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Lilly Palmer is the first artist to launch an NFT on Hypery

Techno DJ Lilly Palmer is the first artist on the platform Hypery to launch an NFT (non-fungible token) through their system. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Will consumers see the value of virtual currencies in 2021? Special

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are set to increase in usage and the application of these digital technologies can help to address security concerns, according to Zac Cohen, COO of Trulioo.

Digital technology will foster in a new supply chain paradigm Special

Supply chains create complex webs, and maintaining these to a high standard is necessary for avoiding delays, disruption and to avoid counterfeiting. To assist with this, digital technology will expand into 2021.

Q&A: Why banks are seeking to garner the advantages of AI Special

The financial business environment is set to see developments in automation and artificial intelligence as banks seek to harness the advantages of informed data insights in order to grow and expand their operations.

Video gaming pioneers adopt blockchain platform

In a new application into the advanatges of blockchain, Forte is seeking to address the current economic misalignment between developers and players by building “community economics” into the gaming platform itself.

Blockchain helps pharma with product traceability

KPMG, IBM, Merck and Walmart published the results from an FDA pilot program conducted to evaluate the use of blockchain to track and trace prescription drugs. The pilot was reported to be successful.

Q&A: New blockchain proof of concept to show future of payments Special

A new 'Proof of Concept' study has been conducted between Manx Telecom and Minima, which manages access to mobile services via a decentralised blockchain, with sale and acceptance of tokens.

Blockchain technology used to monitor air pollution

An environment monitoring service called PlanetWatch is to work with a blockchain provider to develop an immutable air quality ledger, with data collected from a series of sensors forming an IoT system.

CES 2020: Porch pirates stopped with IoTLock

As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular and home delivery services rise, the risks of packages being stolen outside of people’s homes increases. This has opened up a new avenue for technological solutions.

UEFA Exclusive Sales Agent and AlphaWallet introduce NFT Ticket Special

At next year’s UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament part of ticketing services for VIP ticket holders will utilize blockchain technology developed by AlphaWallet, a tokenisation technology company. Victor Zhang explains more.

Q&A: New KPMG study on blockchain-enabled digital tokenization Special

A new survey from KPMG that explores how tokenization is transforming the way consumers interact with each other and businesses. KPMG’s U.S. Blockchain Leader Arun Ghosh reviews the key findings.

New partnership for blockchain technology of electric systems

A new partnership has been formed in the U.S., designed to showcase how blockchain technology can be applied to enhance the security and operational efficiency of electric systems. This is for distributed energy resources.

EV drivers can now use blockchain to avoid being overcharged

Canadian technologists have successfully integrated blockchain technology into energy systems. This is to expand the charging infrastructure required to power electric vehicles and to provide a means to make transaction transparent.

Q&A: majority of firms are missing out on supply chain growth Special

Businesses can do more with digital technology in order to gain greater efficiencies from their supply chains and reduce the risk of counterfeiting occurring, according to industry expert Scott Fletcher from LocatorX.

IBM launches 'Trust Your Supplier' blockchain initiative

IBM, together with Chainyard, have announced a new initiative called Trust Your Supplier (TYS), a blockchain network designed to improve supplier qualification, validation, onboarding and life cycle information management.

Malta moves all rental contracts to blockchain

Malta has taken the decision to harness the transparency advantages and tighter security that comes with blockchain to underpin its entire rental sector.

IBM-Maersk blockchain shipping consortium expands

In 2018, IBM and shipping conglomerate Maersk developed a blockchain-based shipping tool called TradeLens. This initially had limited availability, in order to assess the technology. Based on successful application, the technology is to be expanded.

Q&A: How blockchain is disrupting real estate Special

Blockchain is changing the way transactions happen, and one area where the use of digital ledger technology is being taken up is real estate. Jeffrey Berman from Camber Creek provides some insights.

Three key innovations with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the expanding information technology-based society into something new, more firmly based on trust. Three examples of innovative blockchain technology help to illustrate this trend.

World's first sports-tech blockchain accelerator launched

Tel Aviv - The world’s largest sports innovation platform (HYPE), which has 11 accelerator programs worldwide, has launched the world's first sports-tech blockchain accelerator. The Israel-based organization will be seeking candidates from around the world.

How the pharmaceutical industry is implementing serialization

New legislation requiring pharmaceutical companies to implement 'serialization' is coming into force. This means that no counterfeit product should enter the supply chain and no legitimate product is diverted from its intended destination.

Innovation takes center stage at first Toronto blockchain event

Toronto - Toronto is rapidly emerging as a major blockchain industry hub. This has led to the first blockchain conference to be convened in the city to be organized. The event will run between April 22 and 28th, 2019.

Enterprises test emerging technologies at Exadel's Innovation Lab

When faced with an array of new technologies required for digital transformation businesses face some hard choices. Selecting the wrong platform can be expensive. Exadel's Innovation Lab provides a space for businesses to test out new technologies.

Coalition of blockchain organizations to set new standards Special

The Universal Protocol (UP) Alliance is a coalition of the biggest organizations in the world of blockchain, united around a universal reserve standard aiming for more users to cryptocurrency. Dan Schatt, Chairman, Universal Protocol explains more.

Q&A: How blockchain can reduce automotive industry fraud Special

Fusion (developer of the first open source cryptofinance operating system) has been selected by the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) to drive down fraud and accelerate innovative financing options in the auto industry.

Lithuania attracts London fintech firms as Brexit looms

Vilnius - Worried over Brexit uncertainty, dozens of fintech companies have applied for licences in Lithuania to secure access to the EU market, the Baltic state's central bank said Tuesday.

Avoiding the falsification of medicines with blockchain

Counterfeit medicines are a problem around the world, with many producers of false medicines attempting to illegitimate drugs from pharmaceutical companies. Blockchain could be the answer to stem the tide and the U.S. FDA are interested.

Isle of Man establishes digital blockchain hub

Digital Isle of Man has formed a Blockchain Office and has launched an Isle of Man Sandbox in order to aid blockchain businesses through current and future regulatory landscapes.

Improving working conditions with blockchain

Blockchain is more often spoken about as an external tool for businesses to help secure supply chain. In a new pilot, blockchain is to be used to help improve health and safety within the workplace — at a Levi Strauss factory.

New project to make cryptocurrency transfers more secure

A new project called Beam has been launched with the aim of improving cryptocurrency security and transparency. The project is centered around the word ‘confidentiality’.
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blockchain Image

FoodCoin Ecosystem:  Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.
FoodCoin Ecosystem: Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.
Two technicians look at bitcoin mining at Bitfarms in Saint Hyacinthe  Quebec
Two technicians look at bitcoin mining at Bitfarms in Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec
Lars Hagberg, AFP
Volareo approved press image
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
Martin Walker speaking before the Treasury Committee.
Martin Walker speaking before the Treasury Committee. Insider
Fujitsu has developed tech to automatically find smart contract flaws
Fujitsu has developed tech to automatically find smart contract flaws
 Blockchain Disrupts Everything  — A panel discussion
'Blockchain Disrupts Everything' — A panel discussion
DanielPenfield, via Wikimedia
L.L. Bean/ Business Insider
Brave New
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way / Pexels
Tracing food via blockchain
Tracing food via blockchain
Carrefour SA
This Cryptokittie could be yours for just 100 000 ether.
This Cryptokittie could be yours for just 100,000 ether.
Cryptokitties/ Business Insider
 Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?  panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society T...
"Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?" panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society TechIgnite conference.
Daniel Penfield
The WWF and Sea Quest Fiji are partnering to deploy blockchain tech in the tuna industry
The WWF and Sea Quest Fiji are partnering to deploy blockchain tech in the tuna industry
A Carrefour City in Paris (Un magasin de Carrefour City à Paris)
A Carrefour City in Paris (Un magasin de Carrefour City à Paris)

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