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Worries about South Korean crackdown drives bitcoin price down

The price of the largest by cap cryptocoin, bitcoin, plunged down below $12,000 on Tuesday. This represented a six-week low for the coin. Later in the day it was actually below $11,000.

Bitcoin price recovers a bit on Boxing Day

After slumping over the holiday, bitcoin's price struggled back over $16,000 briefly on Boxing Day December 26th before falling back a ways. On December 17th it reached a high above $19,500. It then plummeted to just $10,834 on December 22.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin price falls as interest turns to other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin appears to have topped out as excitement about the first two future exchange launches fades and attention turns to other cryptocurrencies particularly bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin breaks through $19,000 setting new high

As investors prepare for a second bitcoin futures launch by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) its price reached a new high of $19,783.06 at 12:14 UTC today , December 17th.

Bitcoin price reaches another high and closes in on $18,000

Bitcoin set another high today with CoinDesk recording an intra-day high of $17,615. Many analysts think that the rise could have been fueled in part by the launch of bitcoin futures last Sunday evening by Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

Bitcoin's price roller coaster ride over $17,000 before big dip

Bitcoin's price is continuing its wild roller coaster ride reaching a new high of over $17,000 before plunging down to just over $14,000 early Friday morning (Dec. 8) at about 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time, giving many investors on the ride whiplash.

Bitcoin breaks $16,000 barrier with new record high

Thursday morning bitcoin broke through the $15,000 barrier. In fewer than 12 hours, or just half a day, the coin's price rose more than $2,000.

Bitcoin price punches through $12,000 reaching new high

Last night the price of bitcoin shot past the record $12,000 mark for the first time ever. No doubt to the amazement of doomsayers and dismay of short sellers the price went well over that mark.

Bitcoin posts new record high of $11,831 on Sunday

Although the currency defied doomsayers and posted another record high December 3rd, it nevertheless closed below its previous record high of $11,377.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin surges to record $11,388 then drops well over $1,000

After reaching a record high of $11,388 the price fell back back below a thousand during trading on Wednesday. Demand was so strong the exchanges had trouble handling the traffic. The price was quite volatile,

Less than a week after breaking $8,000 bitcoin now over $9,000

So far this year the price of bitcoin has risen more than 800 percent. In spite of many analysts predicting the rise is a bubble that will burst the price has been rising quickly of late.

Bitcoin bubble expands to over $8,200

Rather than bursting, the alleged bitcoin bubble carried on expanding from where it left off on Friday when it broke through the $8,000 mark on one main exchange.

Bitcoin price tops $8,000 on one major exchange Friday

On the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex bitcoin rose to a new all-time high of $8,040 on Friday morning briefly before dropping back below $8,000.

Bitcoin broke through to all-time high last week

In spite of many warnings that the purchase of bitcoins was risky and even claims that it was a fraud, bitcoin went above $5,000 per coin on Thursday reaching a new high of $5,856. 10 during the day.

Bitcoin reaches two-week high Sept. 28 before pulling back

On Thursday the price of bitcoin reached a two-week high but then pulled back to the level it had reached the previous day. South Korea's 3 largest exchanges were pricing bitcoin below $4,000 US.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin price recovering after big slump

Within just a few hours the price plunge of the cryptocurrency bitcoin reversed and bitcoin regained $700 US as the cryptocurrency market along with bitcoin recovered some of its value.

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