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arab spring News

Op-Ed: Clinton's scandalous email release shows her Machiavellian side

The recent Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton's scandalous emails since her time as Secretary of State have unveiled her role in fostering major crises, namely the overthrow of Ghaddafi, the destabilization of Syria, and Israel's role in Syria's war.

'Industrial scale' justice as Egypt court sentences 683 to death

Minya - A court in Egypt, Monday, recommended the death penalty for 683 people after a mass trial that’s been heavily criticized both by European government leaders and human rights organizations.

Protesters in Yemen demand former president be tried for crimes

Sanaa - In March of 2011 during the peak period of the Yemen protests that eventually toppled the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh 45 protesters were killed when cornered by security forces.

Mohamed Morsi accused of killings, the US wants him freed

The US government has called on Egyptian army to free the ousted Mohamed Morsi amid the ongoing protests on the first Friday of Ramadan, while the deposed president and several Muslim Brotherhood leaders are being accused of killing protesters.

Barack Obama: United States is not involved in Egypt

US President Barack Obama said the United States is not involved with any political party or group in Egypt following the removal of Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi. White House said Obama had also condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt.

Egyptian army declared an emergency state in Suez Canal and Sinai

State-owned Ahram Online launched a breaking news Friday saying General Osama Askar has declared a state of 'high alert' in Suez and south Sinai after Islamic militants attacked army checkpoints and a police base in North Sinai, killed one soldier.

ElBaradei: Egyptian military coup is the right thing to do

Mohamed ElBaradei called the military's ousting of President Mohamed Morsi the right thing for the country. He said “We cannot afford Egypt to fail. Nobody can afford Egypt to fail," and criticized Morsi for not governing for all Egyptians.

Egypt: Adly Mansour sworn in as interim president replacing Morsi

An Egyptian military decree says Adly Mansour will serve as Egypt’s interim leader until a new president is elected, while Mohamed Morsi is now under house arrest at an undisclosed location. A date for that vote has yet to be set.

Ultimatum reaches the deadline, Egyptian revolution isn’t over

Egyptian General Abdul Fattah gave Morsi ultimatum Monday saying he has 48 hours to accommodate his opponents with a power sharing agreement or be pushed aside. Morsi said he will not comply, opponents promised another bloodshed, the deadline approaches.

Study links social media to narcissistic personality Special

Social media is everywhere, and a new study shows a link between it and narcissistic personality in both adults and college students. A social media marketing professional and study details help shed some light on the issue.

Former Tunisian president sentenced again after 2 life sentences

Tunis - The ex-president of Tunisia, Zine Ben Ali was given a five-year jail term in absentia and also fined 3.5 million euros for corruption. Ben Ali has already been given two life sentences.

NPR's Andy Carvin: Distant Witness Special

NPR's Andy Carvin is redefining how news is disseminated, distributed, shared, and consumed. His new book details how social media was used to report events in the Arab World in 2011, and more broadly, how technology is changing news reporting.

London School of Economics cancels Middle East Conference

Dubai - The London School of Economics has cancelled a Middle East conference on the Arab Spring that was to begin on February 23rd in Dubai in the UAE citing curbs on research by the UAE.

Citizenship in the Caribbean selling well

Unhappy with being a citizen of your native land? Fancy a second passport? How about buying citizenship of a Caribbean island, for a price that is?

Bashar Assad's own mother is rumored to have defected to the UAE

Damascus - A U.S. Ambassador as well as Arab media reports, claim that the dictator of Syria's own mother has join the list of high level supporters to flee the country.

Video: Aftermath of Syrian bakery bombing that killed over 100

A recent bombing in Syria had struck a line of over 1,000 people waiting outside of a bakery for bread. The death toll in the bombing is believed to be over 100.

Morsi turns dictator; opposition torches Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo - Friday, remnants of Arab spring returned to Cairo days after Mohammed Morsi received credit from the U.S. and other countries for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas terrorists.

Video: Brooklyn's Arab-Americans getting out the vote

Brooklyn - In the 2012 US Elections, Arab-American activists were hard at work getting out the vote from both Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans.

Egyptian President Morsi Pardons Protesters

Cairo - President Mohammed Morsi announced yesterday that protesters arrested or convicted of crimes between January 25, 2011 and June 30, 2012 in support of the Egyptian Revolution would be granted a general pardon.

Marcel Khalife, Musical Poet Special

Lebanese musician Marcel Khalife is a star in the world music scene. His inspired blend of traditional and modern sounds, and his anti-establishment stance have garnered comparisons with Bob Dylan. But as he reveals, there's more than meets the eye.

Former Israeli Chief of staff opposed to attacking Iran

Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon's Yishai Friedman, covered the speech by Israeli former chief of staff Lt. General (reserves) Gabi Ashkenazi, who voiced opposition to directly attacking Iran at this stage, at the "Council for peace and security" convention

Marwan Bishara on the Arab Spring

Washington - Marwan Bishara is senior political analyst for Al Jazeera (English). He also hosts a program called "Empire" that examines the agendas of great powers. He talks of his book "The Invisible Arab" in the video. His talk is half an hour of the video.

Putin's 24 hours Middle East visit comes to end Special

Jerusalem - As Russian president Vladimir Putin wraps up his Middle East tour visiting Jordan, after starting out in Israel, and moving on to The Palestinian Authority, one may ask what parties objectives were achieved over the past few days...

Egyptian protesters chant 'Monica;' pelt Clinton motorcade

Alexandria - Egyptian protesters pummeled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade with shoes and tomatoes during her first visit since Islamist President Mohamed Mursi was elected.

Egypt holds presidential vote amid rising tension, uncertainty

Cairo - Egypt's runoff presidential election began Saturday and will continue through Sunday amid a cloud of uncertainty and suspicion after its supreme court ruled to dissolve the democratically elected parliament Thursday.

mesh 2012: Covering the Arab Spring with real-time journalism

Toronto - Find out how prolific Twitter maven Andy Carvin of NPR covered the tumultous events during the Arab Spring using real-time journalism techniques. Digital Journal's liveblog of this mesh 2012 session is now over but can be read in its entirety.

'The World Tomorrow' Ep 4. Rajab & El-Fattah: Arab Spring (video)

London - This week's episode of the controversial talk show discusses the Arab Spring. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange interviews Nabeel Rajab, human rights leader from Bahrain and Alaa Abd El-Fattah, political activist from Egypt.

Arab Spring: Life on the curb (RT documentary)

A different view on the situation with illegal immigrants in Italy. People escaping from war-torn countries have nowhere else to go.

Op-Ed: Massive protests and meetings against World War III

The Stop The War Coalition has announced protests and meetings against the ongoing madness on both sides of the Atlantic, including action in Parliament.

Op-Ed: Get Theocratic Infringement Out of Free Society

A call for an end to theocratic influence in free society, looking at same-sex marriage, the Catholic-rape scandal, Rwanda, Islamic fascism and more.
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Rebel fighters at positions outside Brega  Libya
Rebel fighters at positions outside Brega, Libya
Phil Ittner
Names of martyrs obelisk in Tahrir square taken January 25  2012
Names of martyrs obelisk in Tahrir square taken January 25, 2012
Gigi Ibrahim
Thousands of protesters attended a rally in Tahrir Square to call on the ruling Supreme Council of t...
Thousands of protesters attended a rally in Tahrir Square to call on the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to transfer power to a civilian administration and to honour the revolution's martyrs
Assange s  The World Tomorrow  Ep. 4 - Alaa Abd El-Fattah  Egypt.
Assange's "The World Tomorrow" Ep. 4 - Alaa Abd El-Fattah, Egypt.
Video Screen Capture
Assange s  The World Tomorrow  Ep. 4 - Nabeel Rajab  Bahrain.
Assange's "The World Tomorrow" Ep. 4 - Nabeel Rajab, Bahrain.
Video Screen Capture
January 25  2012 one year anniversary Egypt s revolution in Tahrir square
January 25, 2012 one year anniversary Egypt's revolution in Tahrir square
Gigi Ibrahim
Anti-government protestors rallying in Damascus  Syria  in April 2011.
Anti-government protestors rallying in Damascus, Syria, in April 2011.
Assange s  The World Tomorrow  Ep. 4 - Nabeel Rajab and Julian Assange.
Assange's "The World Tomorrow" Ep. 4 - Nabeel Rajab and Julian Assange.
Video Screen Capture
Biz Stone  co-founder of Twitter
Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter
Joi Ito
Tahir Square
Tahir Square
wikomedia commons
Adly Mansour  president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt  sworn in as interim president ...
Adly Mansour, president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, sworn in as interim president replacing Mohamed Morsi
Bahrain protesters.
Bahrain protesters.

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