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Bitcoin breaks through the $4,000 level finally today

Finally bitcoin (BTC) managed to break through the $4,000 level after coming close for a couple of days. Other cryptocoins are doing well too such as ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) as most alternative crypto assets are moving up.

Bitcoin approaches but falls back before breaking $3,400 level

In the last 24 hours bitcoin's price has approached the $3,400 level but has fallen back since. Perhaps there will be a period of consolidation before another move up or down.

Bitcoin closing in on the $4,000 level

An article on CoinDesk by Sebastian Sinclair notes that bitcoin(BTC) has passed through its 100-day moving average for the first time in 127 days. The move indicates the bulls are willing to test the upper range of the ascending triangle.

Bitcoin bounces back to over $3,900 in recovery mode

Bitcoin(BTC) seems to be once again in recovery mode as it is moving up but has not as yet broken the $4,000 barrier. However, it has been above $3,900. Its low so far today has been its opening price so the trend is up for now.

Bitcoin still consolidating around $3,400 before move up or down

For the last couple of days Bitcoin has been consolidating around the $3,400 level and continues to trade in a narrow range before any significant move up or down.

Bitcoin appears to be consolidating just above $3,400

For now Bitcoin seems to be resisting a further drop as it is up marginally over the last twenty four hours but for now there is no significant further move up or down after a significant drop to below $3,400.

After long period of consolidation Bitcoin price breaks downward

After moving sideways for weeks, the Bitcoin price consolidation finally broke with a fall in late afternoon and through the evening of well over a hundred dollars.

Bitcoin consolidating below $3,600 before next move up or down

Bitcoin is spending another day consolidating before any significant move up or down. It is trading in a narrow range roughly between $3,500 and $3,600.

Bitcoin breaks through $3,600 briefly but still no clear trend

Bitcoin managed to break through the $3,600 level briefly today as a high but also went over $50 below the $3,500 level as a low. It still appears to be consolidating rather than indicating a clear move either up or down but today it is more volatile.

Bitcoin trading sideways again at a bit above $3,500

After dropping below $3,500 briefly yesterday and today, Bitcoin appears to be recovering slightly as it trades above that level most of the day so far. It is trading mostly sideways in a narrow $62 dollar range up to now.

Bitcoin breaks through $3,700 and then drops below $3,500

The last 24 hours have been volatile for Bitcoin as it has gone from just above $3,700 to just below $3,490 although it has recovered somewhat to over $3,500 again. Other cryptocurrencies are losing value as well.

Bitcoin continuing sideways trade and consolidation around $3,600

Bitcoin is still trading mostly sideways today as the price has been consolidating now for over a week. The price is hovering around the $3,600 mark with a spread of much less than one hundred dollars.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range around the $3,600 level today

Bitcoin has not dropped further but is trading mostly sideways within a narrow range near the $3,600 level. It remains to be seen if Bitcoin will suffer another monthly loss this January as appears to be happening.

Bitcoin almost reached $3,700 after sharp drop on weekend

After a sharp drop ending up below $3,500 Sunday, Bitcoin is showing some signs of recovery today reaching a high close to the $3,700 level

Bitcoin moves sideways around the $3,600 level in a narrow range

After a sharp drop, Bitcoin appears to be trading mostly sideways. Perhaps the price is consolidating before another move. Technical signs show it may be downward.

Bitcoin breaks to the downside losing more than $400

After moving sideways in a narrow range yesterday, today as expected there was a significant move but to the downside rather than a continuation of a recovery.

Bitcoin hovering around $4,000 as market is indecisive

Bitcoin is trading in a very narrow range both above and below the $4,000 level. It has been unable to challenge key resistance levels above $4,000 indicating that the recent rally could be at an end.

Bitcoin price seems stalled near the $4,000 level

After breaking through the $4,000 level again yesterday, today Bitcoin (BTC) is still just slightly below the level. It appears stuck and is unable to challenge key resistance levels so far.

Bitcoin beats $4,000 again finally in spurt upwards today

Bitcoin (BTC) has broken through the psychological barrier of $4,000 again today after being unable to do so for several days in spite of technical analyses suggesting that it could.

Bitcoin bounces up modestly today but still below $4,000

Although recovering modestly from yesterday's dip, Bitcoin (BTC) is still well off the $4,000 level and has yet to test key resistance levels even though technical analyses suggests it should. Perhaps it will do so over the weekend.

Bitcoin drops today without testing key resistance levels

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has suffered a modest drop over the last 24 hours after moving up yesterday, technical analysis shows that within the next couple of days there is a chance BTC may test a key resistance level.

Bitcoin moves up most of today reaching over $3,900

Bitcoin suffers serious losses in December 2019 its fifth straight monthly loss. However, it appears to be recovering on this the second day of the New Year as it rose modestly from early this morning.

Bitcoin reaches up over $300 today after sharp drop down

After falling several hundred dollars below the $4,000 level, Bitcoin (BTC) has rebounded today reaching a level less than one hundred dollars lower than the $4,000 level.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin recovery rally fizzles out as price plunges below $4,000

Bitcoin's pre-Xmas rally has fizzled out as the price drops well below the $4,000 level and even below $3,700 briefly. Bargain hunters may drive the price up as has happened with the stock market but perhaps the bear downturn will return for a while yet.

Bitcoin recovery may continue as it breaks $4,000 again today

Bitcoin is again on the rise breaking back through the $4,000 level again on its way to challenge several resistance levels over the next few days perhaps.

Bitcoin recovers today reaching above $4,000 again

After reaching a high of $4,160 on December 20th, Bitcoin appears to be pulling back somewhat perhaps consolidating before it makes a further move up or down. However, it has managed to again break through the $4,000 level briefly so far today.

Bitcoin recovery breaks out above the $4,000 level today

Bitcoin's recovery rally continued today breaching the psychological $4,000 level resistance. Perhaps this will encourage more investors to buy while prices are still relatively low.

Bitcoin reaches over $3,900 today before falling back

Bitcoin has continued its recovery today as it moves towards the $4,000 level. For a time today it was trading over the $3,900 level but has fallen back considerably since then.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin has a big day rising to almost $3,700 at one point

Perhaps, Bitcoin has hit bottom and is now in a significant recovery rally. Today, Bitcoin has risen to just short of $3,700 a promising development that could be an indication that there will be a Bitcoin bull market for the short term at least.

Bitcoin falling again to almost $3,200 after brief recovery

A slight recovery by Bitcoin yesterday was followed by a deep downturn later on in the day that halted only a bit above the $3,200 level. It is not clear whether the next big move will be up or down or when it will happen.
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