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Op-Ed: Personalized medicines and big data

Personalized medicine proposes the customization of healthcare. This means medical decisions, practices, and drug products being tailored to the individual patient. How can big data assist with meeting these objectives?

Op-Ed: Big data analytics in healthcare is all about ethics

While big data analytics are used in areas like finance and to assess global events, ethical codes covering the use of big data need to be adapted to meet the specific patient sensitivities of health-related activities.

Digital content set to equal half 'Earth's mass' by 2245

Data has been digital for only a short period in human history and in an even shorter period the growth of digital data has been exponential. Virtually ever aspect of our lives has been reduced to a datum.

Essential Science: Can big data solve our environmental problems?

Big data itself can assist with environmental problems if directed by the right policies. By applying the correct algorithms and orientating a study in a particular direction, then the potential power of big data can be harnessed for the social good.

Farmers are turning to big data to adapt to climate change

Climate change, especially global heating affecting farmers and causing problems both for growing crops and with animal husbandry. A new study shows how the use of big data can aid farmers in meeting the challenges from climate variation.

Q&A: Digital transformation of real estate is all about data Special

Real estate software solutions and technology integration into practices are beginning to influence the way that property transactions are handled. Central to these processes is data and analytics.

Q&A: Why data & analytics will transform insurance in 2020 Special

The insurance landscape is changing rapidly, and agencies need more insight to adapt with the industry. Their data is an untapped resource, but most teams don’t know how to translate it into actionable insights. Chad Hawkinson, at Vertafore explains.

Q&A: Finicity releases a first-of-its-kind verification solution Special

Finicity, a provider of real-time financial data access and insights, has announced the first-of-its-kind Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) solution. Steve Smith, CEO of Finicity explains more.

Q&A: Call tracking can assist marketers to gain better insights Special

Drawing analytics from marketing data can be a struggle. However, new forms of automation are emerging to enable marketers to view aggregated form data, and gain insight into which marketing effort provokes the best leads.

5G technology could lead to failure to warn about hurricanes

The implementation of 5G technology, if not of the right specification for a given area, could lead to a reduction in weather forecasting accuracy and lead to reduced abilities for storm tracking, according to the U.S. NOAA.

Op-Ed: Facebook in the firing line — Big fine, 20 years FTC oversight?

Menlo Park - Facebook’s big privacy issues have led to a pretty hardline range of options. The company could pay up to $5 billion as a fine, and be subject to 20 years of privacy oversight following charges by the FTC for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Essential Science: Big data assists with personal health metrics

Big data analytics can play a significant role in assessing human biology and health. But how significant? To assess the extent that digital data capture and analysis can assist scientists, a new study has assessed health data over several years.

Q&A: How insurance is changing in the age of data Special

Using location data provides many opportunities for insurers. Customers are becoming more receptive to the idea of sharing their data in order to benefit from financial products and services. What does this mean for insurance companies?

Three speakers you can’t miss at Big Data Toronto 2019

The 4th annual Big Data Toronto will bring 150 experts in front of thousands of attendees eager to navigate the world of big data.

Assessing the digital transformation maturity of businesses

Infosys has released a new report today revealing the digital transformation maturity of businesses in 2018, and what it takes to navigate the next stage of their journey. The report shows that some firms have much to do in order to progress.

Op-Ed: How artificial intelligence will redesign the world

Sydney - The mega-hype surrounding artificial intelligence includes geopolitical, social, economic and many other factors. It's starting to look, however, like artificial intelligence will spring more than a few unexpected surprises on the world, and soon.

Using big data to predict the future

Advances with machine learning and big data analytics are helping researchers, and ultimately companies, to make predictions about future trends by analysing patterns. A new application looks at medicine.

Predictive analytics to improve tornado warnings

A new way of examining weather data has been used by researchers to try and predict extreme weather patterns. It is hoped that the big data analytics approach can be used to gain improved predictions for tornadoes.

Big data techniques in auditing

To ensure that quality is maintained throughout an organization, frequent audits, both internal and external, are required to assess the effectiveness of processes and systems. For finance audits, big data analytics can assist.

Toronto is hosting a conference on Big Data and analytics

Toronto - The Canadian data industry convenes in downtown Toronto this week for the two-day Big Data Toronto 2018 Conference & Expo happening June 12 and 13.

Advances in digital marketing analytics: Interview Special

Digital marketing is seeing many changes, especially relating to the importance of data gathering and then using the analysed data for marketing purposes. conDati’s CEO Ken Gardner provides some insights.

Op-Ed: Facebook seeks to gather more data about its users

Facebook has patented an algorithm which, according to the filing, seeks to collect data about its users in terms of their apparent socioeconomic 'class'.

Essential Science: The future of policy making?

Data-driven science, the interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, is increasingly being used by governments and businesses to develop policy and strategy. We look at some examples.

AI is the key to unlocking business data

The first wave of artificial intelligence was targeted at helping companies to automate data collection. The second wave is focused on extracting meaningful value from data, through assessing data patterns.

Op-Ed: AI vs business models — Guess who’s winning

Sydney - The typical perceptions of AI, like any new tech, are now biting, hard, at business models. Also typical is the fact that this demonized new tech isn’t behaving as the negatives suggest, nor exactly as the evangelists describe.

Predicting consumer behavior is key to business success

Customer serving businesses can grow and remain competitive if they can predict what consumers are most interested in and how consumers might react to certain offers or incentives.

Rooting out corporate toxicity by advanced analytics: Interview Special

The company Visier helps customers to root out ‘corporate toxicity’ using advanced analytics. To discover what this entails and what more companies can do to protect their online presence, Digital journal spoke with John Schwarz.

Businesses using big data to track organic food consumers

Big data analytics are vital for retail. One research area has been with the growth in spending on organic produce. Here data analytics have been used by businesses to track and predict consumer shopping patterns.

CVS Health and Aetna come together for big data for healthcare

CVS Health and Aetna have come together to form a new organization that aims to restructure healthcare. The deal between the two enterprises is valued at $69 billion.

Telecoms and finance lead digital transformation strategies

The telecoms and finance industries are leading the charge towards digital transformation, according to a study of digital strategies at thousands of enterprises.
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1.62 mm group of Abellaïta white crystals micaceous habit aggregates. Location: Catalonia, Spain, January 14, 2016.
Matteo Chinellato
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Data leaks are growing  but companies are being overwhelmed
Data leaks are growing, but companies are being overwhelmed
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Big Data Toronto 2019 will host 150 speakers and thousands of attendees.
Big Data Toronto 2019 will host 150 speakers and thousands of attendees.
Big Data Toronto 2019

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