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How blockchain is transforming banking

Blockchain is transforming a number of sectors, and this includes financial intuitions like banks. What major banks need to weigh is the extent to which they embrace blockchain and the threats that the technology poses to the industry.

First blockchain smartphone set for release

The first mobile devices equipped with blockchain functionality is to be produced. This will be a new smartphone, with the aim if brining cryptocurrency use and blockchain to the mass market.

This grocery chain hopes to improve food safety using blockchain

Carrefour SA, the big France-based hyper grocery chain wants its customers to know if that chicken they purchased led a good life, and was treated humanely. To that end, your purchase will come with its very own story, thanks to blockchain.

Blockchain allows for digital fundraising: Interview Special

A new decentralized application has been launched from eXeBlock Technology Corp. This enables businesses to easily launch global fundraising campaigns with 50/50 Labs. Jonathan Bahai, Founder of eXeBlock explains more.

WaterChain: An ICO to clean up the world’s water

The startup WaterChain is developing a blockchain solution for the water industry. The aim is to help clean up the water industry and reduce the number of deaths globally that occur due to unsanitary water.

U.S. health companies launch blockchain pilot

The expansion of blockchain technology has extended to healthcare. Five U.S. based health organizations have launched a pilot scheme, designed to determine if blockchain technology can improve security.

Why enterprises are increasingly turning to blockchain

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that holds big potential benefits to business applications across many industries. However, putting the tech into place is complex. We look at five examples of successful implementation.

Interview: Blockchain transforms distribution in emerging markets Special

Hong Kong - OpenPort is a Hong-Kong based digital logistics platform that uses blockchain technology to transform domestic distribution in emerging markets. To discover the advantages of this technology, Digital Journal spoke with CEO Max Ward.

French led blockchain technology innovation

Paris - A new partnership has been formed between the Request Network Foundation and PwC’s French operation to devise methodologies for companies to incorporate blockchain into their exiting services.

Cryptokitties just got $12 million from Andreessen Horowitz

Cryptokitties, one of the first successful games on blockchain, just raised $12 million from investors at Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

Google building its own blockchain-based cloud technology

Google is developing its own blockchain-like technology to improve its cloud by adding digital ledger capabilities. Google's parent company, Alphabet, has built its own distributed ledger system which can be used to log and verify digital transactions.

U.S. Treasury publishes five 'takeaways' on blockchain tech

The U.S. Treasury has released a list of five tips for companies implementing blockchains. The insights are based on lessons learned by the department while building its own blockchain proof of concept.

Blockchain introduced for network security

Seoul - Korea Telecom, South Korea's major telecommunications company, is adopting blockchain technology in order to introduce tighter security and improved transparency.

Use of data storage platforms for decentralized apps: Interview Special

With the rise in blockchain-based platforms and apps, a common problem arises for developers in terms of where to securely store and manage their sensitive data. One solution comes from the company Fluence.

L.L. Bean cancels blockchain and sensor experiment amid layoffs

L.L. Bean has cancelled an experiment that would put sensors connected to the Ethereum blockchain inside of some of its coats and books, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Popular Calendar 2 Mac app bundled a built-in crypto-miner

A third-party iOS calendar app has been found bundling a built-in cryptocurrency miner in an attempt to generate its developers some additional revenue. The app managed to get past Apple's approvals and make it into the store. It has since been withdrawn.

Microsoft calls for 'dialogue' on blockchain security issues

Microsoft has published a whitepaper that provides policy recommendations for dealing with blockchain security. The company said that regulators and industry should engage with each other to better understand the risks and align incentives to improve.

Porsche: First Car Company to incorporate blockchain

Porsche has become the first car company to implement blockchain in a vehicle. Areas covered include locking and unlocking the vehicle via an app and time-limited access authorizations.

EU publishes draft laws to boost fintech and blockchain

The European Union has proposed draft laws for fintech, crowdfunding and blockchain in an attempt to make itself attractive to new start-ups. The European Commission said it wants to create a "competitive and innovative" financial market using fintech.

Fujitsu builds new tech to automate finding blockchain bugs

Fujitsu has announced new technology that can find and verify risks in blockchain applications. The tech analyses smart contracts to find potential flaws, providing advance warning of vulnerabilities. The company has identified six main risks.

GE Transportation joins global blockchain consortium

GE Transportation has announced it's joining a cross-industry consortium that's looking for ways to use blockchain tech in logistics. The company will collaborate with other firms to utilise the blockchain in digital solutions for industry transformation.

Blockchain starting to reshape real estate

Real estate has been slow to adopt blockchain technology. However, the key benefits of reduced central authority, increased speed, and, perhaps most importantly for property transactions, trust, can each be realized through the development of blockchains.

Chile to use blockchain technology for its national grid

The Comisión Nacional de Energía de Chile, which manages the national grid throughout the South American country, is to implement blockchain technology to help authenticate information.

DApp: A new approach to business through blockchain Special

With blockchain solidifying itself as an important technological tool for the disruption of many industries, blockchain decentralized applications (DAaps) are starting to change business fundamentals. Jonathan Baha'i of eXeBlock explains more.

Interview: Blockchain is overhauling humanitarian aid Special

Refugees and displaced persons face one central problem: without a government to back them up, they lose their identities. Without an identity, it’s nearly impossible to find meaningful work. Blockchain can help address these concerns.

Rakuten to build new blockchain-based loyalty system

Retail giant Rakuten, a popular Japanese Amazon rival, has announced it's planning a customer loyalty system based on blockchain technology. The company is building its own cryptocurrency, Rakuten Coin, to join its existing Rakuten Super Points scheme.

Millions of dollars in Ethereum could be stolen by attackers

Flaws in smart contracts could allow attackers to steal millions of dollars in Ethereum, according to security researchers. Over 34,000 smart contracts are affected by vulnerabilities that could let anyone acquire the contents of cryptocurrency wallets.

Lenovo patent uses blockchain to authenticate physical documents

A new patent that has been filed by Lenovo suggests the company is exploring the use of blockchain as a way to validate documents. The patent describes tech that could be used to authenticate physical documents that are tagged with digital signatures.

New alliance for blockchain and supply chain

Supply chains globally are undergoing reforms, using blockchain and supply chain technologies. This has led to the formation of the 'Trusted IoT Alliance', plus various technological advancements.

Kenya uses blockchain to tackle land fraud

Nairobi - In order to counter dubious land transactions, such as dual ownership, African-based startups are testing out blockchain technology in order to provide a more transparent and auditable process.
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blockchain Image

Fujitsu has developed tech to automatically find smart contract flaws
Fujitsu has developed tech to automatically find smart contract flaws
L.L. Bean/ Business Insider
The WWF and Sea Quest Fiji are partnering to deploy blockchain tech in the tuna industry
The WWF and Sea Quest Fiji are partnering to deploy blockchain tech in the tuna industry
Brave New
This Cryptokittie could be yours for just 100 000 ether.
This Cryptokittie could be yours for just 100,000 ether.
Cryptokitties/ Business Insider
Tracing food via blockchain
Tracing food via blockchain
Carrefour SA
FoodCoin Ecosystem:  Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.
FoodCoin Ecosystem: Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.
DApps like 50/50 Labs will be continuously upgraded.
DApps like 50/50 Labs will be continuously upgraded.
eXeBlock Technology Corp
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way / Pexels
 Blockchain Disrupts Everything  — A panel discussion
'Blockchain Disrupts Everything' — A panel discussion
DanielPenfield, via Wikimedia
 Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?  panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society T...
"Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?" panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society TechIgnite conference.
Daniel Penfield
A Carrefour City in Paris (Un magasin de Carrefour City à Paris)
A Carrefour City in Paris (Un magasin de Carrefour City à Paris)
Global technology  as presented by the eXeBlock Technology Corp
Global technology, as presented by the eXeBlock Technology Corp
eXeBlock Technology Corp
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping