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Mysterious 'UFO' captures imaginations in Japan

Apo - It's hardly the stuff of little green men, but a mysterious balloon-like object seen floating across the skies of northern Japan has captured national attention, even prompting questions to the government.

Review: This week’s releases try to find answers to the unknown Special

This week’s releases include an exceptional transformation and performance; a blessing that doubles as a curse; a new, self-aware chapter; a picture that changes direction midway through the journey; and a memorable curtain call.

NASA backed project to find alien life

Is there life on other planets? This perennial question still fascinates. An international team of scientists, supported by NASA, have laid the groundwork for scanning the skies for life.

Review: Ridley Scott returns to form with Alien Covenant Special

For those slightly disappointed with Prometheus, Ridley Scott has returned to form with his second Alien prequel - Alien Covenant. The movie veers sometimes towards an 'Alien greatest hits', but it's none the worse for it.

Review: ‘Life’ draws from similar past experiences Special

‘Life’ is a conventional but entertaining sci-fi movie in which a space crew is hunted by a newly discovered alien species that could threaten the human race.

Review: ‘Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World’ expands on the artist’s legacy Special

‘Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World’ is an in-depth documentary that is interested in more than just the famous artist who was recruited to design the creature in ‘Alien.’

NASA chief says we'll discover alien life in 10 to 20 years

A top NASA scientist has announced that we are on the verge of finding alien life. The view from the space agency experts is that it is not a question of if, but when we will discover it and that could be quite soon.

Former NASA engineer saw 9-ft alien with Space Shuttle astronauts

Clark C. McClelland, a man who says he was a NASA spacecraft operator, claimed in a statement first published on his website in 2008, that while monitoring a Space Shuttle mission in the 1990s, he saw a 9-ft tall alien with NASA astronauts in space.

Mutants, monsters and kick-ass women dominate Digital Film Fest

The sixth annual Great Digital Film Festival starts this Friday with the 25th anniversary screening of ‘Dick Tracy’ followed by a full day of ‘X-Men.’

We could find aliens through their vibrations

Scientists in Europe have succeeded in identifying life through the sensitive vibrations it gives out. Their new instrument is capable of sensing the tiniest motions in living cells and could be used as a new way to detect life on other planets.

Alien life may exist without conditions like Earth

A group of scientists are proposing that alien life forms may not need conditions similar to Earth to survive and that we should not exclude the possibility of other “exotic” types of life existing in the Universe.

Review: 'Alien: Isolation' takes gamers back to the horror classic Special

In 1979, Ridley Scott introduced audiences to a vision of terror by creating a story that combined the elements of horror in a science fiction context. 'Alien: Isolation' continues that legacy by bring his original vision to the gaming world.

'Alien Isolation' achievements leak gives us inside look

Alien Isolation is hitting consoles in October and ahead of that launch, the achievements that gamers can complete leaked online Tuesday morning.

Creative Assembly addresses concerns about 'Alien: Isolation'

Creative Assembly lead designer, Al Hope, wants to assure gamers that 'Alien: Isolation' will be nothing like 'Aliens: Colonial Marines.'

'Alien: Isolation' DLC reunites the original cast

Most of the cast from the original 1979 film have reunited to reprise their role for two special 'Alien: Isolation'-DLC's.

'Alien' artist, H.R. Giger, dies at 74

Zurich - H.R. Giger, an artist known for his dark, macabre works and most famous for designing the creatures and sets of the "Alien" series of movies, has passed away at age 74.

Gaming community not that enthusiastic about 'Alien: Isolation'

Sega's official announcement of 'Alien: Isolation' should bring enthusiasm to gamers regarding the new vision of the iconic franchise, but instead the gaming community is a little weary of the confirmation.

New project allows you to send a message to deep space

A new group made of scientists businessmen, and entrepreneurs have founded a project called the Lone Signal Project that will allow you to send a personal message into deep space for free.

Frozen UFO alien posted in social media sparked controversy

Photographs of a man called Li posing next to an alien he claims to have trapped after it crash-landed sparked a frenzy of speculation on social networking sites across China.

Preview: 'Sirius' documentary to premiere online on April 22

Sirius is possibly one of the most significant films of our time. An explosive and enlightening documentary that will expose the greatest story never told, Sirius will premiere on April 22nd and uncovers hidden information about alien contact with Earth.

Video: White House responds to alien 'Shapeshifter' guard theory

The White House has responded tongue-in-cheek to a widely circulated theory that President Obama has been assigned alien "shape-shifting" reptilian Secret Service guards from outer space.

Video: 'Earth Defense Force 2025' game play demonstration trailer

A game play demonstration trailer has been released for the upcoming third-person action shooter game called "Earth Defense Force 2025."

TopFinds: Children killed in U.S. shooting, Russia's alien files

A brazen shooting has left 27 people dead in Connecticut, 20 of them children. A former SeaWorld trainer reaches out to a girl bitten by a dolphin. Does Russia have secret documents about existing aliens? These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Video: Possible origin theory, we're aliens from outerspace

A video, from TIME Magazine, gives the suggestion that humans may have originated from outer space; but, not in the usual belief of aliens and space ships.

Alien discovery likely in 40 years

If the claims of a top UK astronomer are to be believed, alien life beyond our solar system may be found within the next 40 years. The claim is reported in the Daily Mail quoting Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society of London.

Carlo Rambaldi dies, aged 86

Carlo Rambaldi has died, aged 86. Rambaldi was responsible for the special effects of ET and Alien. In fact, it was his work on ET that won him the love of movie goers worldwide.

Op-Ed: ALF is becoming a film

Years ago, when I was just a kid, there was an amazing television show, called ALF. ALF was played by a puppet from outer space. Each show would include many adventures about an alien living with a family of humans on earth.

Op-Ed: Are UFO's fact or fiction?

Tony Blair was briefed about UFO sightings in a new report that has been placed in The National Archives. This new information could change the way people view UFO sightings.

Review: ‘Prometheus’ matches ‘Alien’ but with bigger FX Special

Director Ridley Scott's ‘Prometheus’ revives the ‘Alien’ franchise with larger special effects and a new story connection.

Review: Prometheus a visual feast, sci-fi fans will love Alien clues Special

Don't just call it an Alien prequel. Ridley Scott's stunning Prometheus carries more weight than the typical sci-fi flick, thanks to many questions left unanswered and powerful acting from Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace.
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Alien Image

A Missouri witness photographs what he claims may be an alien skull.
A Missouri witness photographs what he claims may be an alien skull.
Alien shape-shifter guards Obama
Alien shape-shifter guards Obama
Chris Radcliff
Alien style mask  designed by artist Neri Oxman and her Mediated Matter Group at MIT.
Alien style mask, designed by artist Neri Oxman and her Mediated Matter Group at MIT.
Is it really a fake?
Is it really a fake?
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Dave Deboer / Jcolbyk / wikipedia
A close-up shot of a Dalek  from Doctor Who.
A close-up shot of a Dalek, from Doctor Who.
Dan Aykroyd as Baldar Conehead in  Coneheads
Dan Aykroyd as Baldar Conehead in 'Coneheads'
The Doctor s time served gadget - the sonic screwdriver. It first appeared in 1970.
The Doctor's time served gadget - the sonic screwdriver. It first appeared in 1970.
A close up of the eye-stalk of a Dalek.
A close up of the eye-stalk of a Dalek.
Is this ad fat shaming?
Is this ad fat shaming?
YouTube screen grab News9Live
Motion detector which could identify alien life
Motion detector which could identify alien life

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