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Thousands march in Berlin against far-right AfD

Berlin - Thousands of demonstrators marched Sunday in Berlin, in protest against the far-right Alternative for Germany's debut in parliament next week.

'Merkel understood nothing': AfD's fury in east Germany

Cottbus - Chancellor Angela Merkel hails from Germany's ex-communist East, yet it is here where the anger against her runs deepest and the far-right protest party AfD has celebrated its strongest gains.

Second lawmaker quits from Germany's far-right AfD

Berlin - A second national lawmaker of Germany's far-right AfD quit on Wednesday, 10 days after the anti-immigration group emerged from elections as the country's third strongest party.

Defector from Germany's far-right AfD charged with perjury

Berlin - The former public face of Germany's AfD who left the far-right party last week was on Wednesday charged with perjury over a campaign finance statement.

Anti-migrant, revisionist: Germany's hard-right AfD

Berlin - The Alternative for Germany (AfD) claims to be a force of "patriots" but some of its new lawmakers have shocked with xenophobic and revisionist comments and have been linked to far-right groups.

Co-leader of Germany's far-right AfD quits as party strife deepens

Berlin - The Islamophobic and anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) was dealt further setbacks Tuesday as its co-leader said she was leaving the party, prompting more defections of local MPs.

Is it far-right? Germany's AfD sparks debate

Berlin - The Alternative for Germany, which sparked a political earthquake after becoming the first openly anti-immigration and Islamophobic party to win dozens of seats in parliament, has unleashed a debate on whether it can be called "far-right".

Infighting hits hard-right AfD after German vote success

Berlin - The nationalist Alternative for Germany was hit by party infighting Monday, just hours after winning its first seats in parliament, with its co-chief Frauke Petry declaring that she won't join its Bundestag group.

Leading AfD figure refuses to join German party's parliamentary group

Berlin - The nationalist Alternative of Germany was hit by party infighting on Monday just hours after winning its first seats in parliament, with its co-chief Frauke Petry declaring that she won't join its Bundestag group.

Protesters chanting 'Nazis out' hit AfD vote party

Berlin - Protests broke out in several German cities against the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany which became the first nationalist party to win dozens of seats in parliament since World War II.

Dismay as Germany's hard-right AfD marches into parliament

Berlin - The Alternative for Germany (AfD) on Sunday became the first hard-right, openly anti-immigration party to win dozens of seats in parliament since World War II, breaking a taboo despite mainstream politicians' calls to halt "the Nazis" in their tracks....

Anti-migrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Merkel: Germany's AfD

Berlin - The Alternative for Germany (AfD), which rails against immigration and Islam, is set to become the country's first hard-right nationalist party to clear the five-percent hurdle and enter parliament in the post-war era.

Anger as German AfD leader urges 'pride' in wartime troops

Berlin - German politicians voiced outrage Friday after a leader of the rightwing populist AfD party said Germany should be proud of its soldiers who fought in two world wars.

Meet Merkel's hard-right rival on her home turf

Greifswald - Leif-Erik Holm of Germany's right-wing populist AfD party cultivates a radio DJ's smooth, soothing voice, sports fashionable chin stubble and crisp dress shirts, and has one goal this month: ousting Angela Merkel.

German birthplace of Nazis' V2 rocket embraces hard right

Peenem - The German town of Peenemuende, population 250, has no school, no supermarket and none of the refugees who have streamed into the country in the last two years.

UKIP's Farage rallies Germany's right-wing AfD

Berlin - Britain's former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage on Friday said Germans should lead a revolt against Brussels as he joined a campaign rally of the anti-immigration and eurosceptic AfD party.

1,000 'treason' complaints against Merkel since 2015: report

Berlin - More than 1,000 criminal complaints for high treason have been filed against German Chancellor Angela Merkel since the height of the refugee crisis in 2015, local media reported Wednesday.

German minister slams AfD's 'go back to Turkey' insult

Berlin - German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Monday sharply condemned a leader of the right-wing populist AfD party who called for an official with Turkish roots to be "dumped" in Anatolia, saying such comments recall Germany's "worst memories".

Germany's unruly anti-immigration AfD pick election duo

Cologne - Germany's anti-immigration AfD wrapped up a fractious party congress Sunday by choosing a new team to lead it into a September general election, after dramatically sidelining its most prominent personality.

Clashes as German anti-immigration party power struggle spills over

Cologne - Germany's anti-immigration AfD handed its own leader a humiliating setback Saturday five months before a general election, as thousands of demonstrators rallied against its party congress.

German anti-immigration party AfD heads for weekend showdown

Cologne - Germany's right-wing populist AfD party will attempt to paper over festering rivalries at a weekend party congress to ensure it enters parliament for the first time in September's general election.

Germany's anti-immigration AfD struggles for unity ahead of meet

Berlin - Germany's anti-immigration AfD holds a party congress this weekend aimed at quieting a bitter power struggle threatening to scupper its bid to win its first seats in parliament in September.

Germany's right-wing AfD campaigns against Islam, power 'oligarchy'

Berlin - The right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party called for closing borders, restricting Islamic practices and fighting the ruling "oligarchy" in its election campaign programme released Thursday.

Germany's divided anti-migrant AfD alarmed by poll dip

Berlin - With seven months until German elections, support for the right-wing populist AfD party has slipped from highs seen during the mass migrant influx to single digits in the polls, alarming its divided leadership.

Germany's AfD moves to expel state leader for Nazi guilt comment

Berlin - Germany's rightwing populist AfD Monday moved to expel a state leader who argued the country should turn the page on its World War II guilt, exposing a deepening rift within the party.

Germany Holocaust events marred by spat with rightwing MP

Berlin - German Holocaust remembrance events were marred Friday by an ugly spat with a rightwing populist politician who has argued that the country should focus less on its World War II guilt.

German right-wing lawmaker barred from Holocaust event

Berlin - A German right-wing populist politician was barred Friday from a Holocaust memorial event after he sparked outrage by arguing his country should focus less on its guilt over the Nazi past.

Populist who called to end Nazi guilt can stay: German party

Berlin - German rightwing populist party AfD decided Monday not to expel a leading member over a speech criticising Berlin's Holocaust memorial and urging the country to stop atoning for its Nazi past.

Outrage over German populist's call to end Nazi guilt

Berlin - A leading member of German right-wing populist party AfD sparked an outcry Wednesday by criticising the Holocaust memorial in Berlin and calling for the country to stop atoning for its Nazi past.

Right-wing parties' Germany congress bars many journalists

Berlin - German organisers of a meeting of European right-wing populist and anti-immigration parties said Thursday they would bar a number of journalists they deem hostile, sparking protests from media groups.
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