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Zune News

Windows 7 Phone Details Released

The Windows 7 Phone released at February's Mobile World Congress did not specify many details. But now finally the details of the Windows 7 Phone have been released.

Microsoft Discontinues all Regular Zunes

Microsoft has decided to give the old range the chop to pave the way for the new Zune HD. The original Zune appeared on shelves in 2006.

Microsoft announces new Zune HD

The new HD Zune player is set to include things such as a HD Radio tuner, as well as a touch OLED screen according to a post on CNET news.

Microsoft to launch its own chain of branded stores

Microsoft is planning to launch its own chain of branded shops. The software giant is attempting to catch up with Appleā€™s growing dominance of the consumer electronics market.

Got A Frozen Zune? Microsoft Now has a Solution to the Glitch

Technology is rarely without its glitches and for users of the original Zune, that glitch reared its ugly head: a mass freeze. Microsoft should have the problem resolved and users can connect their devices to their computers today after noon GMT.

30GB Zune Models Go Through A Massive System Freeze

Recently, there were a bunch of angry reports from people complaining about their 30GB Microsoft Zunes freezing up. This could hurt Microsoft and help Apple.

Microsoft Zune Comes to Canada in June

Microsoft announced the Canadian launch dates and pricing information for its line of MP3 players. Zune, available in 4GB, 8GB and 80GB models, will be available in Canada on June 13 and will cost between $140 and $250.

Why are Zunes Selling for Less Now?

Is it that they have low demand, new model coming soon or is it just a coinsidence that many stores are selling discount Zunes at the same time.

DRM: Friend or Foe of Zune

The Zune is in a different situation with DRM that the iPod. With the iPod DRM isnt such a huge impact, but Zune is (almost) based fully around DRM. Could the end of DRM mean the failure or success of Zune? And was Steve Jobs thinking about this?

ZunePhone could have Youtube integration

The ZunePhone could potentially be linked to Google Video and YouTube.

TV shows headed for Zune MarketPlace

TV Shows will likely be avaible on the Zune MarketPlace in 2007. May begin to roll out as early as February.

Omniture Helping with Zune Marketplace

Microsoft hired private firm to aid them with the Zune Marketplace.

Zune Phone Confirmed! Launch Scenario! 4G WiMax Action!

CrunchGear announces Zune Phone with Wi-Max and 4G, files with FCC expected release May 2007,

Microsoft Zune Phone In the Works

According to Crunchgear sources, Microsoft is planning to release a Zune Phone.

What iPod has to learn from Zune

6 positive points to make about Zune that Apple should use in future iPods...

Xbox Division in Red, Hardware Est. Cut

Microsoft revenues dropping?

SpiralFrog will probably take some of Apple's marketshare

SpiralFrog talking with Samsung, Creative, and others on a possible "iPod+iTunes Killer"

20 Things We Don't Know About Apple's iPhone

Mike Elgan of Computerworld has compiled the list in response to the year's most anticipated digital device.

Microsoft Says iPhone a Challenge for Apple and Suggests Possible Zune Phone

Whenever Microsoft says anything negative about Apple, it's enough to keep Mac fans talking for months. This time, Microsoft is weighing in on the iPhone. According to the Big-M, Apple faces some hurdles.

Remove Unused Drivers in XP

Did you know that unless you uninstall a device driver on a Windows XP machine that it still may be sucking up valuable system resources?

Zune Coming To Europe!

According to Jan Muehlfeit, Microsoft's vice president for corporate and government engagement throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Zune will be released in Europe in the 1st half of 2007...

Great Guide To Disabling Windows Services

Taking control of Windows!

Top Picks for Xbox 360 during 2007!

A lot of Exclusives!

iTunes defeated Microsoft's Zune by a ratio of 30-to-1, according to Hitwise.

According to Hitwise traffic statistics, Itunes user visits is 30 times larger than Microsoft's Zune.

100 Great Keyboard Shortcuts

Making your daily life easier.

Three New Zune Ads!

I still haven't seen a Zune Ad with a Zune in it yet. weird.

Microsoft wants to put Linux on Zune

After all the trumpeting about their supremacy in OS and the impending release of Windows Vista, Microsoft is seeking to run their signature MP3 player, Zune using Linux.

A good thing from Microsoft -- Zune music player

It's the second portable media player after Apple's iPod, but it's good

Watch Zune VS Ipod sales

At amazon you can look at there top selling mp3 players and see whats going on.

After just two weeks, Zune now #2 music player in the US

So how is the Zune, Microsoft's MP3 player, doing so far?
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