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Zombies News

Review: ‘Zombieland — Double Tap' nuts up for the sequel Special

‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ keeps the fun and its beloved characters alive with this follow-up to the highly entertaining zombie comedy.

Review: Train To Busan serves up a superior zombie movie Special

Seoul - Zombie movies are released at a plentiful rate and many are mediocre. 'Train To Busan' is, however, a genre redefining moment. Well-scripted and effectively paced, it provides plenty of excitement on-board a claustrophobic train ride to Busan.

Review: ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ finds new way to tell tired story Special

‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ is a unique take on the zombie narrative that sets a coming-of-age story at a pivotal moment that will decide humanity’s fate.

How would Chicago fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Chicago - In one of the models loved by computer scientists and horror geeks, researchers have calculated how long it would take a major U.S. city – Chicago – to fall should a zombie apocalypse ever occur.

Police called to arrest people dressed as zombies

Manchester - A local police force was alerted that a man was seen biting a woman in a car. On arrival the officers stumbled across something rather different: actors dressed as zombies.

Review: The Girl With All The Gifts gives a new take on the zombie movie Special

Another month, another zombie movie. Yet ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ is different, offering a new take on the flesh-eating horror. This makes for a compelling film.

Fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2 shutdown

The fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2 has officially been shutdown as requested by Capcom following the announcement of an official remake.

Capcom approves Resident Evil 2 remake

In response to growing demand for many years along with massive input from fans, Capcom has officially announced that a remake of Resident Evil 2 is in the works.

Review: The nostalgic nightmare of Resident Evil 2 Special

Horror gamers have been asking for a remake of Resident Evil 2 for so long that the idea has been pitched to Capcom's leadership. What happens next should be obvious, since the original has been hailed as one of the greatest horror games of all time.

Resident Evil 2 remake proposed to Capcom leadership

Following the massive input from fans, Capcom's R&D has confirmed that it has pitched the concept of a Resident Evil 2 remake to the publisher's leadership.

Review: Walking Dead Graphic Novel, Volume 23, Whispers Into Screams

Volume 23 has no zombies and very little of its main protagonist Rick within its pages. Interestingly enough, the premise still works and manages to pull off an entertaining storyline and some great artwork.

Resident Evil 0 HD official trailer unveiled

Capcom has released the first official trailer along with minor details of the upcoming horror game, Resident Evil 0 HD, a week before E3 2015.

Op-Ed: Real world illnesses that could cause a zombie apocalypse

Some scientists believe that not only is it feasible that we could face a zombie-esque threat, but that it could be an engineered virus that would doom us to this fate.

Watch the first two minutes of the upcoming Walking Dead episode

AMC gave Walking Dead fans a glimpse of the much-anticipated midseason premiere by posting two minutes of footage on YouTube. The episode airs on Sunday Feb 8 at 9 p.m. ET.

Walking Dead Episode 505: Eugene's shocking confession

Spoiler alert. Review contains spoilers for the "Walking Dead" Season 5 episode, "Self Help." Sunday night’s episode of the "Walking Dead" found a part of the group that broke away from Rick’s on a school bus heading to Washington D.C.

Op-Ed: Top 5 movies for your Halloween weekend

Halloween is upon us, and many of us find ourselves in search of the perfect horrifying holiday movie to help get us into the spirit of All Hallows Eve.

Halloween has nothing on the world's real-life creatures

Halloween is a time to celebrate all that is mysterious and magical. It is the one night of the year where our imaginations are allowed to run wild and free, and vampires, zombies and bloodsuckers roam the darkened streets.

Police on the lookout for hit-and-run driver who hit zombie

Nunica - October is the one time of year when everyone can dress up as their favorite monstrous creations, but it can also showcase some of the truly horrific aspects of society.

Review: 'S.A.S. Zombie Assault 4' adds a new tone to a familiar game Special

'S.A.S. Zombie Assault' series has been one of the few mobile games that stands out for its quality gameplay. To keep the fourth game unique, Ninja Kiwi has taken it to a new setting.

Review: 'Zombie Highway 2' is a forgettable mobile game Special

Gamers who enjoy killing zombies but are looking for something different may want to give 'Zombie Highway 2' a try for a few minutes before moving on to a different game.

Kansas Governor declares October Zombie Preparedness Month

Topeka - Forget tornadoes, Dorothy and Toto, zombies are what Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is worried about, prompting him to declare October as Zombie Preparedness Month.

Op-Ed: Capcom needs to stop forcing co-op into every Resident Evil game

According to the details gathered by GamesMaster, 'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' is suppose to continue the style of its predecessor and return the series to its horror survival roots.

Claire Redfield main character in 'Resident Evil: Revelations 2'

Details regarding 'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' have been revealed and the most significant has been the return of Claire Redfield as the main character.

'Resident Evil' TV series in the works

With so many television shows being developed that are based on movies and comics, it has been reported that a horror show based on 'Resident Evil' video games is being proposed.

Gamers enthusiastic about 'Resident Evil' HD remake

Capcom official announcement that an HD remastered version of 'Resident Evil' is in the works has been meet with enthusiasm and support from the gaming community.

HD remake of 'Resident Evil' officially announced

Capcom officially announced that an HD remastered version of 'Resident Evil' is in the works and is set to be released sometime in 2015.

Z Nation: Syfy releases first teaser trailer (VIDEO)

Syfy has released its first teaser trailer for "Z Nation", the upcoming zombie-themed television drama series created by Karl Schaefer.

Op-Ed: Night of the Russians

Donetsk - It could be the newest horror movie. Vodka-swilling Russian wannabes steal bodies from a commercial jet they shot down. But this is real.

Pentagon has a plan to deal with a zombie apocalypse

Don't worry, zombies haven't invaded the Earth — yet — but should they ever become a problem, the Pentagon in the U.S. has a plan to deal with them.

Op-Ed: No propaganda, Voice of America need not fear reform bill

Washington - Mismanagement by senior executives threatens journalistic independence of Voice of America (VOA) much more than the bipartisan bill in Congress designed to reform U.S. international media outreach. There will be no government propaganda from VOA.
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Anchor Bay Entertainment
Garbage eating zombie.
Garbage eating zombie.
Zombies walk in Prague
Zombies walk in Prague
Screengrab / ITN News
A scene from the AMC show The Walking Dead
A scene from the AMC show The Walking Dead
Zombies at First Saturday on the River and Kiss-a-Pig Campaign kick-off at Savannah s river front.  ...
Zombies at First Saturday on the River and Kiss-a-Pig Campaign kick-off at Savannah's river front. Savannah, Ga. 3/2/13
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Sennia Nanua stars in  The Girl with all the Gifts
Sennia Nanua stars in 'The Girl with all the Gifts'
Elevation Pictures
Zombie walk POA 2007
Zombie walk POA 2007
Zombies swarm around the house  searching for living human flesh.
Zombies swarm around the house, searching for living human flesh.
Toronto: Zombie walk.
Toronto: Zombie walk.
Protest in Malaga  Spain on April 15  2012
Protest in Malaga, Spain on April 15, 2012
Alfredo P. Chomón
Part of the  28 Days Later Look  at Generation of Z in London.
Part of the '28 Days Later Look' at Generation of Z in London.
A scene from  Doc of the Dead
A scene from 'Doc of the Dead'
Hot Docs
Troops start to come into a caged area where the crowd (audience) assembles  ready to move out befor...
Troops start to come into a caged area where the crowd (audience) assembles, ready to move out before the zombies attack,
Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Some of the  zombie  participants at the Minneapolis zombie walk
Some of the "zombie" participants at the Minneapolis zombie walk
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An alternative shot of a zombie attack  the audience seem genuinely scared.
An alternative shot of a zombie attack, the audience seem genuinely scared.

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