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Op-Ed: Woes continue for suicidal SeaWorld as it eyes foreign markets

With shares of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (SEAS) plunging nearly 34 percent, the decline of SeaWorld in just 19 months is not a surprise. Now the park is eyeing overseas partnerships.

Op-Ed: Orca Network recounts Lolita's story at Superpod Three Special

Friday Harbor - Still reeling from over a decade of captures between 1962 to 1973, the Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) populations face significant recovery issues. The carnage wreaked upon them by the "orca cowboys", is embodied by one solitary orca, Lolita.

Former SeaWorld trainer and 'Blackfish' star lands book deal Special

Former killer whale trainer John Hargrove, just announced a major book deal with Macmillan Publishing. 'Beneath the Surface' (working title), will hit the shelves early next year, and will reveal more insider info on SeaWorld's backstage operations.

Op-Ed: AMMPA to focus on international advocacy and cetacean captivity

It's been a tough week for US-based marine parks, both politically and publicly. With sentiment shifting away from keeping cetaceans in captivity, the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums is planning a big push back.

SeaWorld San Diego confirms orca pregnancy

San Diego - SeaWorld has confirmed that a young female killer whale is pregnant. Talking to CBS 8 News, SeaWorld said nine-year-old Kalia is due to give birth in December.

Op-Ed: Sean Hannity's 'debate' on orca bill evolves into full-on bashing

A new orca protection bill proposed in Sacramento yesterday generated immense media attention including a 'debate' on the Hannity show last night. Presented with few facts and a questionable guest, it became a deplorable display of bullying.

UK travel industry targeted for selling trips to marine parks Special

A dolphin and whale advocate is taking on one of the world's leading leisure travel groups over selling tickets to UK tourists looking to visit marine parks located abroad.

Op-Ed: How low can you can go? Did SeaWorld skew online poll?

When you can't win in the court of public opinion, then skew the results. According to the Orlando Business Journal (OBJ), SeaWorld may have done just that to win a poll vote against the documentary Blackfish.

Op-Ed: Best achievements in cetacean advocacy for 2013

The documentary Blackfish certainly made it the year of the orca, but there were several other notable achievements for cetaceans in 2013. These are the accomplishments voted on by advocates themselves.

Filmmakers of 'The Cove' respond to SeaWorld's ads

After SeaWorld bought defensive full-page ads in major US newspapers last week, criticism of the marine park chain is intensifying. The Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), producers of the movie The Cove, fired another shot for advocacy yesterday.

Op-Ed: Loving dolphins to death Special

Dolphins suffer in captivity. These highly intelligent and self-aware creatures cannot be humanely kept in captivity. Therefore, a change in thinking in dealing with them is urgently required.

Op-Ed: Supporters hacking SeaWorld's public relations image

Yesterday, the Florida Attractions Association (FAA) in defense of SeaWorld, stepped in to battle the backlash caused by the documentary Blackfish. They were supported by Theme Park who labeled activists as lazy.

TopFinds: Blackfish doc targets SeaWorld, deadly shooting in L.A.

Read how a powerful film on SeaWorld, recently broadcast on CNN, is angering animal rights activists across the world. L.A.'s busy airport endured a horrific shooting Friday. What do your Facebook "friends" say about you? Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Op-Ed: Amid SeaWorld's silence, Blackfish premieres tonight on CNN

A week-long series of specials about orcas in captivity culminates tonight with the premiere of Blackfish on CNN. Gabriela Cowperthwaite's damning documentary focuses on Tilikum, SeaWorld's prime bull orca.

Advocates gather for Miami Seaquarium's lonely orca Lolita

Miami - Lolita, the sole killer whale at a Floridian marine park, received another boost last week as advocates held a last-minute rally to plead her case to Dateline, one of Australia's longest-running international current affairs programs.

Op-Ed: Is SeaWorld running scared? You decide

San Diego - SeaWorld executives rarely respond to criticism beyond a sentence or two. But today, the vice president of zoological operations for SeaWorld San Diego, Mike Scarpuzzi, published an entire editorial in the U-T San Diego.

Op-Ed: Four deaths not enough, SeaWorld wants trainers back in the water

Orlando - Not content with four deaths and numerous injuries to trainers by its killer whales, SeaWorld is rolling out a big shot lawyer in an attempt to get its trainers back into the water with captive orcas.

Death at SeaWorld sells out at Amazon UK in just sixteen days

On July 2nd, David Kirby's highly-acclaimed book, Death at SeaWorld, was released in paperback. It sold out at Amazon UK after just 16 days, and has entered its second printing.

Op-Ed: SeaWorld's strange e-mail to film critics of Blackfish

Still battling its OSHA citations, SeaWorld is lashing out at the movie Blackfish with a strange email sent to film critics. Labeling the film 'egregious and untrue,' SeaWorld it seems, is trying to close the gate after the orca has already bolted.

Op-Ed: Blackfish documentary gets rave reviews and global distribution

After a strong showing and rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, the rights to Gabriela Cowperthwaite's documentary 'Blackfish', have been snagged for theatrical release in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Op-Ed: Mystery and intrigue surrounds premiere of Blackfish at Sundance

Park City - Is there a SeaWorld mafia? You might think so if Gabriela Cowperthwaite's latest interview regarding her documentary 'Blackfish', is anything to go by. The movie is set to premiere tomorrow, at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Voice of the Orcas
Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite leads a Q&A session with former SeaWorld trainers after th...
Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite leads a Q&A session with former SeaWorld trainers after the premiere of documentary, Blackfish.
Jeffrey Ventre
Jeffrey Ventre
SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando
Jeffrey Ventre
Samantha Berg
Bridgette Pirtle Davis (L) and Vice President of PETA Lisa Lange (R)
Bridgette Pirtle Davis (L) and Vice President of PETA Lisa Lange (R)
Fox News/Screenshot
L-R Back: Former SeaWorld trainers: Carol Ray; Jeff Ventre; John Jett and John Hargrove
Front L-R: S...
L-R Back: Former SeaWorld trainers: Carol Ray; Jeff Ventre; John Jett and John Hargrove Front L-R: Sam Berg and Bridgette Pirtle.
Jeffrey Ventre
Jeff Ventre and Sam Berg -- two former SeaWorld trainers  take the movie Blackfish to the home of Ti...
Jeff Ventre and Sam Berg -- two former SeaWorld trainers, take the movie Blackfish to the home of Tilikum.
Voice of the Orcas
Stephen Fry/Twitter
SeaWorld churned out the same responses all of Saturday night  as CNN aired the documentary Blackfis...
SeaWorld churned out the same responses all of Saturday night, as CNN aired the documentary Blackfish three times.
Voice of the Orcas/Blackfish

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