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bath salts News

One-third of British students have tried 'legal highs'

A new report suggests that around on third of students in the U.K. have used so-termed “legal highs.” These are products manufactured from the herb Salvia. The report suggests that the students under appreciate the potential harm.

Concern expressed about new 'legal highs'

A new report indicates that governments cannot keep up with the rate of new 'legal highs' being manufactured to feed the 'club culture' demand.

Navy releases nightmarish PSA to discourage use of 'bath salts'

The U.S. Navy has turned to scare tactics in an attempt to discourage sailors from using drugs. One, drug in particular, 'bath salts' are the target of a new PSA, that turns a day under the influence into a nightmare that ends in the hospital.

Survey: HS seniors think smoking pot is safe

As more states legalize the use of marijuana, more teens think smoking pot poses is safe than at any time since 1983, according to a Monitoring the Future survey of 45,449 students from 395 public and private schools published Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Bath salts — Legal garbage is opening a lethal can of worms

Sydney - Drug taking is a fact of this society. It always has been. Making things illegal tends to promote use, not stop it. Demand rises. Legal highs like the appallingly crappy bath salts are cashing in on the demand and making millions.

'Naked Rampage' leaves 1 dead, house in flames

Vallejo - One man is dead and another is in jail after being in involved in what police are calling a "naked rampage" where the two allegedly set fire to their rental home and broke out several car windows.

New mother smoked 'bath salts' in maternity ward, attacks staff

Altoona - A new mother was charged with smoking "Blizzard," a powerful form of the synthetic stimulants known as bath salts while still in the maternity ward of the Altoona Regional Hospital on June 17, two days after she gave birth.

Video: Watch former addict Freddy Sharp overdose on 'bath salts'

Freddy Sharp, 27, of Tennessee, is a former bath salts addict. He claims he has been addicted to the drug since he was 13 or 14 years old. Sharp describes an overdose on bath salts as the "evilest thing imaginable."

Canadian government to make key bath salts ingredient illegal

Ottawa - The Canadian federal government is moving to make methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), a key ingredient in the so-called bath salts drug, illegal, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said Tuesday at a news conference.

Bath Salts – Inside the rise of latest drug to capture notoriety

Miami - Bath salts, otherwise known as Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), have made headlines across the United States and Canada due to the latest "zombie attack" last week. But what is this psychoactive drug and where did it originate?

Synthetic pot bust yields guilty plea

Sonora - Synthetic marijuana was made illegal by the California Legislature as of January 1, 2012. One head shop owner now pleads guilty for sale of the product.

'Bath salts' banned in Nevada

Las Vegas - The state of Nevada has banned a series of street drugs called "bath salts", which have been linked to certain crimes and sometimes violent behaviors.

Teen dies after smoking fake marijuana

Pittsburgh - A 13-year-old Pennsylvania boy who underwent a double-lung transplant after his lungs collapsed from smoking synthetic marijuana in a plastic pipe made from a Pez candy dispenser has died from an infection.

Hallucinogenic drug 'bath salts' can be deadly

There is a new drug marketed as "bath salts" that is sending many users to emergency rooms. It also has caused death but is still legal in many states.

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