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Scientists deploy 3D printer to print glass

Scientists have developed a 3D printing technique to to print glass, for the first time. The printer represents another step forwards with additive manufacturing. The fabrication of chalcogenide glass will enable the manufacturing of optical components.

3D printing is helping transform the lighting sector

3D printing has impacted on many sectors of manufacturing. One area which has been slow, although inroads are being taken is with lighting, for both businesses and residential buildings. A new consortium sets out how.

4D-printed materials created as stiff as wood or soft as sponge

Scientists from Rutgers University have engineered new smart materials that can change shape as temperatures change. The potential for materials that can alter shape and texture is considerable.

Review: Paladin 3D, an affordable, all-metal SLA 3D printer Special

Set to launch in April 2019, the Paladin 3D printer provides an affordable and durable SLA 3D desktop printer designed for small businesses or for the home. Digital Journal was given the opportunity to review an advanced release of the device.

3D printed glass achieved on scale

Technologists have developed a platform for printing molten glass which combines digitally integrated three-zone thermal control system with four-axis motion control system for industrial-scale production.

New alloy leads to printing of safe steel products

3D printing has advanced in relation to plastics. With metals, progress has been slower due to technical complexities. A new advancement with the effective and safe 3D printing of steel has been announced.

3D printed ovaries produce mice pups

Many biologists see 3D printing as a suitable technology for producing human tissues and organs, creating life-saving and health-enhancing biological constructs. In a breakthrough, a science groups have produced fully-working mice ovaries.

3D printer set to print human skin

An innovative 3D bioprinter is being prepared to produce human skin, designed for medical research purposes (such as the testing out of new drugs). This skin may also be adequate for transplanting to patients.

Will there be an emerging black market in 3D printed organs?

3D printing technology continues to advance and progress is being made with producing a fully functioning organ, like a heart or a kidney. What would happen if this became a root in for illegal trade in printed organs?

3D pen successfully prints stem cells

A further advancement with three-dimensional printing has been made in the biology field. This is with a pen-like device that could be used to make cartilage implants during live operations.

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3D printer on display at Accenture  London
3D printer on display at Accenture, London
Close up of the Paladin SLA 3D printer LCD screen.
Close up of the Paladin SLA 3D printer LCD screen.
Close up of part of the printer mechanism in action.
Close up of part of the printer mechanism in action.
A 3D printer on show at Accenture s London offices.
A 3D printer on show at Accenture's London offices.
Paladin s new consumer SLA 3D printer.
Paladin's new consumer SLA 3D printer.
Photo of a 3D printer.
Photo of a 3D printer.
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