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Bryan Fischer: ‘Freedom of Religion’ only applies to Christianity

Bryan Fischer, a conservative Christian pastor stated in an interview for that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution’s guarantee freedom of religion must only apply to Christianity.

Op-Ed: Gays will sexualize, destroy and ruin Boy Scouts-NOM-Brian Brown

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage came out a couple of days ago and said "It was the beginning of the end for what was once one of America's most noble organizations." I knew as a Libertarian Republican I was going to again, cringe.

'Homofascists' will label opponents as in Nazi Germany

The Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer, has claimed that 'homofascists' will label their opponents with emblems, just as Nazi Germany did with the Jews.

Secular fundamentalists are the American Taliban

Controversial radio host Bryan Fisher is at it again, labelling "secular fundamentalists" as the American version of the Taliban.

Fischer: 'God didn't protect the children because was not wanted'

So why didn't God protect the schoolchildren of Newtown Connecticut? Because he was not wanted there. That's according to Bryan Fischer, a prominent ranking director of the American Family Association, a right wing Christian Evangelical movement.

Fischer now says children should be kidnapped from gay parents

American ultra right-wing commentator Bryan Fischer now says an "underground railroad" should be established to "rescue" the children of gay parents.

Romney's gay spokesman quits, citing conservative intolerance

Romney's gay former foreign policy and national security spokesman, Richard Grenell, left the campaign because he felt his professional standing was being eroded not only by far right criticism but also by his boss who was muzzling him.

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Screenshot of Bryan Fischer
Screenshot of Bryan Fischer
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Bryan Fischer's tweets
President Obama giving a statement on the shooting.
President Obama giving a statement on the shooting.
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Bryan Fischer s tweets
Bryan Fischer's tweets