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Millions of dollars in Ethereum could be stolen by attackers

Flaws in smart contracts could allow attackers to steal millions of dollars in Ethereum, according to security researchers. Over 34,000 smart contracts are affected by vulnerabilities that could let anyone acquire the contents of cryptocurrency wallets.

Lenovo patent uses blockchain to authenticate physical documents

A new patent that has been filed by Lenovo suggests the company is exploring the use of blockchain as a way to validate documents. The patent describes tech that could be used to authenticate physical documents that are tagged with digital signatures.

New alliance for blockchain and supply chain

Supply chains globally are undergoing reforms, using blockchain and supply chain technologies. This has led to the formation of the 'Trusted IoT Alliance', plus various technological advancements.

Kenya uses blockchain to tackle land fraud

Nairobi - In order to counter dubious land transactions, such as dual ownership, African-based startups are testing out blockchain technology in order to provide a more transparent and auditable process.

Microsoft to use blockchain to build decentralised identities

Microsoft has announced plans to develop a decentralised blockchain-based identity system. In a blog post, the company supported the idea of using blockchain as a "foundation" to store and distribute user IDs. It will add support to its Authenticator app.

Banks begging to engage with cryptocurrencies

Global banking is currently a $134 trillion industry and in the U.S. ten or so major banks have dominated the market for decades. This is set to be disrupted with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

5 ways blockchain technology could impact traditional banking

Blockchain technology is transforming or has the potential to change drastically many of the ways traditional financial institutions function varying from how payment transactions are made to how money is raised on the private market.

Op-Ed: Cryptocurrency's future in hands of regulators — like it or not

Inevitably those in the cryptocurrency world will need to interact with regulators. The darker aspects of the cryptocurrency world cause governments to develop policies to regulate the area.

R3: Blockchain tech could make its enterprise debut this year

2018 could be the year in which blockchain tech gains traction inside enterprises, according to the R3 distributed ledger consortium. It told CoinDesk that many of the initial troubles have now been resolved, so firms are set to increase deployments.

Construction of the first manned Orion spacecraft has started

Lockheed Martin has begun construction work at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, on a spacecraft designed to transport astronauts to the moon as part of Exploration Mission-2.

Interview: Health technology can transform healthcare industry Special

The company Health2047 is working in partnership with the American Medical Association to use technology to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. Dr. Jack Stockert tells Digital Journal how this works.

New chip links blockchain to industrial IoT devices

The harnessing of blockchain and Internet-of-Things technology has many potential applications for business, not least gaining greater visibility over the supply chain. A new chip, developed by startup Filament, aims to improve this synergy.

Recruitment platform pivots to blockchain with $50m ICO

The popular job-seeking site has announced it will launch a blockchain-based platform later this year. The company said the use of decentralised technology will let recruiters and job seekers share information securely, cutting out recruiters.

Blockchain and IoT underpin new supply chain platform

A new partnership has been formed with the aim of bringing blockchain and IoT technology, like radio-frequency identification, to enterprise supply chains. The partnership is between Skuchain and NTT DATA.

Why the 'Blockchain Professor' Giaglis joins new ICO: Interview Special

Athens - Professor George Giaglis has been involved with Blockchain since 2011. He is the scientific coordinator of the world's first open online course on crypto-currencies. Professor Giaglis spoke with Digital Journal on the subject and about his new venture.

Op-Ed: Blockchain looking dumb after $400 million ‘disappears’

Tokyo - It’s exactly what blockchain is supposed to prevent; $400 million in an obscure cryptocurrency called NEM simply vanished. The exchange is baffled, and the blockchain myth of transparency has taken a serious kick in the teeth.

Canada uses blockchain to make research grants more transparent

The Canadian government has begun trialling blockchain technology as a way to improve the transparency of research grants. The National Research Council (NRC) is currently using an Ethereum-based system to publish funding information in real-time.

Blockchain tech could improve sustainability in the tuna industry

The WWF has started using blockchain technology to help eradicate illegal fishing in the tuna industry. The organisation said the transparency of blockchain's open ledger could make fishing more sustainable and prevent human rights abuses in the industry.

Sports platform evolves Blockchain based infrastructure

The sports site Sportco has developed a schema to reward its regular readers. A blockchain-based algorithm will measure the involvement and influence of individual readers upon the other readers and issue rewards.

deVere Group reveals new cryptocurrency trading app

One of the world's largest independent financial advisor networks has announced it's readying a new cryptocurrency trading app in response to "soaring" demand. deVere Group said fintech is having a "fundamental" impact on the way we use and manage money.

IBM and Maersk form blockchain joint venture for global trade

IBM and Maersk have announced a new joint venture to develop a digitized global trade platform built around blockchain tech. The two firms said they will improve efficiency and transparency in cross-border trade by digitally transforming the industry.

Designing custom and state of the art blockchain: Interview Special

ExeBlock Technology Corp. develop blockchain programming for both companies and themselves. Shortly company intends to launch their first decentralized app (Dapp) called EXE 50/50 which is a white label solution for 50/50 draws.

Smart contract technology set to transform commerce

A new partnership between the companies RSK and Etherparty is set to push innovations in smart contract technology between businesses. The basis of this is digital ledgers and blockchain.

Blockchain technology drives healthy patient behavior: Interview Special

The company MintHealth offers a global decentralized health platform built on blockchain technology and designed to drive healthy patient behavior. To understand how this works, Digital Journal interviewed Dr. Samir Damani.

Gibraltar to launch fintech licenses for blockchain startups

Gibraltar will create a license for startups using blockchain tech as it seeks to attract more fintech firms to its territory. The specially designed license will be the first of its kind. It will formally recognise blockchains as a way to make payments.

Blockchain studies added to university curriculum

As blockchain technology gains in popularity, are universities willing to offer blockchain courses and degrees? The answer appears to be yes, at least for an instiution in Russia.

Blockstack raises $52m to create a decentralised app platform

Blockstack has raised over $52m from its ICO which closed last week. The company is creating a user-controlled app platform that addresses the centralisation at the application-level of the Internet. You retain control of your data by storing it locally.

Interview: ICO HeadStart, the fundraising platform for ICOs Special

ICO HeadStart, serves as a fundraising platform for ICOs, and provides a screening service so that only trustworthy ICOs are presented. How will this work in practice? Nawid Habib, ICO HeadStart Founder, explains.

Interview: Protecting intellectual property with blockchain Special

A new blockchain based technology allows creators to protect their intellectual property and prove that it's theirs. According to co-founder Eric Klein, the platform even aims to replace lawyers in the future.

Interview: Blockchain database for decentralized applications Special

FlureeDB is a new scalable blockchain database for decentralized applications that combines the interoperability and features of traditional databases with multiple-consensus blockchain technology. Company CEO Brian Platz explains more.
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 Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?  panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society T...
"Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?" panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society TechIgnite conference.
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Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way / Pexels
The WWF and Sea Quest Fiji are partnering to deploy blockchain tech in the tuna industry
The WWF and Sea Quest Fiji are partnering to deploy blockchain tech in the tuna industry
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
Blockchain - a continuously growing list of records  called blocks  which are linked and secured usi...
Blockchain - a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography.
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FoodCoin Ecosystem: Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.