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cannabis legalization News

Countdown to legal pot in Canada still raises questions

October 17 is fast approaching for the legalization of recreational pot in Canada. And it is no surprise that many institutions have failed to address how marijuana use in schools and in the workplace should be handled.

Cannabis really does cause paranoia, study finds

A new study conducted in association with The University of Oxford and King’s College London has found a definitive link between cannabis use and feelings of paranoia in vulnerable individuals.

Senior citizen medical marijuana patient to lobby U.S. Congress

Ahead of his May 12th trial, federal medical marijuana defendant Larry Harvey, 70, goes to Washington, D.C. to lobby the United States Congress in order to stop funding federal prosecutions like his.

Uruguay will sell legally grown marijuana by year's end

Santiago - Uruguay plans to begin selling legalized cloned marijuana grown under government control by December 2014, President Jose Mujica said on Wednesday.

Colorado's marijuana firms booming but banks won't touch cash

The state of Colorado legalised marijuana at the beginning of the year, and new enterprises and start ups trying to keep pace with demand are doing a roaring trade.

NORML wins first round of online contest for Super Bowl XLVIII ad

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is winning after the first round of an online contest to get an ad spot during Super Bowl XLVIII and aims to bring its pro-pot message to millions of sports fans next year.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau favours legalization of marijuana

Kelowna - As The Liberal leader finishes up a whirlwind five day tour of British Columbia he tells a cheering crowd that his position on cannabis has evolved from decriminalization to legalization and taxation of the herb.

Over 100 protesters rally at the state capitol of Michigan

A rally organized by the National Medical Marijuana Coalition took place in Lansing Michigan. Hundreds of protesters took part in the rally against medical marijuana discrimination and the abuse of power by legal officials in the state.

U.S. lawmakers propose bill to decriminalize and tax marijuana

Washington - Lawmakers are ready to propose legislation which would allow individual states to regulate marijuana without worrying about violating federal drug laws.

Majority of Arizona voters polled support marijuana regulation

Results of a poll released today show 59 percent of Arizona residents support the regulation of marijuana for sale to adults over 21 years of age.

Video: Miss America contestant's mistake on marijuana question

Miss America contestant Mariah Cary accidentally supports recreational marijuana use when asked about her views on the subject.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau predicts other countries will follow Canada's lead in le...
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau predicts other countries will follow Canada's lead in legalizing cannabis
Lars Hagberg, AFP
Cannabis activist Marc Emery (left) pictured during a press conference with his wife  Jodie  before ...
Cannabis activist Marc Emery (left) pictured during a press conference with his wife, Jodie, before surrendering to authorities on Sept. 28, 2009
Jeremiah Vandermeer/Cannabis Culture
Canada legalized recreational marijuana.
Canada legalized recreational marijuana.
Lars Hagberg, AFP/File

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