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Obstacles litter privatization path in Brazil under Bolsonaro

Rio De Janeiro - An ambitious privatization plan by the incoming government of Brazil's president-elect Jair Bolsonaro faces some challenges, not least from a cadre of ex-military men in the cabinet and reticent lawmakers.

Brazil's diplomacy at risk of rupture with Araujo appointment

Bras - Brazilian diplomacy is set to perform an abrupt 180-degree turn under new Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, chosen by far-right president-elect Jair Bolsonaro for his views favoring the US while turning away from China as part of a fierce opposition to ...

Brazilian politics a family affair for Bolsonaros

Rio De Janeiro - With Jair Bolsonaro president-elect, and his three sons in elected office -- Flavio in the Senate, Eduardo in the Congress and Carlos on Rio de Janeiro's city council -- politics in Brazil is something of a Bolsonaro family affair.

Gay Brazilians won't hide from Bolsonaro: slain activist's sister

Paris - The election of a far-right president in Brazil will not drive gay campaigners underground, the sister of murdered activist campaigner Marielle Franco has vowed -- while warning that minorities face grave danger under Jair Bolsonaro.

Generals, 'Chicago boy' loom large in Brazil's next government

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro is likely to tap army generals and an ultra-free-market economist for key roles in his cabinet.

'Tropical Trump' Bolsonaro: Brazil's new president

Rio De Janeiro - Sometimes called a "Tropical Trump" for his politically incorrect vitriol, Brazil's controversial pro-dictatorship presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro successfully played to an electorate disgusted with conventional politics.

Far-right candidate leads as Brazil heads to polls

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil elects its next president Sunday in a run-off that looks all but guaranteed for far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, an ex-army captain nostalgic for the country's military dictatorship.

Bolsonaro, Brazil's 'Tropical Trump' poised to win presidency

Rio De Janeiro - Sometimes called a "Tropical Trump" for his politically incorrect vitriol, Brazilian far-right presidential candidate and heavy favorite Jair Bolsonaro has successfully played to an electorate disgusted with politics as usual.

Facebook closes 'spam' pages, accounts helping Brazil presidential candidate

Bras - Social media platform Facebook has closed 68 pages and 43 accounts linked to a marketing group believed to be promoting the chances of Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazil presidential frontrunner Bolsonaro: 'admirer' of Trump

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's frontrunner for the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro, on Thursday declared "I am an admirer of Trump" and rejected being labeled an extreme-right candidate because of his rhetoric blasting crime, current migration policies and past views favoring to...

In Brazil, Bolsonaro effect boosts military presence in Congress

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's far-right wave led by Jair Bolsonaro, who scored a huge win in the first round of the presidential election, also gave a boost to candidates for Congress with military ties.

Brazil's Bolsonaro can count on conservative grip over Congress

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's far-right frontrunner for the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro, is practically assured of controlling Congress if he wins, thanks to powerful groups of conservative deputies persuaded by his promises to promote families, farms and firearms.

Bolsonaro woos Brazil voters with simple recipe for ending violence

Rio De Janeiro - Jair Bolsonaro topped the poll in the first round of Brazil's presidential elections, having seduced tens of millions of voters with simple -- though radical -- solutions to eradicating violence in one of the world's deadliest countries.

Brazil's favelas, the oft-overlooked election hunting grounds

Rio De Janeiro - A quarter of Rio de Janeiro's population lives in slums, or favelas, yet too often those very people are left feeling marginalized.

Brazil's Lula lambasts far-right VP candidate's remarks on crime

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's jailed former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Wednesday strongly criticized the far-right vice presidential candidate who blamed social problems among youth on the absence of a father figure.

Growing army influence on Brazilian elections causes a stir

Rio De Janeiro - With an ex-army captain leading polls, a reserve general picked as his running mate, and a military chief sticking his nose into the election chaos, Brazil's army has become an increasingly conspicuous participant on the political scene.

Eyes in the sky aim to protect Earth's rainforests, resources

San Francisco - In the Brazilian state of Para, every week, authorities receive alerts showing them which parts of the Amazon forest have been chopped down, with photos to back it up.

Surreal and unpredictable: Brazil's presidential election campaign

Rio De Janeiro - With a month to go to presidential elections in Brazil, the current campaign can already go down as the most surreal and unpredictable in the country's history.

Brazil's first human, a 'priceless' loss from Rio's museum fire

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil on Monday mourned the loss of the "first Brazilian," Luzia, after the 12,000-year-old fossil was destroyed in a raging fire that ripped through Rio de Janeiro's treasured National Museum.

Brazil hosts top math prize for first time in Latin America

Rio De Janeiro - The world's top mathematicians will convene in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday to find out the new winners of the Fields Medal, the award often dubbed the Nobel Prize for math.

Lula soap opera making mockery of Brazil's legal system, says expert

Rio De Janeiro - Former Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's on-off prison release following a corruption conviction risks undermining the country's legal system, a legal expert told AFP.

Brazil's right wing attacks anti-fake news campaign

Rio De Janeiro - An influential right-wing group in Brazil has lashed out against a fact-checking campaign launched by Facebook, saying the measure amounts to censorship aimed at stifling political debate.

Protesters target latest campaign tour by Brazil's Lula

Bag - Protesters interrupted the start Monday of an election campaign tour by former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who leads opinion polls but faces a lengthy jail sentence for corruption.

Thieves steal $5 mn from Lufthansa plane in Brazil

S - A group of thieves stole $5 million in cash, which had been due to travel from Brazil to Switzerland aboard a Lufthansa jet, at a large freight airport near Sao Paulo, police said Monday.

Carnival madness brings joy to Rio mental institute

Rio De Janeiro - For residents of a Rio de Janeiro mental institute, carnival madness means more than just fun.

Thousands protest austerity measures in Brazil

S - Several thousand Brazilians demonstrated on Friday as part of a day of national mobilization against government austerity measures, including a labor law that will soon come into effect.

Death toll in Brazil nursery arson attack rises to eight

Janauba - Two children burned in an arson attack at a nursery school in Brazil succumbed to their wounds Friday, bringing the death toll to eight on the day the first victims were buried.

Special class for Rio's teachers: how to survive a shooting

Rio De Janeiro - Teachers in violence-wracked Rio de Janeiro started a new course on Monday -- they are learning how to react to the shootings and violence plaguing the host city of last year's Olympic Games.

Brazilian port where slaves arrived given UNESCO status

Varsovia - The Valongo wharf in Rio de Janeiro where slaves from Africa first arrived in Brazil has been added to the list of World Heritage sites, UNESCO announced on Sunday.

Brazil police urge graft charges against ex-leader Lula

Rio De Janeiro - The Brazilian police recommended corruption charges against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Friday as part of a probe into a huge embezzlement scheme at the state oil company Petrobras.
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