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Amanaci, the Jaguar that symbolizes environmental destruction in Brazil wetlands

Corumba De Goias - Amanaci used to roam freely around Brazil's Pantanal region until an outbreak of fires in this paradise of biodiversity left the jaguar with scorched paws.

Salvador vet's painstaking surgery helps mutilated bird fly again

Sansalvador - Veterinary surgeon Jose Coto's clinic at the El Salvadoran environment ministry has its hands full as it cares for a wide array of injured, neglected or abused wild animals in the Central American country.

As Brazil's wetlands burn, rain is 'only hope'

Matupa - Lieutenant Silva's face is grim as he watches his firefighters try -- and fail -- to control one of the thousands of wildfires ravaging Brazil's Pantanal, the world's biggest tropical wetlands."It needs to rain. We've got low moisture, intense heat.

Desperate race against fires in world's biggest tropical wetlands

S - The smell of burnt vegetation and the red glow of flames welcome visitors these days to the Pantanal, the world's biggest tropical wetlands -- a biodiverse paradise that is now partly reduced to ashes by record wildfires.

'Superfungus' threatens last Panamanian golden frogs

Panama - Cocooned from the outside world, some 200 critically endangered golden frogs are living a sheltered existence in Panama, protected from a devastating fungus that threatens to wipe out a third of the country's amphibian species -- a situation scientists...

Giant tortoise Diego, a hero to his species, is home

Quito - Diego the giant Galapagos tortoise whose tireless efforts are credited with almost single-handedly saving his once-threatened species, was put out to pasture Monday on his native island after decades of breeding in captivity, Ecuador's environment mini...

Mara the ex-circus elephant retires to Brazil

Bras - Mara, an Indian elephant rescued from an Argentine circus, arrived at an animal sanctuary in Brazil Wednesday to start a new life at 50-something -- beginning with a celebratory frolic in the dirt.

Peru's top court rejects bid to ban cock, bull fighting

- Peru's top court on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit brought by animal rights activists hoping to ban cock and bull fighting on grounds they are unconstitutional.

Glass frogs reappear in Bolivia after 18 years

La Paz - A rare species of frog native to the eastern slopes of the Bolivian Andes has been spotted in the South American country for the first time in 18 years, the investigation team that made the discovery told AFP.

Peruvian police arrest Belgian with 20 wild birds in suitcase

- Peruvian police have arrested a Belgian man at Lima Airport for trying to smuggle 20 live birds to Europe in his suitcase, the National Forest and Wildlife Service said Wednesday.

Amazon river dolphins threatened by mercury pollution

S - Amazon river dolphins are showing alarming levels of contamination mainly because of illegal panning for gold, conservationists say.

Pig farmers pessimistic as China tries to talk down swine fever

Bejing - Sun Dawu sighs sadly when asked about the death of thousands of his pigs, killed by the African swine fever outbreak that has been decimating hog herds across China.

Frida the rescue dog retires in Mexico

Mexico - Frida the rescue dog, a labrador retriever who gained worldwide fame for her heroics after the earthquake that devastated Mexico on September 19, 2017, officially retired from duty Monday.

Japanese man jailed for smuggling insects from Ecuador

Quito - A Japanese man was sentenced to two years in prison in Ecuador for attempting to smuggle a massive haul of creepy crawlies out of the country, officials said Thursday.

Unfroggetable: endangered Bolivian amphibians get long-awaited first date

La Paz - The fate of a species may just rest on this love story.

Mexican zoo welcomes baby penguins

Guadalajara - After painstakingly recreating an Antarctic environment in the balmy climate of central Mexico, the Guadalajara Zoo has welcomed two baby Adelie penguins into the world.

Romeo and Juliet: the last hopes to save Bolivian aquatic frog

La Paz - Almost a year after conservationists sent out a plea to help save a species of Bolivian aquatic frog by finding a mate for the last remaining member, Romeo, his very own Juliet has been tracked down deep inside a cloud forest.

In Caracas, macaws' bold color show can't be missed

Caracas - Colorful wild macaws flying through Caracas skies are a bright sight to behold. Striking and mostly docile, they settle on balconies in search of food. But that very closeness is not always what's best for them.

Honduras zoo struggles to replace the drug money that built it

Santa Cruz De Yojoa - An imposingly tall giraffe, powerful African lions and proud Bengal tigers are among the many highlights of a zoo -- created by wealthy drug traffickers -- that is like a Garden of Eden in the green mountains of Honduras.

Mexico ranch helps American bison make a comeback

Mexico - Hundreds of years ago, the American bison roamed freely across the widest natural range of any herbivore on the continent -- a vast habitat extending from northern Mexico across the United States to Alaska, and Canada.

Colombian zoo celebrates birth of endangered spider monkey

Medell - A zoo in Colombia is celebrating the birth of a baby spider monkey, a rare species in danger of extinction.

Fearless Sombra, the cocaine-sniffing bane of drug traffickers

Apo - Sombra works for a crack anti-narcotics police squad in Colombia's capital Bogota, has helped recover millions of dollars in illegal drugs, and like many of her colleagues, has faced threats.

Donkey in farmgirl getup wins Colombian pageant

Puerto Gait - A donkey disguised as a flirty farmgirl took home a quirky Colombian contest's top prize Sunday, without even making an ass of herself.No it wasn't Miss Colombia: Livestock Version, but it could have been.

Better late than never: Mexico turtle declared new species

Puerto Vallarta - Slow and steady wins the race, the saying goes -- and it seems to have worked for a small type of turtle native to western Mexico that has been declared a new species.

Beached whale dies despite rescue efforts at Argentina resort

Buenos Aires - A whale that ran aground on a beach in Mar del Plata, Argentina's biggest seaside resort, has died despite rescue efforts to get it back into the sea.

Nicaraguans appeal to St Lazarus to cure pet dogs

Masaya - Forget the vet -- worshippers in Nicaragua appealed to a higher power to cure their beloved canine friends Sunday, during an annual festival in honor of Saint Lazarus.

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