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New software detects if people text and drive

Waterloo - Using mobile devices while driving is fraught with danger, especially those who engage in texting. This is a concern for businesses who require drivers to transport goods. To alert drivers, new software has been developed.

Essential Science: The man who helps cars to see

LiDAR technology can serve a critical role in terms of obstacle detection and avoidance, allowing vehicles to navigate safely through environments. As autonomous cars become a pressing reality, this technology is leading the way forward.

Samsung to begin self-driving car tests in California

Los Angeles - Samsung has been given permission to test out its self-driving cars on public roads in California at the same time that the roads are used for cars driven by people.

Apple handed self-driving test permit

San Fransisco - Apple has been working on autonomous cars for a while but little detail has emerged. That's about to change. Apple has been granted a permit to test self-driving cars on the streets of California.

Michigan now allows self-driving cars on public roads

Detroit - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation on Friday that allows companies to test self-driving cars on Michigan roads without a driver or steering wheel, pushing the state to the forefront of autonomous vehicle technologies.

Self-driving cars to be tested out on Boston streets

Boston - The startup nuTonomy, who brought robot taxis to the streets, are planning to try out self-driving cars by the end of the year. Boston is where the testing will occur.

Intel to spend $250 million to develop self-driving cars

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, said his company plans on investing $250 million towards the development of self-driving vehicles. The money will be spent over the course of the next two years.

Obama endorses self-driving cars as U.S. issues safety checklist

Washington - In an opinion piece published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, United States President Barack Obama endorsed self-driving vehicles as long as they are safe, as the U.S. government outlined a new policy on autonomous cars.

Driver killed in Tesla Model S sedan crash in the Netherlands

Another accident involving Tesla, this time in the Netherlands, occurred when a man driving a Model S sedan was killed after his car crashed at high speed into a tree and caught fire.

Ride-sharing giant Uber buys autonomous truck startup Otto

Ride-sharing service Uber has acquired Otto, a self-driving technology company, as it is vigorously pushing through with its autonomous vehicle undertaking.

German carmaker BMW to develop driverless car

Germany’s BMW is joining the race to develop driverless car as it entered into partnership with two other firms to bring autonomous driving to the streets in five years.

Anticipating the future — Will electric cars lead the way?

Even though electric cars are nothing new, bold thinking and innovations in technology are taking the shine off Detroit's yearly offerings. This was especially true this year, not only at CES 2016, but at the 2016 North American International Auto Show.

Op-Ed: Driverless trucks from Mexico to Manitoba: What could go wrong?

Brownsville - Hot on the wheels of Google's second generation of driverless cars, industry heads plan to send driverless big rigs on the road on a planned route from Mexico to Manitoba.

Google's autonomous car ready to hit the road

Google has announced that the first finalised prototype of its much-vaunted self-driving vehicle is set to be tested on the road and could be hitting the roads of Northern California as early as next month.

Toyota engineer warns of the dangers of autonomous cars

A Toyota engineer, among many other people and organizations, are considering the bad effects that driverless cars may have on society.

How driverless cars could cripple police revenues

We recently learned Google's self-driving cars have never received a ticket, and now the big question is if autonomous vehicles will have such a spot-free driving record that law enforcement budgets won't get billions in speeding ticket revenue.

Drivers worry about automated-car liability

Mason - As carmakers continue their drive toward automated vehicles, the driving public is getting increasingly worried about the potential of unattended vehicles crashing on their roads.

Drivers would consider self-driving cars to save on insurance

Ninety percent of licensed drivers would consider buying a self-driving car to save a lot of money on car insurance, according to a new survey by

Will Washington be next to authorize driverless cars?

Washington - The nation's capital may be the next region to approve driverless cars depending on the outcome of a hearing on Tuesday.

How will driverless cars affect liability and insurance?

As Google forges ahead with its autonomous driving technology, the full impact of how this it will affect other industries remains to be seen.

Survey: 1 in 5 drivers are interested in self-driving cars

Autonomous cars have been an increasingly popular topic of discussion as technology is rapidly bringing the idea of a self-driving car to reality.

Nevada approves permits for self-driving cars on roadways

Looking into the future, Nevada has become the first state to approve self-driving cars. This week Nevada lawmakers approved rules to allow driverless cars on state roads.

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autonomous cars Image
California Department of Motor Vehicles
A Google self-driving car manoeuvred around some sandbags and was hit at low speed by a bus in Mount...
A Google self-driving car manoeuvred around some sandbags and was hit at low speed by a bus in Mountain View, California in February 2016
Noah Berger, AFP/File
A Waymo self-driving car.
A Waymo self-driving car.
Google has racked up the most mileage testing its driverless cars on California public roads.
Google has racked up the most mileage testing its driverless cars on California public roads.
California Department of Motor Vehicles
Tesla Model S and Model X side by side at the Gilroy Supercharger  California.
Tesla Model S and Model X side by side at the Gilroy Supercharger, California.
Steve Jurvetson
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
Steve Jurvetson

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