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autonomous cars News

New blockchain platform for autonomous vehicles

Blockchain can assess with the operation of automated vehicles, helping to assess vehicle diagnostics and to gather environmental information, aimed at improving reliability and safety. A new blockchain solution has been announced.

Two tech giants filed patents to personalize autonomous car rides

Patents filed by Apple and Amazon show that both companies are looking in to how they can each make autonomous car rides more user-specific.

Photonic sensing for automated driving

AIT has launched a new trans-national project to develop photonic sensing. The sensors will be suitable for automated driving, to improve autonomous vehicles, and industrial manufacturing.

Navigation startup for self-driving cars nabs $80 million

Chinese smart location and mapping service startup, that builds high-definition real-time maps for self-driving cars, has raised $80 million in a Series A funding round.

Startups leading the way with autonomous car developments

Autonomous vehicles are the future for cars, or so we are told. Yet the vision, backed by major technology and car firms, is running behind. To re-energize the concept, many major players are turning to startups.

Making autonomous vehicles safer

The car company NEVS and the technology form Phantom Auto are to collaborate on autonomous vehicle technology, specifically in working on designs to help make vehicles safer.

How to handle moral judgments for driverless cars?

Driverless car technology requires a moral dimension. In the event of an impending accident, does the car strike a pedestrian or another car, for example? Researchers have been studying the ethics of autonomous vehicles.

Developing self-driving cars for country roads

Boston - Autonomous vehicles require intricate maps as part of their operations, which limits them to cities. A new system enables navigation with just GPS and sensors, a technology suitable for self-driving cars on country roads.

Dell enters emerging connected vehicles segment

Dell Technologies has announced it has joined the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) to advance the emerging connected- and self-driving vehicles segment. The focus is on managing automotive big data in smarter ways.

Waymo to add Jaguar's I-Pace SUVs to its self-driving fleet

Google's Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover have inked a deal that will add tens of thousands of the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace SUV's to Waymo's growing fleet of self-driving taxis.

China gives Baidu permission to test autonomous EVs in Beijing

Beijing - The Chinese search engine and technology company Baidu has gained approval from the Chinese government to begin testing its self-driving cars in a sign of China's strong support for the industry.

Official: Uber unlikely at fault in deadly self-driving car crash

Tempe - Sylvia Moir, the police chief of Tempe Arizona told the San Francisco Chronicle that it was unlikely that Uber was at fault in a deadly accident involving a self-driving car that killed a woman on Sunday evening in the city.

Arizona and California compete to attract self-driving car tests

Both Arizona and California appear anxious to allow fully autonomous cars to be tested on their public roads as both have issued orders allowing such tests.

California to allow testing self-driving cars with no driver

Sacramento - The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California USA announced last Monday that it has established new rules that will allow those working on autonomous vehicles to begin trials with no safety driver at the wheel.

Self-driving robotic delivery vehicles tested

The automation of retail is extending out in many directions, from self-service to drones. Another area being developed is with self-driving delivery vehicles. A new startup has unveiled a robotic solution.

Ford Motors to boost investment in electric and hybrid cars

Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show on Sunday, Executive chairman Bill Ford announced the auto giant plans to invest $11 billion in bringing 24 plug-in hybrids and 16 fully electric vehicles to market by 2022.

GM to deliver autonomous car with no steering wheel

A further step towards the completely autonomous vehicle: General Motors plans to have a vehicle on the roads with no steering wheel or pedals by 2019.

New depth sensors improve self-driving cars

Boston - Research reveals new depth sensors could make self-driving cars practical. A computational method has improved resolution of time-of-flight depth sensors 1,000-fold.

Will agile sensor technology surpass LiDAR?

The competitive race to develop the optimal vehicle sensor technology for self-driving vehicles could be embarking on a new course with ‘agile sensor technology’, which is presented as more accurate, efficient and safer than LiDAR.

Ford does an about-face — Moves EV manufacturing to Mexico

Detroit - Ford Motor Company has taken everyone by surprise, announcing it now plans to build a small electric-powered sports utility vehicle in Mexico instead of at its Michigan factory. The Flat Rock plant is being revamped to produce autonomous vehicles.

GM set for robo-taxi service in 2019

San Fransisco - Car manufacturer General Motors has announced plans for self-driving vehicles to act as taxis to appear in key U.S. cities and suburbs in 2019. The cost of these vehicles is relatively low, at around $30,000, offering high returns for investors.

Microsoft AI simulator includes autonomous car research

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence simulator has been expanded to include autonomous car research. The company has announced that its AirSim system will be used for testing the safety of vehicle artificial intelligence systems.

New high resolution LiDAR becomes more affordable

The company Velodyne has unveiled a LiDAR sensor that has improved resolution, range, and field of view. The system consists of 128 laser beam and it could become the new industry standard.

Waymo to launch driverless robo-taxis in Arizona

Phoenix - If you’re in Arizona in the near future and require a cab the chances are the vehicle that turns up to take you to your destitution will be without a human behind the wheel. This is in light of Waymo’s plan to introduce an autonomous service.

Two autonomous vehicles are better than one

Two autonomous vehicles connected together and traveling along the same route are safer when compared with one lone vehicle, according to a new study. This is due to wider field of view and extended situational awareness.

New software detects if people text and drive

Waterloo - Using mobile devices while driving is fraught with danger, especially those who engage in texting. This is a concern for businesses who require drivers to transport goods. To alert drivers, new software has been developed.

Essential Science: The man who helps cars to see

LiDAR technology can serve a critical role in terms of obstacle detection and avoidance, allowing vehicles to navigate safely through environments. As autonomous cars become a pressing reality, this technology is leading the way forward.

Samsung to begin self-driving car tests in California

Los Angeles - Samsung has been given permission to test out its self-driving cars on public roads in California at the same time that the roads are used for cars driven by people.

Apple handed self-driving test permit

San Fransisco - Apple has been working on autonomous cars for a while but little detail has emerged. That's about to change. Apple has been granted a permit to test self-driving cars on the streets of California.

Michigan now allows self-driving cars on public roads

Detroit - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation on Friday that allows companies to test self-driving cars on Michigan roads without a driver or steering wheel, pushing the state to the forefront of autonomous vehicle technologies.
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Tesla Model S and Model X side by side at the Gilroy Supercharger  California.
Tesla Model S and Model X side by side at the Gilroy Supercharger, California.
Steve Jurvetson
File photo: A self-driving car on the road in Mountain View
File photo: A self-driving car on the road in Mountain View
Grendelkhan (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Google has racked up the most mileage testing its driverless cars on California public roads.
Google has racked up the most mileage testing its driverless cars on California public roads.
California Department of Motor Vehicles
A Google self-driving car manoeuvred around some sandbags and was hit at low speed by a bus in Mount...
A Google self-driving car manoeuvred around some sandbags and was hit at low speed by a bus in Mountain View, California
Noah Berger, AFP/File
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
Steve Jurvetson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
General Motors: The Cruise AV is designed to operate safely on its own  with no driver  steering whe...
General Motors: The Cruise AV is designed to operate safely on its own, with no driver, steering wheel, pedals or other manual controls when it goes on the road in 2019.
General Motors Co.
California Department of Motor Vehicles