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The Lost Girls — Those who were found and those who were not

Machynlleth - The funeral of April Jones was held today. Only a few fragments of bone were found. Thankfully, not all stories of this nature have entirely unhappy endings.

Op-Ed: Cameron's ludicrous ‘anti-rape’ law

David Cameron is at it again. Earlier this month his Coalition Government wanted to decide what your kids eat. Now he wants to decide what they read, hear and see.

Child killer experiences prison justice

Wakefield - Less than two months ago, Mark Bridger was given a life sentence for the murder of a young girl. On Sunday, he experienced a different kind of justice.

Op-Ed: Statists exploit tragedies to promote censorship

The murders of April Jones and drummer Lee Rigby shocked Britain and to some extent the world. Now the usual suspects are attempting to exploit them for their own, sinister ends.

Op-Ed: Should the police have tortured Mark Bridger?

Mold - As Mark Bridger begins a life sentence for the murder of April Jones, one question remains, what happened to the victim's body?

The April Jones murder trial verdict

After a trial lasting nearly two months, Mark Bridger has been convicted of the murder of April Jones, the young girl he snatched off the street.

UK legal news: Child murder, slavery, and acid in the face

A child killer changes his plea to guilty in mid-trial; yet another gang is convicted of grooming underage girls; and a disgraced former Government Minister is released from gaol.

Juries hear harrowing evidence in two child murder trials

London - At the Central Criminal Court, Stuart Hazell is currently standing trial for the murder of Tia Sharp; in Wales, Mark Bridger is standing trial for the murder of April Jones.

Mass murder and alleged child murder in Wales

Machynlleth - Wales has a population of barely three million souls, but this week it has seen two of the most harrowing criminal trials in the UK this year.

Op-Ed: Two slightly unusual murder trials

Mold - The man charged with the murder of 5 year old April Jones has pleaded not guilty to her murder even though he says he is "probably responsible" for her death, while the brother of Gemma McCluskie has admitted disposing of her body but again denies murder.

The lost boys and girls of Britain

Twenty-one years ago, a young boy from Sheffield disappeared without trace on the Greek island of Kos. Today, British police began digging for his body. Sadly, he is far from the only one.

April Jones: Sadness, anger and obscenity

Machynlleth - As one man appears in court charged with the murder of April Jones, another appears in court and is sent to gaol for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Mark Bridger charged with the murder of April Jones

Machynlleth - April Jones is still missing and is now presumed dead. Mark Bridger, the only suspect to date, has now been formally charged with her murder.

Op-Ed: The Tragedy And Hope Of April Jones

Machynlleth - The disappearance of a five-year-old girl from a Welsh village has generated an enormous response from the public, both locally and throughout the UK.

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