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bionics News

World’s first dexterous and sentient hand prosthesis implanted

The first below-elbow amputation implant, using an osseo-neuromuscular prosthesis, has taken place. The prosthesis has aided a patient with recovery period following surgery.

Researchers 3D print of prototype for 'bionic eye'

Scientists have successfully 3D printed an array of light receptors on a hemispherical surface. This is the structural basis for developing a bionic eye, with the aim of improving the sight of the visually impaired.

Remarkable success to overcome paralysis

Dublin - Medical technologists working in Ohio have managed to help a paralyzed man to move his wrist and hand, to the extent that he can play guitar.

Synthetic skins could lead to touchy-feely robots

A new development in "smart" synthetic skins has been reported. The innovation should allow robots to detect and interpret more accurately and sensitively what is around them.

Bionic fingertip implant success

Advances in prosthetic touch resolution will allow an amputee to feel smoothness and roughness in real-time, thanks to an artificial fingertip.

First bionic bra close to reality

Technologists are close to launching a ‘Bionic Bra’. The bra automatically tightens in response to breast movement. The development has reached the prototype stage.

‘Iron Man’ super-plant made using nanotech

A team of MIT researchers wants to make plants even more useful by augmenting them with nanomaterials that could enhance their energy production.

Amputee is given a bionic hand (video)

Dennis Aabo Sørensen, a patient with an amputated lower arm, has been given an artificial limb that enables him to grasp at an object and feel it as though he was using his real hand.

Super catalyst could make a hydrogen fuel cell

Bionic leaves might one day be developed to produce energy-dense fuels from sunlight, water and atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, with no byproducts other than oxygen. The development of a new catalyst could represent a step towards this goal.

Video: Mind-controlled robots, they somewhat exist now

Researchers from France and Japan have collaborated on creating mind-controlled robots for various medical applications. This is still a work in progress.

Video: 'Terminator-like hand' in use turns sci-fi into reality

Metal worker Nigel Ackland, who lost his right forearm in an accident, demonstrates his "Terminator-like" replacement. From the video, it seemingly functions like an actual arm.

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bionics Image

Ekso Bionics robotic skeleton.
Ekso Bionics robotic skeleton.
Ekso Bionics
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have fully 3D printed an image sensing array on a hemisph...
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have fully 3D printed an image sensing array on a hemisphere, which is a first-of-its-kind prototype for a "bionic eye."
University of Minnesota, McAlpine Group
Bionics exoskeleton makes life easier for the paraplegics
Bionics exoskeleton makes life easier for the paraplegics
Esko Bionics

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