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Bitcoin's price now briefly dips into the high $5,000 level

The bitcoin price has today begun what appeared to be a steep decline below the $6,000 level. So far today the price has had a low of $5,785 a low for this year.

Bitcoin price drops briefly below the $6,000 level

An article in CoinDesk at 20:45 UTC today, Friday June 22nd, noted that at press time bitcoin's price had dropped as low as $6,063 its lowest points since February.

Bitcoin trading in narrow range above $6,600

While a CoinDesk analysis of bitcoin's (BTC) price movements yesterday claimed that it was facing a drop below $6,000 nothing of the sort has happened. Bitcoin opened today June 19th at more than $6,700. Perhaps the further drop will be later this week.

Bitcoin price revives but has not reached $7,000 level

A new analysis of the movements of the price of bitcoin (BTC) by CoinDesk claims that the price is still in recovery mode but must keep the price above a key support level which is just below $6,500.

Bitcoin prices may be preparing for a drop after brief recovery

On Sunday, bitcoin hit a two-month low of $6,619 on Sunday but recovered on Monday closing at $6,877. However, according to analysis by CoinDesk the slight rebound could be short-lived.

Bitcoin's price finally breaks out to the downside losing $800

On June 10 bitcoin's (BTC) price dropped precipitously 12 percent. Its losses now for the year are 50 percent. Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple also declined over 10 percent today.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range may breakout soon

Bitcoin has now been trading within a narrow range for over two weeks with low volatility. In the last 36 hours the price has not changed to any great extent.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range above $7,600

Today June 6, bitcoin (BTC) traded in a narrow range mostly above the $7,600 level. However, the price managed to close slightly up from its open. It is now just an hour into June 7th UTC.

Bitcoin climbing through mid-range between $7,000 and $8,000

May was not a good month for bitcoin's price but today it is recovering from recent lows and has risen above the $7,500 levels. However, the monthly chart is bearish according to a recent CoinDesk analysis.

Bitcoin faces a down weekend well below $8,000 level

Not too long ago, bitcoin was approaching the $10,000 level but it never reached it. After trading in the $9,000 to $10,000 range for some time it then fell below $9,000 and had been trading between the $8,000 to $9,000 range up to now.

Bitcoin price managed to breach $8,500 again Sunday

Bitcoin closed below key technical levels on Thursday indicating a bearish trend but the consequent sell off bottomed out at $7,925 on Friday to be followed by a rally over the weekend boosting the price over $500 dollars.

Bitcoin price dips below $8,000 before minor recovery

Bitcoin's (BTC) price dropped to a one-month low below the $8,000 level. It was down to $7,925 earlier today on Bitfinex. This is its lowest price since April 18.

Bitcoin drops close to $8,000 level as crypto markets decline

Over the past day the price of bitcoin has been dropping considerably. From a high of $8,824.17 on Tuesday to a low of just $8,292.10 just after midnight on Wednesday, a 6 percent decrease. However, it is still above the $8,000 level.

Bitcoin price stuck in the $8,000 to $9,000 range

Bitcoin joined other cryptocurrencies in ending the first week of May with descending prices. As of Sunday the price of bitcoin was well above its recent low but is still trading well below the $9,000 level.

Bitcoin price going nowhere slowly

Bitcoin appears stuck trading above $9,000 and below $10,000 for some time now. It is now trading at the lower end of that range and has come close to the $9,000 mark.

Bitcoin price fails to break through $10,000 and falls back

After coming close to the $10,000 mark over the weekend the price of bitcoin fell back and continued downward into Monday although it has remained above the $9,000 level.

Bitcoin looks set to test $10,000 level this weekend

Bitcoin closed on Thursday at $9,759 on Bitfinex, the highest daily close since March 7. This may signal a break out from the narrow range that bitcoin has been trading for almost a week now.

Bitcoin price reaches almost half way to $10,000 from $9,000

Bitcoin appears to be trending upwards again after a recent drop below $9,000. So far more than half way through today the price has remained above the $9,000 level and has approached the $9,500 mark.

Bitcoin price slumps down below $9,000 level

Bitcoin is struggling as May begins. After having been above the $9,000 mark for some time and appearing as if it could break out towards $10,000 it fell below the $9,000 mark shortly after opening today.

Bitcoin drops below $9,000 but crawls back over for now

The most recent CoinDesk analysis of bitcoin's price movements released at 10:30 UTC this morning April 26 shows that it looks to have found acceptance below $9,000 and the article argues that it risked a further pullback according to technical charts.

Bitcoin price trending up towards $9,500

According to a CoinDesk article, bitcoin (BTC) is being solidly bid today, April 24, and could be on its way for a test of the $10,000 mark and have recovered half of its value from its high close to $20,000 last December according to a chart analysis.

Bitcoin price briefly breaks through $9,000

Bitcoin's price hit a four week high. At 7:30 UTC time on April 20th the price went marginally over the $9,000 mark at 9,021, This is the highest it has been since March 22, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index.

Bitcoin price needs to trend higher or risk another fall

Although the price of Bitcoin(BTC) has remained above $8,000 all day suggesting a bullish trend, it has yet to trend upward significantly so far.

Bitcoin price drops below $8,000 on news of investigation

Schenectady - On Tuesday afternoon, New York State's Attorney General's office warned that cryptocurrency exchanges need to make transparency a greater priority.

Bitcoin price now recovered well above $8,000 level

Bitcoin is still far down from its all-time high of about $19,000 but during the last day or so its value had risen as high as $8,450 a 5 percent increase within a day. The cryptocurrency market value also crossed the $334 billion market

Op-Ed: Bitcoin gaining today so far but below $7,000

While a couple of days ago bitcoin looked to be solidly above the $7,000 mark it did not last and drifted back down below the barrier reaching a low of $6,611 on Monday night.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin crosses $7,000 barrier again but drops back briefly

Bitcoin briefly passed through the $7,000 level once today but fell back just below that barrier for a time. Yesterday, April 6th the price had fallen just below $6,500 but it recovered from that low.

Bitcoin briefly breaks $7,000 — then falls back

After a whole week of devastating losses bitcoin(BTC) has at least gained back some of its value in what could be a recovery.

Bitcoin price recovers slightly after dropping below $7,000

Bitcoin hit a 50 day low yesterday at $6,630 US . Part of the sell off may be related to its being the tax season according to Barry Slibert founder of the Digital Currency Group. It has affected not just bitcoin's price but that of many cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin struggles up to $9,000 again only to fall back

Sunday a week ago, March 18, the price of bitcoin (BTC) sunk below $7,500 but on March 24th the price rose very briefly to just over $9,000 but the price quickly dropped below 9,000 today.
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