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Cocaine breathalyzer in development

New York City - Scientists are close to launching the world's first cocaine breathalyzer, a breath test to assess whether an individual has taken the strong and addictive stimulant.

Are you willing to be fitted with an alcohol monitor?

For people on alcohol reduction programs and for those wishing to monitor alcohol levels, a new type of biosensor has been developed: in essence, it's an alcohol monitoring chip.

New technology aims to test for recent marijuana use

Now that marijuana has been legalized is so many states, and is about to become legal across Canada, new concerns have been raised over people driving or being on the job while impaired by recent marijuana use. Well, those concerns are being addressed.

New York considering 'textalyzers' to fight distracted driving

Albany - While still in the development stage, several New York lawmakers want police to be able to use textalyzers to determine if a person was using a hand-held electronic device while driving. Currently, police must obtain a warrant to search phone records.

Breath monitor detects influenza virus

What if there was a device that could rapidly establish whether a person has influenza? This could enable the correct medical advice to be given. This will soon be possible thanks to a new breathalyzer.

New breath test can detect stomach and esophageal cancer

A new breath test has been developed to diagnose stomach and esophageal cancer. These cancers are difficult to detect resulting in relatively high mortality rates for sufferers. Unlike other tests for the two cancers, use of a breathalyzer is non-evasive.

Diabetes monitoring breathalyzer developed

A new hand-held breathalyzer that allows individuals to easily assess their blood glucose levels has been developed. The device informs the user bout diabetes risk and it differs from a medical device we reported on earlier this month.

Handheld device to detect diabetes

Researchers have developed a breathalyzer-like device for the detection of diabetes in people. The device, which analyses the chemical composition of breath, is portable and offers a rapid result.

Breathalyzer invented to detect marijuana use

Toronto - It had to happen at some stage. The world’s first breathalyzer that can detect if someone is under the influence of marijuana has been invented. The device is likely to be adopted by many law enforcement agencies.

Woman had her child blow in breathalyzer, so she could start car

Apopka - A Florida mother has found herself in trouble after a body cam video shows her having her 4-year-old child blowing into a breathalyzer.

This breathalyzer helps call Uber when you're too drunk to drive

Breathometer, the startup that makes smartphone-connected breathalyzers, wants to make it even easier to find your way home after you've had a few too many drinks.

There's a breathalyzer app that calls Uber if you are drunk

Breathometer introduced a new device and it lets drivers know how drunk they are. It can also summon a ride for them from Uber if they are over the limit.

A smartphone device could potentially prevent DUIs and save lives

Imagine having a couple of drinks and taking a breathalyzer test without a police officer's involvement. Gadgets like Bactrak and AlcoHAWK have made that possible for several years. But accuracy claims of these devices are often questioned.

Breathalyzer technology can detect diabetes

A novel hand-held, non-invasive monitoring device that uses multilayer nanotechnology to detect acetone has been shown to be able to detect diabetes.

Man drunk on Gut Fermentation gives new meaning to 'home brew'

Carthage - When a 61-year-old man reeled into a Texas emergency room complaining of dizziness and showing a .37% blood alcohol concentration, doctors assumed he was an alcoholic.

Airline pilot fails breathalyzer test as flight readying to leave

Minneapolis - A pilot preparing to take off from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport failed a breathalyzer test as the crew was readying for departure. He was subsequently arrested.

Simple breath test to detect bowel cancer

Scientists have developed a simple breath analysis test that has the potential for the screening and diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Supreme Court of Canada makes it easier to fight breathalyzer

Ottawa - While the changes are not expected to affect many cases, the court found portions of the 2008 law infringed the presumption of innocence. But the Supreme Court upheld an important change that eliminated the "two-beer" defence.

Drunk-driving Catholic priest reads 'off chart' on breathalyzer

South Grafton - Catholic priest Father Peter Jones, 58, a priest at St. Patrick's Parish in South Grafton, returned one of the highest blood-alcohol readings ever recorded in New South Wales, Australia. The police stopped Father Jones criss-crossing on the highway.

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breathalyzer Image

A breathalyzer gizmo.
A breathalyzer gizmo.
Cannabix Technologies new breathalyzer. The Cannabix device would be used to help establish recent u...
Cannabix Technologies new breathalyzer. The Cannabix device would be used to help establish recent use/impairment at roadside.
Cannabix Technologies
Hound Labs is developing a breathalyzer for marijuana and alcohol that could hit the market later th...
Hound Labs is developing a breathalyzer for marijuana and alcohol that could hit the market later this year.
Hound Labs
Screenshots from the Alcohoot app.
Screenshots from the Alcohoot app.

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