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Op-Ed: Proposition 37 — possible that election fraud made it fail

It seems there were significant “irregularities” in the vote totals for Proposition 37, the ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods, that could not be explained by random coincidence.

Op-Ed: Uncounted votes on California Proposition 37

The Yes on Proposition 37 campaign to label GMOs failed on November 6. But did it? An investigation has uncovered at least 1.6 million uncounted votes in various counties of California.

Op-Ed: 'Yes on Proposition 37' — Narrow loss, movement victory

Los Angeles - Yesterday it was a close call in voting on Proposition 37, the ballot initiative for mandatory labeling of GMO products. While the Ca Right to Know campaign lost the battle for now, it is not conceding the war.

Third-party US Presidential candidates debate Proposition 37

Washington - On Monday November 5, the final third-party candidate debate was held. In a final question, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party were asked about their stance on Proposition 37 for the labeling of GMOs.

Op-Ed: Fake cops and phony Democrats tricking voters against Prop 37

Oakland - In a last ditch attempt to dissuade voters from voting yes on Proposition 37, a whole load of voter guides from fake front groups, posing as cops, literacy and environmental groups and Democrats are being dropped into peoples' mailboxes.

Op-Ed: Video: 4 simple questions before you cast your vote for Prop 37

Zack Kaldveer, Assistant Media Director of the Yes on 37 Ca Right to Know campaign, had a 45 minute interview the other day about GMOs and labeling. The director immediately cut a 2 minute segment and put it up on YouTube, as it asks the right questions.

Op-Ed: Consumer groups document $45 million deception against Prop 37

Oakland - Amid allegations of fraud by the No on 37 campaign, the US Department of Justice refers a complaint to the FDA about alleged fraudulent use of its seal in No on 37 campaign fliers, opposing GMO labeling in California.

Op-Ed: Despite latest poll 'Yes on 37' is in it to win labeling of GMOs

Oakland - While the latest Pepperdine poll taken between October 21 and 28 shows the opposition at 50.5% and support for Prop 37 at 39.1%, the new round of positive advertising will make the change.

Video: California kids say 'Yes on 37' to label GMOs

A bunch of youngsters in California are concerned about the food that they are eating. While they can't personally vote on Prop 37, they are urging others to say yes to the ballot initiative to label GMOs.

Op-Ed: Yes on 37 launches TV ad with positive message: Food is love

Oakland - Friday sees the launch of a major TV ad buy for the Yes on 37 California Right to Know Campaign, for labeling of GMO products. The positive message of the ad is "Food is Love."

Op-Ed: Video: 'I am not a lab rat!' Vote Yes on 37 for GMO labeling

This video gives a clear and simple message. We have the right to know what is in our food. If you agree, you can make a difference too.

Video: 'Trust us' — Vote yes on Proposition 37 to label GMOs

Some of your favorite stars have got together again, impersonating scientists at leading biotech firms and ironically telling you to trust them. But really, they want you to vote "Yes on 37" to label GMO foods.

LA City Council unanimously endorses 'Yes on 37' for GMO labeling

Los Angeles - Citing concerns over pesticides and contamination of organic fields, the Los Angeles City Council has unanimously endorsed Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative for labeling of genetically modified food.

Op-Ed: 'No on 37' campaign funded by foreign, out-of-state companies

Oakland - The opposition to California's Proposition 37, for the labeling of GMO products and genetically engineered ingredients, is being bankrolled by foreign and out-of-state companies.

Op-Ed: Take the pledge to support Prop 37 to label GMO foods

Californians go to the ballot box on November 6, 2012, to decide on Proposition 37, the initiative to label foods with genetically modified ingredients. Should the majority vote "Yes", Californians will finally get the right to know what they are eating.

Op-Ed: Yes on 37: Don't let the pesticide companies buy your vote

Big Pesticide is currently spending $1 million per day on TV and radio advertising to confuse California voters about Proposition 37, which simply requires clear labeling to tell us what is in our food.

Op-Ed: Pepperdine Poll shows Proposition 37 still leading in the polls

Oakland - A new Pepperdine Poll on Thursday shows Proposition 37 is still leading in the polls, but with a significant decline in support, after ten days of Big Pesticide pounding Californians with deception and lies.

Video: Danny DeVito & friends — Do you have the 'Right to Know'?

Los Angeles - Some of your favorite stars have gotten together to tell you that the "Right to Know" about your food, would explode your puny little head. No, seriously, they are voting "Yes on 37."

Op-Ed: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — 'No on 37' misleading public

Oakland - The "No on 37" campaign, opposing the proposition to label GMOs in California, has once again hit trouble for misleading the public. This time from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Op-Ed: 'No on 37' forced to pull TV ad misrepresenting Stanford Univ.

Oakland - The group opposing Proposition 37, California's GMO labeling measure, had to pull their first TV ad, after millions of Californians saw it, and do a reshoot.

Review: The film 'Genetic Roulette' — gambling with our lives on GMOs

Jeffrey M. Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology has brought out another excellent film on the dangers of genetically modified food.

Op-Ed: 'Yes on 37' new advert — Your child & Monsanto's 'Pesticide Corn'

Oakland - The 'Yes to 37' campaign has produced another advertising video, which asks whether your children are eating Monsanto's 'Pesticide Corn'.

Proposition 37 winning by more than 2-to-1 margin among CA voters

Los Angeles - A new LA Times poll shows that Proposition 37 is winning, with 61% supporting the initiative for GMO labeling, only 25% opposed, and 14% undecided or refused to answer.

After GMO rat study: Russia suspends imports, France investigates

Following the recent rat study on NK603 GMO corn, Russia has suspended imports of Monsanto corn, while France continues investigations into the possible dangers of GMOs to human health.

'No on 37' — False advertising on the radio, against GMO labeling

Oakland - The "No on 37" campaign against labeling of GMO products has been advertising on the radio. This advertising is littered with falsehoods, and "Yes on 37" offer the facts.

'Yes to Prop 37' campaign produces television advert (video)

California Right to Know has now produced a hard-hitting TV advert to make people aware of their cause - the labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients.

Monsanto puts $4.2 million into the anti-GMO labeling pot

According to the latest campaign finance reports, Monsanto has just contributed $4.2 million in opposition of Proposition 37 for GMO labeling in California, which comes up for voting in the November elections.

Prop 37 opponents have 'deep pockets' to fight GMO labeling

Latest campaign finance reports show that pesticide and processed food companies have contributed almost $10 million to oppose Proposition 37.

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Vote yes on 37
Vote yes on 37
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Yes on 37 - Right to Know Campaign
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Los Angeles City Council on Election Day.
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Monsanto GMO corn has pesticide inside the corn.
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