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Review: ‘Bankers — Fixing The System’ Special

London - There used to be an old joke about traffic wardens belonging to the most hated profession; today, bankers top that list. This BBC TV documentary series explains why, just in case you didn't know.

Op-Ed: Diamond makes case for judicial inquiry

Later today members of the British parliament will vote on whether the investigation into banking practices should take the form of a parliamentary or judicial inquiry. The pros and cons were clearly laid bare only yesterday by Bob Diamond himself.

Op-Ed: Bank rip off was not criminal, says head of financial watchdog

A suspected shoplifter got more than she bargained for at a Louiseville Walmart when she was shot by a constable. Many people here believe this is what crooked bankers deserve.

Op-Ed: Financial news from the UK — Rip offs and whines

Yet again, a major bank has been caught with its hands in the till. Barclays Bank has been fined £290 million, and there are calls not only for resignations but prosecutions.

Op-Ed: Positive Money - training people to take on the banksters Special

London - The people behind Positive Money have recently released videos of their October conference; now they have a bigger task, training a small army of speakers to spread the gospel, and break the stranglehold the banking cartel has over the economy.

Op-Ed: Abraham Lincoln — The saviour of Europe?

The so-called debt crisis is being used by the banks and their political lapdogs to peddle yet another bailout, failing which Europe and the world will plunge into a new recession, but there is another solution.

Op-Ed: The Bob Diamond 'Today' Business Lecture — An analysis

The inaugural 'Today' Business Lecture was delivered by the Chief Executive of Barclays Bank, Bob Diamond. To the uninformed, this reads well; to those in the know, it is self-serving twaddle.

Op-Ed: Ben Dyson of Positive Money on reforming the banking system Special

London - Recently, a leading international banker gave the inaugural BBC Today Business Lecture; Ben Dyson doesn't think much of it, and rightly so.

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