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Op-Ed: What would happen if the UK National Debt were cancelled?

London - What would happen if the United Kingdom were to default on its National Debt? Some people would like us to believe the sky would fall.

Op-Ed: Two lessons from the Philippines disaster

If the world is going through a severe period of austerity, how can we afford to aid the Philippines? There is a simple answer.

Op-Ed: Debt-free money for 2014?

At the outbreak of the Great War in July 1914, Great Britain was bankrupt. So how could it fight for four years and win, and what is the relevance of this today?

Op-Ed: Is there a new way to measure the economy?

Is there a new way to measure the economy? There is only one way, the correct way, and at long last it could be that the people at the top have an inkling of what it is.

Op-Ed: Cameron, the banksters and the magic money tree

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has come out with a corker - there is no magic money tree. If that is the case, perhaps he could tell us where money comes from?

Op-Ed: The Bankers' Conspiracy Unmasked

For over a hundred years, both concerned citizens and people in the know have warned against the bankers' conspiracy. They were derided as cranks, but now the truth is out in the open.

Why Greece, Britain and everyone else should default

The banksters and their political frontmen are holding Europe to ransom; we should call their bluff and default on these so-called debts.

Op-Ed: Kweku Adoboli — Scapegoat for the bankster mafia

London - Kweku Adoboli has been convicted at Southwark Crown Court of two counts of fraud. He was said to have gambled away nearly a billion and a half pounds, but isn't this what banksters and so-called traders do anyway?

Op-Ed: Banksters seek to control national budgets

Frankfurt - The dictatorship of finance aims to seize control of all the nations within the EU. For decades, people derided as cranks have claimed to see a conspiracy at work. Now, it is out in the open.

Op-Ed: City trader goes on trial for 'doing his job'

London - A City trader has gone on trial at Southwark Crown Court for gambling away over a billion pounds. A cynic might ask why is he in the dock?

Op-Ed: Nick Clegg's foolish u-turn on taxation

London - Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the rich should pay more tax. This will be popular with the man in the street, but is it wise?

Op-Ed: How to deal with the banksters — A lesson from the soaps

A recent episode of the UK soap “Emmerdale” contains a salutary lesson for all politicians, Greek and others, when dealing with the banking cartel.

Op-Ed: Financial news from the UK — Rip offs and whines

Yet again, a major bank has been caught with its hands in the till. Barclays Bank has been fined £290 million, and there are calls not only for resignations but prosecutions.

Op-Ed: Should Jimmy Carr pay more tax?

The comedian Jimmy Carr has come under fire from no less than Britain's Prime Minister for his aggressive tax avoidance, but this time, David Cameron is barking up the wrong tree.

Op-Ed: Bilderberg academic henchman preaches austerity for the young

A distinguished academic is about to deliver a lecture on the virtues of austerity. For us little people, not for himself and his masters.

Op-Ed: More free money for Britain's banks

Who says money is tight? The Bank of England has just announced plans to give away billons of pounds in cheap credit. The bad news is that this money is all going to the banks.

Review: 'Michael Portillo's Great Euro Crisis' Special

Athens - Recently, politician turned TV presenter Michael Portillo visited Greece to make a documentary. And to explain why he thinks Greece should dump the Euro.

Positive Money keeps up the pressure on the banksters Special

London - Positive Money is continuing its educational work with a new video about the biggest problem the world faces, and what we can do about it.

Review: A Marxist economist explains what is wrong with capitalism. Not

American economist Richard D. Wolff was born on April Fools' Day; in this interview with 'Russia Today', he shows why as he makes a complete and utter fool of himself.

Op-Ed: The Socialist Workers Party on the Greek debt crisis

Karl Marx would appreciate the Socialist Workers Party's analysis of the current Greek debt crisis. So would Groucho, Harpo and Chico.

Op-Ed: More bailout madness for Greece

An agreement has been reached to bail out Greece for the second time, goes the script, but who is being bailed out, and who is paying the price?

Op-Ed: Positive Money - training people to take on the banksters Special

London - The people behind Positive Money have recently released videos of their October conference; now they have a bigger task, training a small army of speakers to spread the gospel, and break the stranglehold the banking cartel has over the economy.

Op-Ed: The Brixton Pound goes digital

London - If you've never heard of the Brixton Pound, it's time you did. It is one of several local currencies circulating in Britain, and one of the ways ordinary people can break the monopoly of credit.

Op-Ed: Who the Dickens was Major Douglas?

Next month sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. This year is also the 60th anniversary of the death of an even greater Englishman. But who was Major Douglas, and what is his legacy?

Op-Ed: Money's too tight to mention - for the homeless, not the banks

London - The BBC news this afternoon revealed that the homeless are dying thirty years prematurely, and that Europe has given half a trillion Euros to the banks.

Op-Ed: Milton Friedman - an appraisal five years after his death

The free market economist Milton Friedman died November 16, 2006; he was awarded the 1976 Nobel Prize for Economics, but how do his ideas shape up today?

Op-Ed: Lord Fraud is back, and pleading for a second chance

London - Lord Taylor of Warwick is out of gaol and says he wants to make amends for dipping his hand into the public purse. He could start by taking on the crooks who haven't served hard time - the banksters.

Op-Ed: Pay writers, not banksters!

Attitudes towards copyright theft vary: some regard it as a victimless crime; some as no crime at all; others as something akin to serial murder. There is though a solution to the problem, if our governments are brave enough to take it.

Op-Ed: Abraham Lincoln — The saviour of Europe?

The so-called debt crisis is being used by the banks and their political lapdogs to peddle yet another bailout, failing which Europe and the world will plunge into a new recession, but there is another solution.

Op-Ed: How bonuses pay and benefits don't

Yesterday, it was reported that the European Parliament was planning to curb the bonuses being paid to bank staff, while a guest on a BBC news programme explained how benefit claimants are stuck in the poverty trap.
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