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bitcoin price News

Bitcoin well above $6,000 level but bullish trend uncertain

While bitcoin's price is staying well above the $6,000 level it is trading within a relatively narrow range at present after rising above the $6,500 level yesterday.

Bitcoin manages to break through the $6,500 level briefly

Bitcoin rose today well over $6,500 after it had fallen below the $6,000 level yesterday and looked headed for a record new low for the year.

Bitcoin price survives weekend above $6,000 level

Bitcoin's (BTC) price is staying above $6,000 for now although so far today it has not managed to stay above $6,500 for long. Trading again seems to be contained so far in a relatively narrow range.

Bitcoin is now half of total cryptocurrency market capitalization

Bitcoin (BTC) now has reached the stage where it makes up fully half of the entire capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. Just past 03:00 UTC August 11 CoinMarketCap's bitcoin dominance rate reached 50 percent, the first time since Dec. 19, 2017.

Bitcoin struggles to stay over the $6,000 level

Bitcoin appears to be recovering slightly today as it is trading well beyond the $6,000 level after approaching that level on Wednesday with a three-week low of $6,121 on Bitfinex exchange.

Bitcoin price struggles back over $7,000 then dips below

After dropping well below $7,000 bitcoin's (BTC) price has managed to struggle back above that level but has not advanced very far as yet. It remains to be seen whether it is in recovery mode. Later today it has fallen back again below the $7,000 level.

Bitcoin dips below $7,000 both Sunday and Monday

Bitcoin's (BTC) price started out Sunday just over $7,000 but then descended below that level but ended up a bit over the mark again. On Monday it again dropped considerably below the $7,000 level after beginning the day slightly above.

Bitcoin may be in a bear market after dip below $7,500

Bitcoin has now retreated far below the $8,000 level and even dropped below $7,500 as its recent rally appears to have fizzled out and bearish conditions return.

Bitcoin has down day yesterday descending well below $8,000

A report from CoinDesk early today at 03:21 UTC notes that bears could be getting the upper-hand as at press time the price of bitcoin on Bitfinex exchange was at $7,536 down 6.9 percent on the day,.

Bitcoin price dips below $7,900 briefly but recovers over $8,000

Bitcoin (BTC) dropped below $7,900 briefly today July 30 shortly after 18:00 hours UTC but quickly rebounded to close well above $8,000.

Bitcoin price dips below $8,000 but climbs up over the mark today

Bitcoin dropped well below the $8,000 market yesterday after the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected again the Winklevoss brothers' application for a bitcoin exchange traded fund. However it bounced back over the mark today.

After breaching $7,000 bitcoin price blows through $8,000 mark

Bitcoin starts the new week with a huge bull run first pushing through the $7,000 mark and today easily passing the $8,000 mark. However according to a CoinDesk article the rally could run out of steam during the next few days.

Bitcoin flying high as it approaches the $8,000 level

Bitcoin's price is now threatening to break through the $8,000 level after just recently penetrating the $7,000 level after a long struggle.

Bitcoin price crashes through $7,000 may reach $7,500

Bitcoin has finally broken out to the upside, smashing the $7,000 barrier decisively and nearing the half-way mark to a new barrier of $8,000.

Bitcoin dips close to $6,000 level before recovering

After threatening to test the $6,000 level bitcoin's (BTC) price has rebounded to a high of $6,283 after it had the other day reached down as far as $6,080 with bitcoin being oversold intraday.

Bitcoin price closes on July 10th well below $6,500

A CoinDesk analysis posted at 10:40 UTC today described the bitcoin (BTC) price as being on the defensive today and predicted that it could suffer deeper losses within the next few days.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range above $6,700

BItcoin (BTC) is trading within a very limited range just over $6,700 and so far appears unable to break through key resistance levels to test the $7,000 level but there are still quite a few hours of trading for July 8th.

Bitcoin still is not able to test $7,000 level

On Wednesday bitcoin (BTC) rose to a high of $6,785 on Bitfinex the highest level since back on June 22 and looked as if it would test the psychological hurdle of $7,000 as was suggested by its Monday performance.

Bitcoin poised to test $7,000 level this week?

A CoinDesk article posted at 11:29 UTC today claims that bitcoin's (BTC) price is flashing green, even after a somewhat down day yesterday.

Bitcoin rises up over the $6,500 level today

After a drop well below the $6,000 level last week, the price of bitcoin (BTC) is well above the $6,000 level again and has been even above the $6,500 level.

Bitcoin's price seems stuck in a narrow range just above $6,000

Bitcoin's (BTC) price managed to stay above the $6,000 level all day today and even closed marginally up from its open but so far has not broken out either upward or downward.

Bitcoin recovers from dip to close weekend above $6,000

Bitcoin was predicted to dip below the $6,000 level on the weekend. It did so on Sunday but ended up recovering enough to close above the $6,000 level again.

Bitcoin's price now briefly dips into the high $5,000 level

The bitcoin price has today begun what appeared to be a steep decline below the $6,000 level. So far today the price has had a low of $5,785 a low for this year.

Bitcoin price drops briefly below the $6,000 level

An article in CoinDesk at 20:45 UTC today, Friday June 22nd, noted that at press time bitcoin's price had dropped as low as $6,063 its lowest points since February.

Bitcoin trading in narrow range above $6,600

While a CoinDesk analysis of bitcoin's (BTC) price movements yesterday claimed that it was facing a drop below $6,000 nothing of the sort has happened. Bitcoin opened today June 19th at more than $6,700. Perhaps the further drop will be later this week.

Bitcoin price revives but has not reached $7,000 level

A new analysis of the movements of the price of bitcoin (BTC) by CoinDesk claims that the price is still in recovery mode but must keep the price above a key support level which is just below $6,500.

Bitcoin prices may be preparing for a drop after brief recovery

On Sunday, bitcoin hit a two-month low of $6,619 on Sunday but recovered on Monday closing at $6,877. However, according to analysis by CoinDesk the slight rebound could be short-lived.

Bitcoin's price finally breaks out to the downside losing $800

On June 10 bitcoin's (BTC) price dropped precipitously 12 percent. Its losses now for the year are 50 percent. Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple also declined over 10 percent today.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range may breakout soon

Bitcoin has now been trading within a narrow range for over two weeks with low volatility. In the last 36 hours the price has not changed to any great extent.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range above $7,600

Today June 6, bitcoin (BTC) traded in a narrow range mostly above the $7,600 level. However, the price managed to close slightly up from its open. It is now just an hour into June 7th UTC.
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