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Zero gravity News

Essential Science: Why strong bones are needed for space travel

One limitation with a deep space mission, such as to Mars, is the effect of microgravity on astronauts. To find ways to build-up resilience and maintain bone strength, scientists have, surprisingly, been studying fish.

Watch ISS astronaut play bagpipes to honor deceased scientist

Kjell Lindgren is an American astronaut currently up on the International Space Station. He honored a deceased colleague recently by playing “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes in zero gravity.

How well do microbes grow on the ISS?

Houston - Scientists are curious to know whether microbes isolated from Earth grow in the same way on board the International Space Station (ISS). Such information is important for long-distance space travel.

Japanese physicists grow helium crystals in zero gravity

Helium crystals are grown under zero gravity conditions by a team of Japanese physicists with the help of a phenomenon called parabolic flight.

Canadian astronaut prepares for Space Voyage

The first Canadian to spend six months at the International Space Station, Dr Robert Thirsk is preparing for his blast-off aboard a Soyuz rocket this May-end from Baïkonur, Kazakhstan.

Zero Gravity Trips Won't Make For A Good Romp In The Hay

There is no sense in packing a frilly nightie for a late night romp in outer space says space medicine expert Dr. James Logan. The act would not be that satisfiing, more like flailing about.

Stephen Hawking To Make Zero Gravity Flight

In what can be called a warm-up ride to his planned trip into space, Stephen Hawking will take a zero-gravity flight in April this year.

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