for biofuel

An intrepid researcher has successfully taken some used, dirty tin foil and used the material as the basis for a biofuel catalyst. The solution is environmentally-friendly, effective, and cheaper than current technology.

New catalyst could lead to carbon neutral solar-derived fuel

Australian researchers have made progress towards developing carbon neutral fuel. This is due to a new catalyst which can converts carbon dioxide from the air into a synthetic natural gas, using solar energy.

Astonishing — Music beats Parkinson’s, dementia? Yes!

Sydney - The grim truths of Parkinson’s and dementia are all too well known. The level of mental dysfunction is appalling. Imagine finding out that music can reconnect mental functions and restore memories, almost literally bringing people back to normal.

Artifical platinum is the basis for cars of the future

Platinum is a rare and expensive metal, and one classed above gold. The metal has a more important use than jewelry; it is proving to be the most efficient catalyst for the power industry.

Lighting up the lab improves medicines Special

In a new study, researchers have detailed a way to use sunlight and two catalysts to create molecules that are difficult to make with conventional techniques. The finding may have implications for drug making.

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catalyst Image

The surface of a nanostructured copper catalyst that converts CO2 into ethylene. (The Canadian Light...
The surface of a nanostructured copper catalyst that converts CO2 into ethylene. (The Canadian Light Source is a national research facility of the University of Saskatchewan).
© Canadian Light Source
PhD student Phil De Luna designed  synthesized  and tested the catalyst  performed X-ray spectroscop...
PhD student Phil De Luna designed, synthesized, and tested the catalyst, performed X-ray spectroscopy studies, and carried out advanced computational simulations. PhD student Rafael Quintero-Bermudez performed X-ray spectroscopy, materials characterization, and data analysis.

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